Wendy Roth

Wendy Roth

Senior Manager of Training Services, Lyris Technologies

Wendy Roth is senior manager of training services for Lyris, Inc., a pioneer in email marketing and other online marketing solutions since 1994. She works closely with marketing and advertising professionals to help them understand how Lyris' solutions can help them achieve their highest online marketing objectives and collaborates with product dev... more

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5 email marketing trends and how to beat them

It's time to take stock of your email program, make real and effective improvements, and discover great new ways of connecting with customers.

4 ways to get more email delivered

Even if you've already launched your first holiday-themed campaign, you've still got time to make these strategic improvements to boost your deliverability.

The prime time to audit your opt-in process

Are you ready to greet the holiday influx of new customers and subscribers? Here's how to test and tune up your opt-in and new-subscriber programs.

The new email list-building rules

The changing landscape of digital communications means you need to think on a broader scale about how to increase your mailing list. Consider these points.

How to make your emails more endearing

Email -- it's not just for selling anymore. Follow these steps to nurture your email relationships with your customers, prospects, and subscribers.

The new job description for email marketers

Today's email expert needs to blend old-school knowledge with an appreciation for the ways in which the landscape has changed. Here are the essential skills of a modern marketer.

3 ways to improve your email vision

Successful email campaigns require strong leadership and expertise at the deployment level. Here's why time and attention are vital to keeping email a strong asset in your marketing toolbox.

10 ways email marketing has fundamentally changed

Email might not be the shiny new toy anymore, but its evolution offers many lessons for today's marketers. Consider these significant shifts.

3 ways to make your email program more disciplined

It's time to stop flying by the seat of your pants and infuse some much-needed structure into your email marketing. Here's how to get started.

How to use email as your mobile launch pad

Mobile and email are natural partners. Here's how to kick off an effective and integrated online campaign.

Debunking common email deliverability myths

No matter what a service provider may claim, you control your own email destiny. Learn the truth behind these eight widespread misconceptions.

Tips for crafting emails that subscribers love to open

Your readers need to trust that you're not wasting their time. Here's how to gauge whether you're sending meaningful emails.

7 fixes for terrible subject lines

Are you wasting your prime email real estate? Check out these certain paths to deletion and learn what you can do to correct common problems.

5 tips for building stronger communities

Like their for-profit counterparts, nonprofit marketers are challenged to set their organizations apart from the crowd, often on a shoestring budget. Here are the online strategies that will help them do just that.

Ways to avoid drowning your email subscribers

Blasting all your communications through an email fire hose will swamp your customers. Here's how to sprinkle your messages across multiple channels.

How to turn your email program into a dialogue

Building greater customer dialogue into emails has a number of tangible benefits. Check out these ways to liven up messages and add the element of conversation.

5 ways to improve your unsubscribe process

An unsubscribe request isn't always a break-up. Sometimes it's an opportunity to improve an existing relationship. Follow these steps to make the most of it.

7 deadly sins of email marketing

Is your email program in need of redemption? Here are common transgressions you might not even know you are committing.

4 ways to extend email trust to social, mobile channels

Trust-building rules still apply as you expand your email campaigns into other media. These strategies help you tell a cohesive story.

Special protocols for new email subscribers

To prevent email addresses from going inactive, you need to treat your newest subscribers with great care. Here are the steps you should be taking.

Diseased email addresses and how to prune them

Abandoned or inactive addresses can waste your money and harm your sender reputation. Take these three steps to trim the problem areas while leaving healthy segments intact.

Quick steps to cleaner, leaner email

If your email campaign performance is starting to sag in all the wrong places, here's how you can give it a quick shot of virtual Botox.

Telltale signs that it's time to redesign your email

If you haven't spruced up your email in the past couple of years, you're way overdue for a check-up. Here's why your design needs to be retooled.

Recession-proof email tactics

You can't let desperation poison your email efforts. Here are three ways to smarten up your campaigns during a downturn.

10 crucial elements for great transactional emails

Don't miss out on opportunities to connect with your customers. Here are simple steps you can take to boost the value of each and every email.

5 ways to shake the dust from your email program

As a marketing channel, email isn't going away. But your readers might if you don't constantly look for new ways to engage them.

How to build an ESP partnership that works

When shopping for an email service provider, you need to be prepared to answer questions too. By providing the right information up front, you can lay the groundwork for successful campaigns in the future.

5 email subscription boosters you missed

Looking to grow your email list? Here are easy ways to increase subscriptions by making simple copy tweaks.

Stop emailing like it's 1999

If you're still using a desktop client to send email marketing, it's time to drop the excuses and start being efficient.

Don't turn off subscribers with techno-talk

Your email recipients who request service want solutions to their problems, not auto-generated messages written by the tech team. Learn how to do a techno-speak makeover.

3 strategies for greener email

Applying the three "Rs" of environmentally friendly living to your email strategy can help you add green to the bottom line.

5 telltale signs of list abuse

Email marketers' most valued asset is the mailing list, but few take the necessary steps to protect it. Here are common vulnerabilities to avoid.

Don't slam the door on parting subscribers

Yes, you have to honor unsubscribe requests, but you don't have to cut off communication. Here are five ways to salvage a relationship.

6 tips to win back inactive subscribers

A reactivation campaign can help you revitalize your list. Lyris' strategic account manager explains the steps to take.

Cheap email tricks

Want a lesson in email? Just check out the other guys' campaigns. Here's the guide.

Rate your (email) date-ability

Take this quiz developed by Lyris' strategic account manager to see how well you're nurturing your relationship with email subscribers.

5 super powers email marketers need

If you want your customers to think of you as a hero rather than a villain, heed this advice from Lyris' strategic account manager.

Killer Email Content? It's All How You Say It

Don't be so quick to blame the content. Contrary to popular belief, a new report reveals that message content is not a major cause of deliverability challenges.

New Email Subscribers: Loved or Abandoned?

You have to work at email relationships just as hard as you do real-world pairings or risk losing the customer to apathy or boredom.

Never Get Junked Again

Lyris Technologies' strategic account manager explains how to authenticate your email with the help of your IT department and your email service provider.

Email Quality Control in 8 Steps

With an email checklist, you won't have to bite your nails every time you send out a campaign.

Don't Let Outlook 2007 Sink Your Email

Lyris Technologies' strategic account manager lists five tips on making sure email marketing messages don't get garbled in the new Microsoft Outlook.

The Secret to Email Marketing: ISPs

Want to get your emails seen? Lyris Technologies' strategic account manager spells out four steps to romancing ISPs.

Holiday Email Worst Practices

Lyris' strategic account manager discusses five holiday email mistakes you should avoid.

Grow Your List-- the Right Way

You need to build trust and provide value. Lyris' strategic account manager offers five tips for doing so.

Email Marketing: What to Measure

Use these seven email marketing metrics to set benchmarks for success.

Email Split Test Success

Lyris' Wendy Roth explains that email split tests are a great way to learn how to optimize your email marketing campaign.

Is the End of Email Marketing Near?

The Lyris training manager discusses why fear of whitelists, email authentication, RSS and spam don't mean the end of email marketing.

The Letter of the CAN-SPAM Law

Can you obey the law and still be a spammer? Leave it to the politicians to show you how it's done.

Spam? It's All Relative

The Lyris training manager explains how to build healthy relationships with your email marketing recipients.

Six Tips to Make HTML Email Look Right

Before you send that email, make sure that you validate the HTML. Don't know how? Lyris' training manager gives you a head start.

Six Steps for Email Optimization

Even if your customers have opted in, ISPs may be blocking your emails: contributor Wendy Roth helps you break through.

Six Steps to Avoid Spam Filters

If you think you're doing everything right, but your emails still end up in the spam folder, read these ideas from Lyris Technologies' Wendy Roth.

Boosting Email Deliverability

Lyris' Wendy Roth explains how to ensure your "ham" isn't mistaken for spam.


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