Jeremy Mason
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Jeremy Mason

Vice President, Strategic Relationships, AudienceScience

Jeremy leads our efforts to continually improve our solutions capabilities by deepening our understandings of the needs of our strategic clients, in order to best serve them. His in-depth knowledge of the machinations that lead to success comes from his experience leading the AudienceScience Account Management and Business Development teams for sev... more

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Practical tips for breaking down data silos

Digital marketers must constantly sort through endless information to get the numbers they need. Here's how to enhance your campaigns by successfully integrating data assets.

Thriving in a difficult market

How can technology providers forge more robust, more productive relationships with their agency and publisher clients in the present climate? And should we really try to be more upbeat about online as we look towards 2009?

Giving them what they want: why targeting must benefit the consumer

Successful behavioural targeting should always take into account what most benefits a consumer. Learn why targeting companies need to raise their game to be successful in the U.K. market.

How to learn to love data and not fear it

Data, when used properly, can unlock vast potential for your brand and help you accurately hit the right audience time and again. Jeremy Mason tells us why it's time to start loving analytics.

The future for behavioural targeting: the agency perspective

The next year will prove crucial for behavioural targeting firms as they further expand into the U.K. Get the candid lowdown on what the major agencies want to see happen next.

Working with publishers to deliver seamless creative

Part two of our exclusive interview between Revenue Science and Neil Dulake at The Guardian on the state of the agency-publisher relationship.

The truth about the agency-publisher relationship

An exclusive interview with the group head at The Guardian reveals stark truths about the agency-publisher relationship. Read part two next week.

What publishing experts think about behavioural targeting

Five highly influential names in publishing deliver opinions on how behavioural targeting has rapidly evolved in the U.K.

The key role of ad operations in behavioural targeting

Find out what was discussed when major publishers recently met to examine the future of behavioural targeting.

Being on your best 'behaviour'

As a relatively new industry in the U.K., behavioural targeting must deliver exceptional customer service to grow confidence, argues Jeremy Mason.

The past, present and future of behavioural targeting

As behavioural targeting leaps on in bounds here in the U.K., Jeremy Mason of Revenue Science digs into what makes the European BT market such a promising and fertile marketplace for advertisers.

Let your creativity shine when creating audience segments

It can be fun to get creative with your behavioural targeting! Do it well and you'll find even the hardest-to-reach audiences successfully.

Creating behavioural targeting segments - Part 2: Agency Tips

Some very handy tips from Revenue Science's Jeremy Mason on how agencies can ensure publishers build the best audience segments for them.

Great publisher tips for creating Behavioural Segments

Revenue Science's Client Services Director for Europe examines what constitutes a well-defined segment of users

A Sneak Peek at What's Ahead for Targeting

A Revenue Science account director examines how behavioral targeting has progressed overseas, providing a glimpse of BT's future here.

Segment to Get More ROI from Targeting

Revenue Science's account director shares five tips for building better audience segments.

How to Create BT Segments

Publishers-- learn how to create a well-defined segment of users from Revenue Science's account director.


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