Vanessa Naylon

Vanessa Naylon

Creative Strategist, 140 Proof

Vanessa Naylon is a creative strategist who helps brands build award-winning campaigns in social. Vanessa was the original writer and creative strategist at 140 Proof and has worked on hundreds of social ad campaigns since 2009, including ESPN's award-winning NFL Draft campaign with Starcom in 2011. She's currently researching the role of social ad... more

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A marketer's guide to using the interest graph

With 266 billion "likes," follows, and other social cues to analyze, marketers are more equipped than ever to determine relevance. Here's how the interest graph can make your targeting dreams come true.

7 ways to win awards for your social campaigns

This year, there will be more opportunities than ever to get your social media work recognized. But what does it take to create an award-worthy campaign? Read on.


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