Martin Hayward

Martin Hayward

Director of Marketing, Mirror Image Internet

As Mirror Image's Director of Marketing, Martin is responsible for developing and executing a marketing strategy for the company's Edge Computing Applications, Streaming Media and Content Delivery solutions. Prior to joining Mirror Image, Martin was the Director of Marketing for Telelogic, where he managed a marketing department that supported worl... more

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What your mobile device says about you

What do marketers really know about mobile users? Here are the device demographics that matter.

Guidelines for successful online video ads

Video ads are a surefire way to get your brand's message across in a feature-rich and controllable environment. Follow these steps and heed these lessons to make your campaign a success.

How to Prepare for Traffic Spikes

Without the right systems in place, there is such a thing as too much traffic. Mirror Image's marketing director explains how to avoid a shutdown.


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