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Chloe Della Costa

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Chloe Della Costa is an experienced writer and editor, currently working as an assistant editor at The Cheat Sheet and a contributing writer and editor for iMedia Connection. She graduated from Bard College with a bachelor's degree in writing and film.

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The networking secrets of top marketers

Marketers agree that networking is absolutely essential for success, but it's also one of the toughest skills to master. Here's the advice that will put you on top -- straight from the best in the field.

8 productivity hacks from real marketers

There are plenty of distractions to tempt you throughout your workday. But luckily there are just as many tools to help you stay on task and accomplish everything on your to-do list.

7 of the best UGC campaigns of 2015

Consumer trust gets harder to earn every year, but user-generated content can show the power of authentic customer voices. Here are the 2015 campaigns to learn from.

Top 10 most-watched video campaigns of 2015

Successful brands know how powerful video can be in the overall marketing mix. Here's a look at this year's most-viewed campaigns.

5 podcasts every marketer should be following

Even the most old-school marketers can't ignore the recent growth in the podcasting space. Here are the shows to listen to for marketing and advertising insights.

3 products Millennials just aren't buying

Millennials are some of the toughest consumers to reach, but they also represent an important demographic. Here are three things they aren't interested in spending money on.

7 ad campaigns that used reverse psychology

Today, it's harder than ever for advertisers to meaningfully reach customers, so it's often the boldest strategies that succeed in drawing attention. Here are ads that leveraged reverse psychology.

How to fix the ad industry's diversity problem

When it comes to a diverse workforce, the ad industry hasn't made much progress since the "Mad Men" era. Here's how to address the diversity problem.

The 10 best user-generated campaigns of 2014

User-generated content has quickly grown into a powerful marketing tool, but only the most unique ideas rise to the top. Here are the most remarkable UGC campaigns of 2014.

How to captivate shoppers in an omni-channel world

Today's retailers know the importance of e-commerce, but they often take a siloed approach to digital channels. Here's why alignment is the key to success.

Why you can't separate digital and physical retail

As e-commerce continues to reinvent the customer journey, integrating online and in-store experiences is more important than ever. Here's how Walmart is leading the way.

Marketing in the age of contextual technology

The forces of mobile, social, sensors, location, and data have the power to subvert advertising. Here's how to create opportunities in this changing environment.

Why emotion is the true driver of consumer behavior

Your customers can't help but reveal their true feelings through subtle facial cues. Here's how to go deeper than online data and social media chatter.

8 reasons mobile ad spending is eclipsing desktop

If you've been shrugging off the significance of mobile, it's time to pay attention. Here's the research to prove brands must funnel money into this essential channel.

Why people hate the ad industry

Why do people hate our industry with such a fiery passion? Here are the major consumer complaints -- and how advertising can rescue its reputation.

How to build your brand's digital value ecosystem

Innovation isn't about the technology. It's about how you apply it. Here's why brands need to think more holistically about providing value.

The right way to measure content marketing success

Today, every brand needs to assess its content efforts, but traditional KPIs are not always appropriate. Here's why brands should determine success based on their own goals.

The future of brands as content creators

As the industry continues to shift, the pressure is on for every brand to become a publisher. Here are the trends and innovations shaking things up for marketers.

10 surprising college majors of top marketers

How does a zoology major end up in advertising? Here are the stories of marketers who came from the most unlikely fields of study.

10 hilarious digital media parodies

If you can't see the value in great satire, you're missing out. Here are the best and funniest spoofs and parodies that resonate with digital marketers.

9 outrageous bribes received by agencies

Agencies receive all sorts of gifts, incentives, or straight-up bribes from vendors courting their business. Here are the hilarious (and sometimes shocking) stories of nine marketers' most memorable presents.

10 brands exposed as total hypocrites

Even the most successful companies often fail to practice what they preach. Here are the brands that got called out on their two-faced marketing efforts.

5 brave ads that rocked the boat

It's always refreshing to see creative that dares to shake things up. Here's what you can learn from a courageous advertisement.

7 potential pitfalls of gamification

Gamification is an excellent way to engage consumers, but if done incorrectly, it can hurt your brand. Consider these downsides.

Why marketers need to follow the NewFronts

If you haven't heard about the Digital Content NewFronts yet, it's time to listen up. With Hulu, Digitas, Google, and more spearheading the effort, these upcoming events in New York City have the potential to revolutionize digital.

14 intriguing ways to use QR codes

While controversial, QR codes remain a hot topic in the digital marketing sphere. Here are 14 examples of the most unique QR codes yet.

10 wonderfully nostalgic digital campaigns

The internet adores the past. Here are four ways that brands are tapping into nostalgia and retro styles with their online campaigns.

How to cash in on banned ads

Maybe it's time your brand took some risks. These days, the tags "banned" or "too hot for TV" are desirable, and if you're smart, you can turn a rejected ad into an online sensation.


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