Heather Sundell

Heather Sundell

Marketing Manager, The Search Agency

Heather has five years of experience in online and offline marketing. As the Marketing Manager for The Search Agency, she can frequently be found tweeting from @thesearchagency or writing articles for the company blog and other industry publications. She is a writer, social media wizardess, attempted cyclist, and aspiring adult currently honing Gen... more

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Understanding your audience one screen at a time

Successful multi-screen reach is not so much about quantity as it is about quality. Here's why advertisers should invest in tactical targeting instead of volume.

What the Pinterest boom says about digital

The explosion of Pinterest emphasizes the web's shift from textual to visual, and it is ushering in a new age of search. Read about the platform's other impacts and how you should respond.

What you need to know about social's future

Social media will continue to grow, but what does this progression mean for marketers? Consider these five social media predictions to steady your balance on social's future wave.


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