David Hahn

David Hahn

SVP, Product Management, AdSafe Media

David has worked with several startups and mature technology organizations and has over 12 years of executive product management, marketing and strategy experience. Prior to joining AdSafe, David was an executive with Safenet's digital media services group, the leading provider of digital protection and measurement services. He managed their portfo... more

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Ad viewability myths debunked

Making marketing decisions based on rumor is never a good idea. These are the four key misconceptions plaguing the industry's understanding of viewability.

How to avoid accidental dealings with pirates

Despite their best efforts, many respectable brands end up inadvertently supporting file sharing sites. Here are three ways to protect your company from pirates.

How to ensure your ad is truly seen

Your ad might be above the fold, but it is not necessarily being seen. Learn how to measure your ad's true "viewability."


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