Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton

Partner and CMO, HasOffers and

Peter joined before the company launched their first product in 2009.  As the first affiliate tracking software on the cloud, he worked with twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown to build a brand, reputation, and platform that quickly became a new industry standard for affiliate tracking software.  In less than two years HasOffers soared ... more

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How to monetize mobile app re-engagement

If you spend any time in mobile app marketing, you know that the vast majority of advertising campaigns are based on installs. Here's why CPA compensation is the way to go.

What Apple's new phase-out means for mobile marketers

The unique device identifier allows most developers to track users across mobile apps. Without it, mobile marketers must find alternative ways to monitor use. Read ahead to understand Apple's decision and discover new ways to track app users.

A beginner's guide to mobile ad networks

Mobile advertising isn't that different from other forms of online marketing. In fact, if you're already familiar with major web advertising channels and ad networks, you'll be a pro on mobile in no time. Here's how.


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