Brandt Dainow

Brandt Dainow

Consultant, ThinkMetrics

Brandt is an independent web analyst, researcher and academic.  As a web analyst, he specialises in building bespoke (or customised) web analytic reporting systems.  This can range from building a customised report format to creating an entire web analytics department. As a consultant Brandt uses web analytics to help companies improve the performa... more

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How the smartphone is killing the tablet

New data reveals that the site traffic once held by tablets has shifted to smartphones, as larger smartphone screens become commonplace. Read on to learn how this affects advertisers, and how you can prepare yourself for what's to come in the mobile marketplace.

5 signs your data has no meaning

Marketers have access to more metrics than ever before, but not all of them are valuable. Here's how to spot totally useless data.

Responsive design vs. mobile websites: And the winner is...

Should you build a dedicated mobile site or recode your main site into a responsive design? The sensible answer might surprise you.

Why you can't ignore Google's new Universal Analytics

Google is going to move you from Google Analytics to Universal Analytics whether you like it or not. So what do you need to know to control (and capitalize on) this switchover?

The state of ad spending for 2014

How are ad budgets and publisher prices shifting this year? Let's take a look at some recent survey findings.

The grand conspiracy of SEO agencies

Search engine optimization is little more than fixing second-rate websites. Here's why millions of dollars are being wasted because of lazy and ignorant designers.

The 5 most worthless metrics in marketing

As we enter the age of big data, there is no shortage of information for marketers to track. Here are the metrics you shouldn't bother reporting.

Best practices for a brand's privacy policy

A privacy policy can be a hassle or an asset; it's up to you. But with a little effort, you can allay consumer concerns with smart communications. Here's how.

The 5 most overlooked metrics

Are you one of the many marketers guilty of ignoring valuable metrics? It's not too late. To gain serious competitive advantage, consider the data most marketers forget.

Your guide to mobile tracking with Google Analytics

As more people use smartphones to go online, the need for proper measurement is crucial. Here's how to track mobile activity and ensure accurate results

What you need to know about web analytics

As the social media and mobile channels continue to flourish, the ability to measure and understand marketing successes and failures is paramount. Here's an in-depth look at the state of web analytics today.

Why the iAd was a failure

A year after the iAd's debut, its closed ecosystem has forced advertisers to seek other rich media options. Find out why Apple must change or die.

The marketer's dilemma: Privacy and consumer control

If you work in the digital industry, you need to be aware of the issues raised by the WAA Code of Ethics and why it's taking center-stage as the online privacy debate heats up.

Rules for beating Google at SEO

If you're in the SEO business, you might want to check how many of these are in your toolkit. Some of these factors are simple, but the bottom line is that Google is watching, and how people react to your site affects your listings.

SEO's unexpected consequences: More lucrative traffic

It is possible to use SEO to improve the quality of search engine traffic without necessarily increasing the volume. Take a look at this case study to see how you can put this theory to work.

Why iAds will fail

Here's why the iAd will die, and how Steve Job's strategy for the iPhone and iPad will make Apple a marginal niche player -- at best.

5 reasons your website is losing money

Analytic benchmarks enable us to compare our performance with similar websites to see whether we're ahead, or behind, the pack. Here's how to boost your brand presence online.

A marketer's guide to overcoming banner blindness

People assume that if a banner is not consciously detected, it has no value. But research into pre-conscious behavior shows that even when banner ads are not consciously detected, they involve the creation of long-term memory.

Bing vs. Google: What's better for advertisers?

Will Bing bring advertisers more users and revenue? Take a look at what makes Microsoft's strategy the best potential Google killer yet.

Why your conversion rates no longer matter

This metrics standard has a fatal flaw that could misdirect your site optimization efforts. See what alternative paints a more complete picture of your site visitors. 

4 costly metrics misconceptions

Web analytics is central to doing business online, yet we have a very poor understanding of how the industry actually works. Take a look at some common fallacies, as well as the state of analytics today.

Are web metrics telling you the truth?

How effective are your main content pages if someone were to assess them in only a few seconds? Here's how to truly measure engagement.

The web analytics standard that failed us

Thanks to fuzzy math in the analytics community, it will take years to create proper, precise standards that can be implemented industry-wide. Here's why.

The disturbing inaccuracy behind Google Analytics

It is critical to know how any web metrics package calculates its numbers, even Google. You cannot assume, no matter how big the company, that the numbers will be correct. 

7 ways SEO consultants rip off their clients

Think the days of unscrupulous SEO "experts" are gone? Think again. Here's a list of techniques being used to scam clients out of money.

The worst SEO mistake you can make

Learn where most companies misstep when it comes to this crucial component of their online marketing strategies.

A simple design fix for your website

A poorly designed and managed contact form on your site can cost you big. Find out from this web analytics consultant how to maximize its value.

Anatomy of a website visitor

It is important to understand the different visitor types and ensure your site caters to each one. The CEO of ThinkMetrics offers some critical pointers.

Measuring online performance: what matters most

The desire for benchmarks is born out of a desire to set targets, but the solution is to look at your own performance.

Analytics standards set, sort of

The WAA has released much needed web analytics standards, but are they sufficient? Read ThinkMetrics' CEO's evaluation.

Google Analytics changes tack

Calculating time on a site is a thorny issue in web analytics. Let's hope Google's documentation and support can raise standards.

Google's Killer App

Google Analytics 2.0 changes everything, and according to the CEO of ThinkMetrics, the competition is dead. They just haven't stopped moving yet.

Web Analytics Nightmare

Can you identify the single biggest threat to your site's metrics? The answer might surprise you.

The Best Website Metrics Are...

Check out this approach for a smoother analytics process that will boost your site's ROI.

Worst Website Measurement Mistakes

Web analytics guru Brandt Dainow explains why he doesn't bother reporting total page views anymore, and why you shouldn't either.

Google Tip: 1st Position Isn't Worth It

ThinkMetrics' CEO explains that top position in Google Ad listings is not necessarily the best position.

How to Fix Your Traffic Measurement

Because log analysis figures are misleading, ThinkMetrics' CEO advises switching to page-based tracking, and helps you through the process.

Why Google AdWords is Always Right

In his third article on the "accuracy" of Google's AdWords, ThinkMetrics' CEO explores the company's explanations for discrepancies.

Google AdWords Under the Microscope

In his second article on Google's AdWords, ThinkMetrics' CEO explores the company's responsiveness to its clients.

How Accurate is Google AdWords?

This web analytics expert asks how accurate Google AdWords is and how the company handles possible errors.

What to do with the Numbers

While people are starting to do web analytics, almost no one is actually doing anything with the numbers. Learn from this web analytics consultant how to apply the findings.

What Analytics Do You Use?

ThinkMetrics' CEO analyzes Jupiter data and reveals flaws in the way most people undertake online advertising.

Key Metrics of Website Planning

ThinkMetrics' CEO discusses how a number of analytic steps need to be taken before a website is built.

Making Web Analytic Standards

ThinkMetrics' CEO discusses the importance of establishing international analytic standards and ensuring vendors support and implement them.

What Not to Do When Analyzing Your Site

ThinkMetrics' CEO refutes common analytic measures, and describes what to measure instead.

Reaching Your Goals upon Entry

ThinkMetrics' CEO deconstructs the power in the entry page and offers some tips for analyzing its value.

Visit vs. Session

ThinkMetrics' CEO makes the case for distinguishing the unique actions behind these two types of page requests.

Defining Unique Visitors

The ThinkMetrics CEO explains why web analytics are not the same as spying, and why they're crucial to your business.

Tracking the Techie

ThinkMetrics' Brandt Dainow reports on how members of the techie community are working hard to subvert your online metrics -- and why.

Web Analytics Breakthrough!

In his monthly column, Think Metrics CEO Brandt Dainow describes a new and more accurate way to identify unique visitors to your site.

Design for Analysis

Are your ads designed to provide accurate metrics? Think Metrics' CEO Brandt Dainow offers tips on this crucial issue.

Accepting Bad News

Think Metrics CEO Brandt Dainow let's us know when (and why) to take bad news about site design on the chin.

The Implications of Cookie Cutting

ThinkMetrics CEO Brandt Dainow writes in about Jupiter's recent cookie-deletion report: the news is both good and bad.

Things That Throw Your Stats (Part 2)

Think Metrics CEO Brandt Dainow talks about the limits of web analytics software and how to compensate for them.

Things That Throw Your Stats (Part 1)

Think Metrics CEO and web analytics guru Brandt Dainow guides us through inherent problems with your web stats, and what to do about them.

Framework for Performance Assessment

Think Metrics’ Brandt Dainow provides a checklist of information needed to assess the performance of online activities.

Comparing Apples and Oranges

There IS a way to compare the value of online and offline advertising.

Save Money with Web Analytics

Want to know how you can get more business from a static marketing spend?

Web Analytics 101

Don't know the difference between conversion rate and prospect rate? Learning more about the core metrics for Web analytics will help you calculate the ROI for your online advertising.


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