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Bethany Simpson

Director of Partnerships & Brand Development, ad:tech and iMedia

Bethany has worked with Fortune-1000 executives for 8 years. From 2007 to 2011 she served as director of content development for the Leadership Network, a private online community for C-Level leaders of Fortune-1000 companies and $1B+ organizations. More recently, she's served as marketing director for iMedia, and director of partnerships and brand... more

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18 CES innovations that marketers need to watch

From health-tracking devices to flying selfie cams, marketers can't afford to ignore this year's newest tech debuts.

Top 10 brand tweets

When a brand tweet bombs, it can be pretty embarrassing. But if the humor's right, a tweet can score a company big loyalty points. Here are the top brand tweets you need to see.

The 10 funniest tweets about iOS 7

Love it or hate it, these are our favorite tweets from your customers and peers about Apple's new and improved iOS 7.

Top 10 tweets secretly related to Area 51

Have you noticed that recent headlines have been, well, weird? In this week's top 10 tweets for marketers, we tell you why.

The 10 funniest tweets about the Publicis-Omnicom merger

Mergers aren't usually a laughing matter. But the tweets surrounding these two agency giants have been surprisingly funny!

This week's top tweets (for marketers)

Did you know mobile email open rates have gone up 80 percent -- in six months? And have you heard of the Despicablimp yet? Check out these and other must-see tweets in this episode.

Top 10 tweets for marketers

Will iRobots soon be patrolling sporting events? Where are teens going now that they're abandoning Facebook? And do you know these secret Google Analytics segments?

6 reasons the 2013 NewFronts change the game for marketers

Online video used to be a nice-to-have niche play in the marketing mix -- but those days are past. Here's why your brand is missing out if you didn't have your eye on this year's NewFronts.

5 reasons the 2013 NewFronts surprised us

The 2013 Digital Content NewFronts were full of unbelievable moments. Here's what you missed.

5 reasons the 2013 NewFronts surprised us

The 2013 Digital Content NewFronts were full of unbelievable moments. Here's what you missed.

Top 10 tweets (for digital marketers)

Facebook explodes onto the mobile stage, and Harvard builds a microscopic hard drive. Is the U.S. government building a Death Star? Find out in this week's episode.

Top 10 tweets (for marketers)

Will Graph Search kill or revitalize Facebook "likes"? Which social platform just hit 200 million users? And what is this week's funniest tweet? Find out in this episode.

15 CES innovations that change the game for marketers

Consumer tech is weirder than ever. From interactive digital credit cards to "smart" forks, we went inside CES to find the innovations that will have the biggest impact on marketers.

The 12 worst things that could happen to marketers in 2013

What challenges will the new year bring? We asked leaders from GroupM, OMD, and more for their direst predictions. Read on, if you dare!

Top 10 digital marketing tweets

We combed the web for the funniest, most poignant tweets from the digital marketing industry. Did your tweet make our list?

16 surprising predictions for 2013

We asked Mark Cuban and top executives from Google, MasterCard, Jaguar Land Rover, and 12 other companies how budgets and trends will change next year. Their answers surprised us.

New tactics for getting hired in digital

If you're relying on networking, headhunters, and a solid work history to get you your next job, you're going to have a hard time. Here are the tactics today's superstars are using to get hired.

11 mistakes to avoid on your digital marketing resume

We asked senior digital marketers from Kraft, American Express, Major League Baseball, and more about the reasons they reject candidates. Don't make these common mistakes.

9 radical technologies transforming digital marketing

Near-field communication and Google's Project Glass are just the beginning. Find out what cool new technologies will soon be driving your digital marketing strategy.

11 innovative movie marketing campaigns

Here are behind-the-scenes stories from visionary campaigns for "The Hunger Games," "The Avengers," "Ted," "Prometheus," "X-Men: First Class," "Snow White and the Huntsman," and more.

12 videos that went viral this month

Looking for your next big marketing idea? Here's what audiences went crazy for this month.

10 hot Apple rumors

Laser keyboards? Holographic display? A smaller iPad and the iPhone 5 in September? These are the rumors insiders are talking about behind closed doors.

20 web TV shows we're watching

Move over cable -- web TV is here to stay. Here's a list of some of our favorite new shows from Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and more.

11 horrible and amazing video ideas

What makes a video experience flop? We asked top names from Xbox LIVE, ABC, Disney Interactive, and Intel, as well as Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki, for the best and worst video ideas they've seen.

3 insane Starbucks campaigns

Augmented reality, cryptic QR codes, and secret messages from Lady Gaga: These are the campaigns that blew our minds. Get inspired by the ideas that grabbed the attention of Starbucks' 24 million Facebook fans.

The 9 most offensive, funny Apple stories you'll ever hear

Did you know Steve Jobs wanted Apple employees to wear uniforms? And that Apple's growth in 2011 alone is worth more than all of Google? Here are the stories you haven't heard anywhere else.

2 ways Taco Bell is winning gamers

Staying fresh with the 18-34 crowd can be a challenge. Here are two creative ways Taco Bell is catering to this important demographic.

4 ways to breathe new life into your display ads

Stop wasting your valuable ad space with these rejuvenating tips, and avoid the worst thing to put in your banners.

5 ways brands create superfans

How do you give fans what they want, when they don't know what they want? Here are five tips from the guy who runs social and apps for Fox's "Glee," "The X Factor," "The Simpsons," and more.

The ultimate answer to "What's in it for me?"

One of the biggest challenges in digital is knowing what and how to measure. The ARF's Ted McConnell has a new perspective. Watch this interview before your next metrics meeting.

Using QR code haircuts to get the word out

When Jeremy Piven and Matt Damon are already doing your PSAs, what's next? QR code haircuts! Engagia's Kent Speakman tells us about this creative campaign for charity OneXOne.

What Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are missing

Facebook's open-graph sharing is dangerous territory, Amazon's patient product roll-outs are paying off, and Google needs to focus on consumer trust. CBS/CNET's Molly Wood gives us the insights.

Will future employers check your Klout score?

Should you include your Klout score on your resume? What is considered a good score? How do you increase it? (Will a high score get you free stuff?) Klout's Garth Holsinger gives us the inside line.

What new Cheez-It flavor did Kellogg's customers choose?

When Kellogg's asked its customers to choose the new Cheez-It flavor, almost 28 million votes were cast. We asked Kellogg's Bob Arnold for thoughts about the campaign, and for tips on paid, owned, and earned media.

Quova: Why cookies are out, and geo-targeting is in

Quova's Mike Blacker says 80 percent of consumer spending occurs within five miles of the home. With the surge in mobile devices, is it time for your company to say goodbye to cookies?

10 challenges digital marketers are facing this year

Digital marketing leaders gathered in New York to discuss the industry's top challenges and opportunities. One global director (hint: he's one of Fortune magazine's Top 40 under 40!) summarized the group's comments for us.

Can a partnership with the Kardashians save this brand?

This major company is hoping the popularity of the Kardashians will attract sales. Will it be enough to save an ailing brand?

TrendWatch: The wrong way to do hyperlocal

Location-based ads already represent 20 percent of mobile spend, but results show that many companies aren't doing it right. PlaceIQ's Duncan McCall has some practical tips.

Pandora hits 400 devices, including refrigerators and cars

This young company has gained a massive following. Pandora's Heidi Browning tells digital marketers how the service is capitalizing on mobile and social behaviors.

8 dirty secrets we're afraid to talk about

We asked digital marketing leaders from Coca-Cola, Gap, Sears, Digitas, and more for their dirty secrets and pet peeves... and they dished!

Why Coca-Cola doesn't know what will work in mobile

Before you copy Coca-Cola's next mobile campaign, find out from SVP Wendy Clark why the iconic company is "placing a lot of bets" and making good guesses, just like the rest of us.

An unusual business lesson from Wieden+Kennedy

Wieden+Kennedy is looking for business "disrupters." As Renny Gleeson shares in this short clip, the lessons coming out of the company's incubator experiment are critical for all of us.

TrendWatch: Why Shazam for TV is the next big thing

Old Navy and "Transformers 3" are just a couple of the brands using Shazam to interact with TV audiences. Peter Szabo tell us why "shazamable" commercials are the big new trend for Super Bowl 2012, and beyond.

NBC's killer strategy for 2012

Watch our interview with NBC's EVP of digital sales Peter Naylor, and get ready for a TV experience that includes tablets, smartphones, tweets, voting, polling, and much more.

How one VP went from the White House to Google to Tesla Motors

Ricardo Reyes, VP of communications at Tesla Motors, takes an adrenaline-junkie approach to digital marketing. But his background also includes 10 years at the White House, where he learned to get the message right -- and get it out quickly. Watch for more insights.


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