Greg Kihlström
Summit Alumni

Greg Kihlström

Founder and CEO, Carousel30

Greg is a digital strategist and creative director who has worked with top brands on a number of campaigns, including AOL, AARP, Ben & Jerry's, Geico Direct, MTV, Starbucks, The Nature Conservancy, Toyota, TV One and Washington Wizards. He has received numerous awards and honors from the Webby Awards, ADDYs, American Marketing Association, iMedia's... more

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4 new rules of food marketing

Whether you're responsible for marketing a food product or a restaurant, you have no doubt noticed the trends driving a shift in strategies and tactics. Here are the new rules you need to learn.

4 rules for responsible marketing to children

It should go without saying that advertising to children and for children's products should be done with care. Here are the guidelines to remember.

5 lies you've been told about marketing to Millennials

Millennial shoppers have tremendous buying power, yet they remain largely misunderstood. Here are the most dangerous misconceptions about this generation.

4 marketing techniques that consumers completely ignore

Today's marketing is so pervasive that some shoppers are growing immune to it. Here are some of the tactics that simply aren't getting through to consumers.

6 signs you don't belong in the ad industry

Ever wonder if advertising is truly the right fit for you? Here are the warning signs that should be telling you to consider a career change.

3 forgotten demographics you should be watching

Marketers are always talking about Millennials, but there are other important demographics worth watching. Here are three groups to keep your eye on.

6 workplace policies killing your creativity -- and fun

If your organization is in a creative slump, you may need to ditch the following workplace policies and practices.

5 Twitter hacks that will blow your mind

Although Twitter is extremely popular, it has a lot more features than you realize. Check out these Twitter hacks to become a true power user.

5 marketing tools you're using too much

It's time to rethink your old habits. Here are the common tactics that you're now abusing and some alternative methods to consider.

6 top social media management tools

A little assistance with organizing your communications goes a long way. Here are the best tools to help manage content delivery across social platforms.

5 unconventional approaches to customer service

As the needs and wants of the modern consumer evolve, your brand should be open to new methods. Here are the innovative customer service strategies that work.

Big marketing opportunities for under $10K

It's often hard to justify allocating a large amount of budget toward something new. But these small experiments could deliver big results for your brand.

Unlocking the true power of responsive design

If you think responsive design is merely a passing fad, you're missing the point. Here's why it's a more valuable tactic than creating distinct sites for multiple devices.

How to safely experiment with social media marketing

Trying new online advertising tactics is a frightening -- albeit necessary -- part of the job. Here's how to take strategic chances without compromising your overarching marketing strategy.

A step-by-step guide to digital strategy creation

Without a clear set of goals, it's easy to create a series of tactics that serve no purpose. Here's a simple and organized approach to creating your digital strategy.

A brand's guide to true social engagement

Careless interaction on social media can turn an assembly of advocates into a company of critics. Here’s how to foster long-term, genuine engagement with your fans and followers.

4 tips to focus your digital campaign

A digital strategy that lacks focus translates into a messy heap of marketing blunders. Here's how to build and stick to a potent digital strategy.


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