James Lamberti
Summit Alumni

James Lamberti

VP & GM, AdTruth

James Lamberti brings more than 19 years of experience to AdTruth, 41st Parameter's digital media division. He is well versed in all aspects of marketing and has extensive executive management experience gained at a number of successful ventures. Prior to joining AdTruth, Lamberti served as VP of global marketing at InMobi, the largest and fastest-... more

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4 ways to circumvent mobile marketing roadblocks

Mobile marketers are facing challenges like globalization, privacy, and large volumes of fragmented inventory. Here's how to overcome the toughest obstacles in the space.

7 roadblocks to mobile marketing success

Mobile represents one of the largest opportunities in the industry, but there are still glaring issues to be resolved. Here are the challenges we face as marketers, as well as some ideas on how we can work toward solutions.


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