Chris Marriott

Chris Marriott

President and Founder, Marketing Democracy, LLC

Chris is an experienced digital marketing executive with a focus on creating data-driven experiences for customers of leading Brands.  He has been in the email marketing space since 2004, and is a leader in efforts to integrate email with other digital channels. He is the President and Founder of Marketing Democracy, LLC. Marketing Democracy provi... more

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3 impressive email companies you need to follow in 2016

Get to know which businesses will be making groundbreaking moves this year.

The 10 most innovative emails of 2015

Email marketers pull out all the stops to capture customers' attention. Take a look at last year's best of the best.

4 better-than-best email practices for the holiday season

The holiday shopping craze is about to begin. Are you ready? Get an early start this season by employing the following essential email marketing tactics now.

The rise of the independent email agency

When should you use an independent email agency vs. an in-house email agency? There are a few things you need to consider before making your decision.

3 companies that have you waiting by your inbox

How often do you eagerly await a promotional email? These brands have mastered the art of anticipation.

Things I never again want to hear in an RFP presentation

For better or worse, the marketing world is driven by hours upon hours of sales meetings. If you're pitching business, you'd do well to purge these 10 gems from your script.

4 email landscape updates you need to know

It's essential for marketers to understand the tectonic shifts that have been occurring in the enterprise ESP space. Consider this breakdown of how certain types of vendors now approach the world of email marketing.

The marketing email that (almost) went horribly wrong

With great power comes great responsibility. What follows is a cautionary tale from the annals of email marketing that almost had a very unhappy ending.

The email marketing landscape of 2015

Email marketers face numerous challenges, many of which are different today than they have been in past years. Let's take a deeper dive into some new findings.

4 surefire ways to botch your RFP

Many companies botch their RFPs before they've even begun. Learn how.

3 hot email companies you should follow

Even if you have an ESP that you love, it doesn't hurt to know what others are doing in the space. Our expert weighs in on a few players to watch.

The 10 most innovative emails of 2014

Email marketers use all sorts of strategies to capture the attention of their recipients. Find out which ones were the best of the best this year.

5 surefire email tips for a great Christmas

Don't let your email marketing land you on the naughty list. Take a look at this advice for stress-free holiday campaigns. 

How to stay competitive in the email RFP process

When a client is choosing among email services providers, sometimes the smallest requirement will sway a decision. Read how a classic fairy tale can help your brand.

5 steps to take before you start an email RFP

Embarking on an RFP requires making smart decisions to ensure the process runs smoothly. Here's a short list to get your journey started.

3 "I'm ready to buy" signals marketers must recognize

Subscriber behavior changes right before a person makes a purchase. Here are three of the things people do when they shift into "buy now" mode.

7 ways your world would be different without email

Professional and personal life would be very different without email. Let's take a look at both the good and the bad of that alternate reality.

5 destructive email habits you need to break

Email is dangerous in the wrong hands. Here are the things that marketers are doing -- on purpose -- that can destroy their professional reputations.

Why it's foolish to use an in-house email solution

Thinking you can save some money by not working with an ESP? Think again. Here are the many ways that home-grown solutions can lead to grief.

3 tasks you should outsource to your ESP

Certain facets of email marketing are best handled by ESP partners. Are you properly leveraging this relationship?

Read this if you want to win more RFPs

No matter the size of the prospective client you are pitching, several universal truths apply to the marketing tech RFP process. If you respect them, you'll win more business.

The thing that email's critics just don't understand

In marketing, we often mistakenly inflate the importance of one particular publisher and downplay the channel of communication itself. This is why we need to think differently.

Email promises to make for 2014

Here are six goals you should set for your email marketing this year. If you accomplish even one of them, you will see immediate results.

Accepting the ESP identity crisis

Email is still the most effective marketing channel out there. Here's why you shouldn't let the frequent name changes fool you.

Why email marketing is better than fantasy football

Although email marketing is tough, it has redeemable qualities that can make even your favorite hobby seem tedious. Here are the three reasons why email marketing is more enjoyable than fantasy football.

The 10 most innovative marketing emails of 2013

Email marketers employ myriad strategies, from coupons to newsletters to daily deals. Get ready for the best of the best in email marketing.

7 rules of content marketing in email

Your messages shouldn't just be relevant. They should be anticipated. Here's how to look at your email program through the eyes of your subscribers.

The overlooked content marketing opportunities of email

Your email team has more content available to it than you probably realize. Here are the three areas to examine.

3 reasons a home-grown email solution will make you cry

The decision of whether to build your own email solution or outsource to a vendor can be complicated. To save yourself unnecessary grief, consider these common problems with going out on your own.

How to prevent an email RFP disaster

Email marketers know that the request for proposal process can be a nightmare -- or just a total bore. Here are the tips both marketers and ESPs need for success.

3 signs you've been with your current ESP too long

Long-standing relationships can breed laziness and legacy problems. These are the signs that it's time to reassess your relationship with your email partner.

5 reasons I hate big data

The current frenzy surrounding so-called "big data" is not likely to have a positive impact on marketing in the near term. Here's why embracing the topic as an all-or-nothing proposition will stall your progress.

The 4 newest opportunities in email marketing

Mature channels evolve slowly -- but they do evolve. Have you kept pace with the latest developments in email marketing?

4 things your email team desperately needs you to know

The folks on your email team know they're not the "cool kids" anymore. But they have a lot to offer the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Just listen, will you?

Marketers are from Mars, ESPs are from Venus

ESPs and their clients speak different languages, and these differences put serious strain on their relationships. Here's where the key communication breakdowns occur.

Why your marketing intuition is probably wrong

Do you think you're smarter than your email subscribers? Maybe it's time to do a little more testing. You'll be surprised.

4 characteristics of successful email acquisition programs

You should be using email to acquire customers, not just to stay in touch with existing ones. Here's how to set these programs up properly.

Email marketing's most controversial subject -- ever

Email marketers live in constant fear of being called "spammers." As such, we're missing a huge opportunity to acquire customers via this channel. Here's why we need to change our thinking.

A great new use for email marketing

If you think email isn't for customer acquisition, think again. Consider this novel approach.

Why email marketing is like selling Bibles

Even unopened emails drive sales both online and offline, but nobody is giving them any credit. It's time for marketers to embrace the religion of attribution.

The most important question in email marketing

There's a vital question that all marketers must pose to themselves, and it transcends the performance of a particular campaign. Are you asking it?

The 2 most important words in email marketing

In the world of email marketing, several questions are repeatedly asked by those who strive to improve their campaigns. Read about the two little words that always apply.

Why email marketers are like Olympic decathletes

To get the gold, email marketers must think and train like athletes. Discover how mobile, social, search, and display advertising all factor into successful email campaigns.

Why email RFPs are going to get a lot harder

When it comes to choosing an email service provider, cost soon won't be the element that drives decisions. Here's why the RFP is becoming a battle of ideas.

Is this the end of email marketing?

Has email reached the end of its evolution as a marketing tool? Have we already discovered every situation in which it can provide value? Consider these insights.

Emails that make you go "hmm"

Who knew that a C+C Music Factory lyric would apply to email marketing? Consider these examples of emails that make you pause and think -- for better and for worse.

How email marketing is evolving

While it's tempting to keep changes to your email marketing strategy at bay, marketers must realize that the tides are turning. Here's the information you need to stay afloat.

Why you need to reinvent your email marketing strategy

Traditionally, marketers have been encouraged to suppress "invactives" from their email databases in order to improve deliverability, opens, and clicks. Here's why this may not always be the best choice in terms of ROI.

Why you should use a first date approach to email marketing

All too often, retailers treat consumers who've made a single purchase as loyal brand customers. This approach is all wrong. Here is why you need to ditch the "till death do us part" mentality and woo your customers all over again.

4 cardinal do's and don'ts of email marketing

Every channel has its own hurdles in regards to engaging consumers. Here are four solid techniques that you can apply to your email efforts.

Ways to irritate (and appease) email subscribers

In today's digital world, customers vote with their attention. Consider these do's and don'ts for engaging with the new "marketing democracy."

Why the email inbox is the new DVR

Just because a subscriber doesn't open your email right away doesn't mean it's a lost cause. Learn how to adapt your strategy for today's "time-shifting" email recipients.

How to sniff out an over-promising email partner

When it comes to integrating email, social, and mobile marketing, don't confuse capabilities with expertise. Here's how to tell if your partner has the chops you need.

How to stop people from unsubscribing

Email marketers employ several best practices when they suspect someone is about to unsubscribe. See how these tactics can benefit your broader program.

Why email newsletters are digital litter

The email newsletter has taken the place of the average marketing mailing. And like traditional mailings, here's why your newsletters might end up in the trash.

Winning email pitches customers are sure to swing at

Marketing inspiration can come from the most unlikely places. Consider these email pointers you can glean from simply watching a game of baseball.

Why your definition of relevance is wrong

The word "relevance" gets thrown around a lot these days. But are you actually thinking about the concept in the correct way? Consider these insights.

The new definition of a successful email

Inactive subscribers might be engaging with your brand more than you think. Learn how to truly gauge the effectiveness of your email campaign.

Why your subject line is more important than you think

Subject lines are not just hints about the content of an email. Learn why they also have the power to make a brand statement that lasts.

The 15-minute marketing strategy meeting

A little bit of strategy goes a long way. Here's a process marketers can employ to judge new tasks according to how well they meet longer-term objectives.

The dangers of pre-fab marketing solutions

Why do so many marketers employ only basic techniques like blasting emails or papering publishers with display ads? Consider the pitfalls of such a short-sighted approach.

How to choose the right metrics for your email campaign

You can't run your e-marketing campaigns like fantasy football teams. Here's why you need to focus on the wins, not the yards.

The danger behind email's flexibility

Email and mobile can accomplish branding objectives as well as direct response -- but not both at once. Here's why you need to have a clear decision-making process in place.

How to determine the value of email and SMS subscribers

Are too many people in your organization clamoring to send promotions to the same pool of customers via email or mobile messaging? Find out how to set limits.

The successors of dead email best practices

If marketers call something a best practice, and no one actually does it, is it really a best practice? Let's look at a few often-ignored principles, as well as their practical replacements.

The email and SMS features you're forgetting to use

Email and SMS each have such deep functionality that many marketers barely get beyond the most obvious capabilities. Take a look at simple tactics that so many brands fail to try out.

My favorite email and its marketing lessons

Are there emails you look forward to receiving on a regular basis? Consider these lessons from one marketer's favorite inbox arrival.

Email preference centers: A new way of thinking

Marketers rely on preference centers to gain insights into what consumers want from their email relationships with a brand. Consider these points to avoid common errors.

5 often-overlooked email rules of thumb

Not every element of email marketing is covered by tried-and-true best practices. Thus, let's take a look at some guidelines that aren't quite rules.

Banishing CPMs forever

The cost-per-thousand measurement doesn't translate into the online channel, where every medium enjoys a greater ability to target than old mass media. Let's look at the use of data to enhance targeting.

4 steps to a streamlined email process

Conducting an all-team review will help you simplify your processes and free up resources for other tasks. Here are the vital steps to take.

7 simple ways to freshen up your direct marketing

It's time to do some spring cleaning on your interactive direct marketing programs. Check these spots for cobwebs.

The death of the email newsletter

Email newsletters are popular modes of marketing, but they do have weaknesses. Let's take a look at how email marketing would work if we did away with this common tool.

Email common sense that you're ignoring

The major ISPs have sworn to employ engagement as a criterion in routing email. Here's how you need to revamp your approach.

How to integrate social and email marketing

Social networking and email marketing inform one another. Let's explore the possibilities of what can happen when these two powerhouses work together.

6 ways to shake up your boring emails

Email programs can't grow significantly if you just do the same thing over and over again. Consider these simple tricks to enliven your stale email strategy.

Onboarding 101: Your guide to instant engagement

Your initial messages represent your best opportunity to connect with new subscribers. These best practices will help you set up an effective onboarding stream.

Tactics for reviving dead email subscribers

If a large portion of your email list has gone silent on you, don't give up on those addresses just yet. Check out some of these tried-and-true reactivation techniques.

A dynamic strategy for wooing online consumers

Online consumers expect brands to remember who they are and what they want. A little bit of technology and a lot of common sense will help ensure you don't disappoint them.

Marketing lessons from where you'd least expect them

Check out these tips for ensuring your addressable media campaigns stay fresh and continue to connect with the right consumers.

Email's new best practices

The conventional wisdom surrounding email marketing continues to evolve. Have your practices kept pace accordingly?

3 excuses (and rebuttals) for stagnant email programs

It's easy for marketers to accept the status quo when it comes to their email efforts. Here's why you should demand more from your campaigns -- and how to get started.

3 steps to reinvigorating tired email messages

Have your subscribers become too accustomed to your emails? Check out this approach to evaluating and refreshing the contents of your messages.

The new way to spread your email messages

Friends-and-family email campaigns are an excellent way of disseminating an offer. However, social networks are changing the game. Here's how you need to adapt.

3 steps to stellar welcome emails

Welcome messages enjoy the highest open rates of any email campaign type. Yet most marketers wait until it's too late. Here's how to ensure you make the most of this golden opportunity.

How to get in step with the new marketing season

With a buildup of post-holiday campaigns underway, here are some tips on refreshing your marketing strategies for maximum branding as the New Year begins.

Privacy: It's overrated

Internet users are going to increasingly demand personalization of their online experience. Here's how to get started without scaring them off.

Email marketing's 8 deadly don'ts

Test your email tactics -- not your audience's patience. Here's how to avoid running afoul of some common campaign blunders.

4 tips for marketing to small businesses

Small businesses are a big target, but they require special attention on behalf of interactive marketers. Here's how to forge and maintain a meaningful relationship with this community.

Are print catalogs smarter than your website?

Excuse time is over. Discover the approaches that make dynamic content targeting on the web too easy and effective to ignore.

Plan your holiday e-communications now

To avoid getting lost in the holiday shuffle, interactive marketers need to prepare their year-end strategies during the summer months. Check out these tips for a stress-free approach.

Put a stop to email inefficiencies

Many companies risk losing subscribers because they fail to consolidate internal email operations. Here's how and why to make that change.

Know your customer at every stage of interaction

When it comes to integrated campaigns, the real challenge isn't breaking down the silos, it's keeping track of your customers.

Email is not digital direct mail

Email is not a viable acquisition tool in the way direct mail is. Find out why, and what direct mail's digital equivalent is.

Metrics: your mileage may vary

When measuring your online campaign's success, keep in mind that your brand has a unique set of objectives. The appropriate metrics may differ from what you expect.

Use the recession to your advantage

Learn from Goodyear Tire how to stay ahead of the curve by marketing during a recession, and keep these three pointers in mind as you launch marketing campaigns over the months ahead.

Make your email strategy Facebook-friendly

With the younger generation using online social networking and texting more than web-based emails for communicating, marketers need to adjust their strategies.

5 email mistakes to avoid

Acxiom Digital's Eastern Region VP/GM takes a look at email through consumers' eyes to remind marketers what not to do.

Is email facing extinction?

Today's teens are using very different digital communication tools than the rest of us. So what will become of email?

Ideas That Shouldn't Work, But Do

Acxiom Digital's VP and GM reports in from the frontlines with ideas that are counterintuitive yet brings success for his email clients.

Make 2007 the Year of Email Relevance

As consumers increasingly reject marketing emails as spam, marketers must improve their relevancy. Acxiom Digital's VP/GM describes how.

4 Ways to Pick the Wrong Email Partner

Acxiom Digital's VP & GM outlines four mistakes marketers make when selecting a vendor and offers tips for doing it right.

Five 2006 Predictions Reviewed

Acxiom Digital's VP and GM revisits 2006 predictions and examines how well they panned out or didn't.

Don't Believe the Hype

Acxiom Digital's GM, eastern region, explains why marketers shouldn't forget about email tactics or their high ROI-- even with the many new media marketing innovations.

Bad Email is Bad Business

You may lose customers if you don't avoid these five mistakes identified by Acxiom Digital's VP, GM, Eastern Region.

3 Steps to Email Marketing with Search

Acxiom Digital's VP and GM explains how to use email marketing to capturing leads generated by searches.

Elevate Email in the Marketing Mix

Before moving on to the next big thing in digital marketing, Acxiom Digital's VP and GM suggests marketers boost email marketing results. Here are five ideas to make it happen.


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