Doug Heise

Doug Heise

Product Marketing Director, CoreMedia

Doug has over 15 years of experience as a digital media strategist and marketing specialist. Doug began his career as a co-founder and Senior Analyst with The Content Group, a San Francisco-based consulting and professional services firm that was one of the first companies to focus exclusively on the field of digital media management. Following The... more

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How to prepare your website for a traffic spike

Is your website able to handle the heavy traffic that often comes with a product launch? Here's how marketers can work with IT to prepare for the next big campaign.

How to find and use the data points that matter most

Effective measurement and analysis drive advertising revenue, enhance SEO, shape the social conversation, and improve a brand's reputation in the market. Here's how to get on the right track.

A marketer's guide to engaging the tablet user

The tablet's popularity proves it's a viable marketing channel not to be ignored. Read this article to better understand what makes the tablet different from other devices, and learn how to leverage it as a critical piece of your mobile marketing strategy.

A better approach to mobile apps

Web apps have played second fiddle in the mobile budget for too long. Find out why these simple revelations will have your brand changing its tune.


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