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Brand innovation labs: The 4 boldest moves yet

Consumer power and market competition are forcing brands to innovate to survive. Take a peek at the game-changing experiments of some major players.

Major marketing deals with social media stars

Brands have worked with social stars for years, but platforms like Vine and Snapchat have ushered in new waves of creative talent. Here's a look at the latest partnerships that are making waves.

Marketers confess: What I wish I knew 5 years ago

If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Here's a look at what nine top marketers wish they would have understood about the industry.

Destructive marketing habits of major brands

The pressure to adopt shiny new tactics can force brands to forego strategic thinking in favor of a quick fix. Here's how brands fall off track when using certain tools.

Brands that need to be saved by CMOs

A number of brands have recently made CMO hires during problematic times. Here's a look at companies that are counting on CMOs for serious change.

Brands that Millennials love to hate

Not all Millennials are alike, but many share a number of characteristics. Here are the brands that pissed off this generation by disregarding those key traits.

How Unilever reshaped marketing for the digital age

With more than 400 brands, Unilever knows how to translate traditional advertising into modern marketing. Here's a look at the strategy that enables the company's award-winning work.

What your agency must do to remain relevant

Agencies that fail to adapt will fail to survive. To maintain relevance in the future, consider this guide to meeting the needs of clients and consumers in tomorrow's complicated world.

How major brands use 3D printing

It's clear that 3D printing can spell big opportunity for brands. Here's a look at those embracing this nascent technology and what marketers need to know.

Next Wave: The top startups in data, analytics, and performance

This year's iMedia Next Wave Showcase shined a spotlight on cutting-edge startups in the fields of data, analytics, and performance. Check out the companies currently transforming our industry.

Lessons from a digital disrupter

Marketers often get stuck in a mental vacuum, so it's crucial to look for inspiration in unfamiliar places. Here's what the ad industry can learn from an online pioneer in the field of education.

Understanding today's digital woman

Ninety-one percent of women believe that marketers don't understand them. Clearly, it's time for change. Here's how Macy's is leading the charge.

How emotions can unlock the power of big data

You'll never tap into data's true power if you don't understand human behavior. Learn what actually influences consumer decisions and what it means for marketing's future.

How to unite data and creativity

Many believe the digital marketing landscape is splitting. But in reality, data and creativity can work together for amazing results. Here's how.

The future of TV

To keep pace with change, marketers must ditch their traditional TV playbook. Here's how to meet the demands of a world beyond the main screen.

Why brand integration is the future of mobile

Marketing messages that aren't successfully blended with content often fail. Here's an approach to brand integration that engages mobile consumers and drives loyalty in powerful new ways.

How to capitalize on the rise of images

The proliferation of mobile cameras and the popularity of photo-sharing sites have made images powerful vehicles for marketing and monetization. Here's how to tap the full potential of photos.

The 3 most promising mobile startups for marketers

During iMedia’s Breakthrough Summit, 11 companies pitched to an elite crowd of digital marketers. Here are the mobile startups that came out on top.

Google's playbook for investing in mobile marketing

How should your brand be thinking about mobile? Google's manager of global mobile solutions reveals the most unique ways marketers are achieving success.

11 mobile startups that will change marketing

The iMedia community has spoken: Here are the best mobile startups in the media and marketing landscape. What can they do for you?

Brands breeding loyalty through digital

Smart brands are leveraging digital platforms to not only find customers but to also build relationships. Meet the 20 companies that are doing it best.

How 5 brands connected (or didn't) with dads

As fathers increase their social presences online, the "doofus dad" stereotype is catching widespread flack. Here are brands that missed the mark and others that hit the target when marketing to dads.

3 promising tech startups: Where are they now?

Last year, iMedia's startup showcase, Next Wave, uncovered three early stage tech companies with great potential. See which ones have since taken off -- and which one hit a wall.

NewFronts: Hulu unveils original online series

Hulu kicked off the Digital Content NewFronts in style by announcing new additions to its online video content -- with the help of some famous talent. Read on for the exciting event details.

5 thriving social TV apps

TV consumption has increased from four hours to five hours -- per person, per day. Here are the social apps that consumers can't live without while watching TV.

When brands brawl: 5 digital ad wars

While comparative advertising is a powerful strategy for differentiating one product from another, many view it as a dirty game of mockery. Here are five examples of digital ad wars that got ugly.

8 marketing partnerships that succeeded

To tap the market's full potential, it helps to work together. Here are eight cutting-edge examples of digital marketing alliances to jumpstart your cooperative thinking.


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