Wikus Engelbrecht

Wikus Engelbrecht

Marketing copywriter and journalist, GraphicMail

Wikus Engelbrecht is a marketing copywriter and journalist at GraphicMail, an international email and mobile marketing service provider. He has been active in professional language and media work since 2003, primarily in the digital environment. Contact him at wikus@graphicmail.comand follow @GraphicMail on Twitter.

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How to incorporate QR codes into your email strategy

Email marketers face a dizzying array of options designed to help capture audience attention and drive sales. Here's how QR codes can take your campaign up a notch.

The new danger of cross-platform marketing

Here are the main privacy and legal concerns you need to know about gathering email subscriber data.

Simple tricks for mobile-friendly emails

Whether you're planning for it or not, people are reading your emails on their phones. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your message translates.

An inside look into the convergence of email and social

Read about insights and practical tips on how to integrate and manage your cross-channel voice -- and discover the tools you need to get better results.

Email marketing's new role in digital's evolution

New technologies like smartphones and social media are disrupting email's dominance and fragmenting audiences. Here's how to pull them together to create effective cross-channel marketing.

10 email marketing commandments

Deciding how to approach and manage email marketing can be quite a challenge. From ESPs and contact lists to design elements and testing protocols, here are the fundamental rules for doing it right.

Facebook rolls out status update promotions

Facebook has just started implementing a feature that lets people pay $2 to promote their status updates above everyone else's in the news feed. Read about it here.

Why Google+ Hangouts are a big win for digital

Google recently began letting worldwide members of its social network broadcast live "hangouts" sessions for anyone to watch. Read about what this means for our industry.

Crucial new developments in mobile privacy

The mobile industry is facing growing scrutiny around privacy concerns. Here are the latest updates on the issue that all marketers need to know.

How the new spam law affects email marketers

A new California ruling about email sender identification has marketers across the U.S. questioning their campaigns' legality. Here's what marketers need to do to stay out of the legal fire.

The great debate: The next step for email marketing

A hosted solution is not for everyone, but it still has a lot of perks. Read ahead and decide what's best for you.

Why Pinterest is the next big thing for email

Pinterest and email have something in common -- targeted content sharing. Here's how integrating with Pinterest can give your email campaigns an extra edge.


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