Bonnie Kintzer

Bonnie Kintzer

CEO, Women’s Marketing Inc.

Bonnie Kintzer is Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Marketing Inc.the authority on how women consume media. Women’s Marketing more than 300 clients in the beauty, fashion and health space by delivering the best integrated advertising solutions in digital, print and out-of-home. Bonnie has built a distinguished career in the media worl... more

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7 reasons why Pinterest is unique for marketers

With "essential" social sites popping up like weeds, marketers are challenged to choose the right ones. Here's why Pinterest should definitely be a part of your brand's social media strategy.

How to do "regional" right

The concentration and repetition of regional advertising truly drives your marketing messages home. Here's how to craft a rich regional strategy.

Why brands on a budget need bloggers

Working with bloggers is one of the smartest things a small brand can do to amplify its presence and compete with bigger and better-funded rivals. Read about the best way to incorporate bloggers into your campaigns.


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