Evan Gerber

Evan Gerber

VP, Mobile Design and Emerging Interactions, Fidelity Investments

Since the late ‘90s, Evan Gerber has created innovated technology solutions for unique business problems. Evan is the Vice President of Mobile Design and Emerging Interactions at Fidelity Investments.  An avid technophile and self proclaimed device geek, he is fascinated by the interplay of business, technology, and culture.Evan's first engagement ... more

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Responsive design for dummies

Responsive design is revolutionary in terms of the flexibility it provides web designers as well as business owners. Here are some of the key fundamentals that designers, marketers, and product owners must understand before getting started.

Design rules you need to break

The best practices for desktop web design are broken in the mobile world. Here are the conventions that need to be discarded in this new world of touch and multiple device types.

6 design considerations for touch tech

The touch paradigm is fundamentally altering when, where, and how we interact with brands. Here's how to design for a future where touch will rule.

7 essential rules for tablet design

Brands should be creating tablet-optimized experiences that take advantage of the unique features of these devices. Check out these case studies that show best practices in action.

Marketing beyond Facebook and Twitter

To truly capitalize on the benefits that the social web offers, brands must research and explore other opportunities. Read about fantastic alternatives and get started today.

How to hire the ultimate community manager

The wrong person tweeting or writing on a Facebook wall can make a brand look insipid, off-message, or worse. Use this article as a guide to finding and hiring a qualified social media manager.

Demystifying the tween demographic

The tween demographic presents a great opportunity for marketers to build a relationship that can last through teen years and beyond. Find out how five brands did it right.

The secrets behind successful landing pages

First impressions matter. Follow these guidelines to ensure that consumers' snap judgments work in your favor.

How to succeed across the social media spectrum

Good marketing relies on consistent brand messaging, but social media requires you to place your message in a consumer's hands. Find out how to strike the right balance.

4 low-cost methods for creating innovative campaigns

Leapfrogging the competition is still possible, even in a time of shrinking budgets. Try these practices to revamp your creative process.

3 ways to justify spending on social networks

To demonstrate social network success, savvy brand marketers must identify what success means, and then understand how it can be tracked.

3 ways to justify spending on social networks (page 2 of 2)

Social networking: Where it's headed

Understand how social networking is evolving, which users are found in what networks and how to engage audiences as this medium starts to come into its own.

Are you failing to mobilize your metrics?

Contrary to what you may have heard, measuring the mobile medium is not impossible. Here's how to get started.

Is your brand at social media's ground zero?

Facebook, MySpace and other social networks can be very tempting for marketers but challenging for the brand overall. Consider these obstacles you may encounter on the road to social media success.

Branding beyond borders

Savvy brand managers know that there is a social network life outside of Facebook. Find out more about the importance of culture on other sites and how you can put this knowledge to work for you

Avoid these Facebook faux pas

Before your brand tries its luck on social networks, consider this advice to make sure you don't end up with egg on your face.

Facebook applications: the do's and don'ts

Facebook's flexible API opened up a world of possibilities for marketers -- but there are still some constraints. Find out how to work around them.

Mobile: it's not just for kids anymore

Many marketers equate mobile with a youthful demographic, but it may be time for your mobile campaign to grow up. Molecular's Evan Gerber explains.

Don't make a bad call with mobile

Thinking about launching a mobile campaign? Here are some points to consider first.

Capture teens in a mobile web

Marketers venturing into the mobile space to pursue this popular demographic have an opportunity for brand success, but they must do it with kid gloves. Molecular tells you how.

5 steps to take your website mobile

Molecular writes in with tips for making your mobile web presence as compelling as your online presence.

Master the mobile format in 5 steps

Considering launching a mobile campaign? Molecular's senior user experience consultant lists five considerations key to launching an effective campaign.

4 Quick Tips: Marketing to Teens Online

Teens can spot a marketing poser from a mile away: here's how to engage them with your brand.

Measure Word-of-Mouth Buzz

Word of mouth is all the rage-- but it's tough to gauge. Learn how to measure WOM's effect on your brand here.


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