Tom Hespos
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Tom Hespos

Chief Media Officer, Underscore Marketing

Tom Hespos is President of New York agency Underscore Marketing. He is a frequent contributor to industry trade publications and has been writing a regular column about online marketing and advertising since March of 1998. His clients include Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, The MathWorks, and Pitney Bowes. Tom started his career at Young & Rubicam in 19... more

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3 prescription drug ads that broke the mold

Most people don't think of pharmaceutical advertisements as innovative, but the best campaigns depart from the usual formula. Here are the ads every marketer can learn from.

Can TV and the internet peacefully co-exist in one device?

Over the years, countless devices have attempted to combine TV viewing and interactive features. Have device manufacturers nailed it with the latest round of feature-rich TVs?

What Quora tells us about digital marketing

Can the big marketing questions ever really be answered in general terms? Here's an exploration of the social network Quora and the answers it's building for marketers.

Digital's perfect storm

Do WikiLeaks, net neutrality, and consumer privacy have anything to do with one another? Marketers might think about one or two of these, but the U.S. government is wrestling with all three.

How to get site visitors to embrace advertising

When site users become aware of how much it costs to run a good website, they start to defend online advertising. Here's why sites might want to start disclosing their monetization strategies.

Why data leakage is hurting our industry

What prevents an agency or advertiser from retargeting or gathering data improperly when it places a buy with a publisher? Not much, and here's why we need to start policing these practices.

More DSP myths debunked

Do advertisers really feel at ease when it comes to DSPs? Underscore Marketing's president looks at some misconceptions about the sector.

How ad network affiliates shoot themselves in the foot

Adding your remnant inventory to more ad networks means more exposure to opportunity, right? Here's how this can backfire.

The fundamental disconnect on digital GRPs

Nielsen made a major announcement this week about combining digital and offline metrics. But what is the role of its new measurement methodology in the planning process?

What does a non-neutral internet look like for marketers?

When the net neutrality dust settles, what effect will it have on marketers? Here are some potential outcomes.

Will apps really kill the web?

Email, graphical web browsing, streaming media, social networking -- these all changed the game in their own way. Here's why the app ecosystem belongs on that list.

3 things about the privacy debate that don't matter

As the digital ad industry looks to avoid federal privacy regulation, it seems fixated on three things that aren't going to matter when it comes to deciding matters.

An ad model poised for a comeback

Only a handful of digital representation firms are still in existence today, yet ad networks abound. Is it time to bring back this business model?

How to deal with the privacy problem

If our industry wants to have compelling ad targeting offerings to rely on, we need to at least give self-restraint a try. Here are some questionable data practices.

Is our ad delivery infrastructure overtaxed?

Exchanges, real-time bidding, ad verification services -- all of these things can contribute to hung pages. Here's why external servers are wreaking havoc on ad delivery, and why you should care.

Why advertisers need to lose some pricing control

What's going to happen to the industry when brand protection companies show advertisers where their ads are showing up? Here's a forecast.

6 trolls that can wreak havoc in an online community

If you run an online community, you probably spend more time dealing with trolls than you like. Here's how to avoid them by understanding what motivates their behavior.

I'm done checking in... for now

Foursquare has nailed its growth strategy, now it's time to add a component that makes the product more compelling and adds a revenue stream to boot.

How Google destroyed the ad model

Google's ad model is nothing short of genius, but it caused cataclysmic change within the advertising world. Here's why.

How to build trust in an ad network

Ad networks concentrate so much of their sales efforts on getting an insertion order. But what can they do to differentiate themselves after getting a buy?

Why a well-written brief is critical to success

What's in a brief? Without one, we often spin our wheels trying to answer impossible questions. Here's how to avoid a misfire.

Retargeting: Helpful, harmful, or both?

When is retargeting appropriate, and when can it be harmful to campaigns? Here's why the key consideration is the consumer's perception of appropriateness.

Who owns digital data?

The data ownership question is a sticky one. Business models hang in the balance, and apparently the IAB and the AAAA have an answer. But is it the right one?

Which mobile devices will win the race?

Retirees don't necessarily want internet everywhere. Teens don't need much more than voice and text. So what does that mean for mass-appeal mobile devices?

Ad network survival tips

Service is the name of the game for many undifferentiated ad networks out there. Here are a few things they can do to stand apart and really shine.

Perplexing ethical dilemmas of online marketing

The impact of agency-side audience development platforms has left industry stakeholders wondering whether supporting them is the right thing to do. Here are the questions we need to be asking ourselves.

Could digital survive losing the cookie?

How would the digital marketing world look if the U.S. government took away our ability to use third-party cookies for marketing purposes? Here's why this could create chaos.

Why B2B publishers can no longer shun digital

The digital disruption has caused significant upheaval in the business-to-business category. Here's what B2B advertisers and publishers need to do to survive.

How to manage ad network integrity challenges

With myriad targeting options available from ad networks, who's making sure they're all implemented properly? Employ these integrity checks to ensure your buy is handled correctly.

How to avoid social media burnout

It's easy to get worn down when trying to evaluate all the latest trends and innovations in social media. Here are some tips for avoiding a marketer meltdown.

Why brand protection often fails in digital

Believe it or not, some of the simple things we do to protect brands in offline media are not easily implemented in the digital realm. Here's what to look for.

The role of the modern agency

An upcoming ad:tech panel will deal with the role of the modern agency. But will they discuss the serious moral issues that are becoming more relevant as agencies restructure to compete?

Why last-click methodology is doomed

Are you a direct response advertiser who seems stuck in an endless "test and refine" cycle with your media buys? Here's why you're stuck.

Why it's time for an industry overhaul

The IAB streamlined the way media buyers and sellers do business. But times have changed. Here's why we need to update our industry's Terms & Conditions.

3 ways to tell a CPG marketer is behind the curve

Consumer packaged goods marketers are coming around on digital, but many have a long way to go in their evolutions. If you're not exploring these strategies, you're at risk of falling behind.

Why every brand marketer needs a digital agency

Sean Cummings' Aug. 20 article blasting agencies was an eye-opener. But many of his arguments can be used to prove why agencies are still so important.

Why digital needs better competitive tools

As digital professionals, we must figure out how to tell marketers what their competitors are doing online and achieve acceptance of a universal model.

Pharma marketing more "social" than ever

A recent article in Ad Age deemphasized the role of social media in pharmaceutical marketing. Here's why the author is just plain wrong.

5 social media campaign killers

Social media success requires a good deal of trial and error. But there are some clear-cut paths to embarrassment that you need to avoid. Here they are.

Should agencies be ad networks?

Across the digital marketing landscape, agencies are beginning to look more like ad networks. But how far can agencies take the model before they cross ethical borders?

Why agencies' social media use doesn't matter

Here's why agencies shouldn't be picked on for not using particular social media tactics themselves, and why Ad Age has it all wrong.

Taking bias out of agency compensation

If we want to fix agency compensation, we have to pay agencies for the job we want them to do, not for something else. Here's why.

How to cut media budgets the smart way

In this challenged economy, it's tempting to slash ad budgets by a given percentage and renegotiate all your digital ad contracts. Here's why this can be dangerous.

Where do we draw the line on consumer profiling?

Is it time for marketers and data companies to consider another standard for what data can be collected on consumers? Here's how to avoid another backlash.

How to target the social influencers

In the era of social networking, do the old ways of targeting advertising result in the same level of effectiveness? Here's how to leverage social connections for better ad targeting.

Bloggers beware: Big Brother is watching

I understand the differences between commercial speech and political speech, and that undisclosed corporate shilling is a problem. But do I think the government should have dominion over online product recommendations?

Why ad network reach reports are stupid

We need to find a better way of measuring the effectiveness of ad networks. Here are three reasons why the system isn't currently working.

The trick to marketing on smartphones

If all these people adopting smartphones simply used them the same way as their computers, marketing on the iPhone would be easy. But they don't, and it's not. Here's why.

What's Twitter good for, anyway?

Is Twitter the latest narcissistic invention of the "Me" generation? Or is there more to it? Here are some reasons why Twitter is more important than marketers realize.

5 forces that are strangling conversational marketing

Here we are at the end of the first quarter of 2009, and we still don't see conversational marketing as a line item in most marketing budgets. What happened?

How to avoid risky targeting data

Lots of online ad salespeople can promise you exactly the audience you're looking to target. But what happens when you dig deeper into how they're targeting ads?

Why retrofitting DR objectives is a bad idea

When economic declines hit, advertisers often adopt a more direct response-oriented stance with their ad campaigns. It's important to know there's a right way to switch objectives midstream and a wrong way.

How can Facebook be worth $15 billion?

In light of recent news articles concerning its true worth, how can Facebook even approach the valuation put forth after an investment by Microsoft? Here's some back-of-the-napkin math.

5 insights into allocating digital dollars

The key to a long-term relationship with a marketer may depend in part on an agency's involvement and contribution to the client's budgeting process.

The curious problem with WPP's GroupM

While it's true that publishers can discern certain facts about web users based on things like surfing behavior, is it the publisher's exclusive realm to own those facts?

Why the Super Bowl still matters for marketers

Even though big-budget Super Bowl ads aren't necessarily rational in this day and age, they are still the most effective way to ensure that people will be talking about your ad campaign the day after.

"But this is perfect for the client..."

Some digital proposals that seem like lay-ups aren't. Underscore Marketing's president looks at why so many unsolicited proposals are off-strategy.

Is Nick Denton's gloomy prediction for digital justified?

Gawker's CEO is battening down the hatches for an extended recession and a big decline in digital ad revenue. Is he overreacting? Underscore Marketing's president calls Nick Denton out on his reasoning.

Why the forecasters are wrong about digital in 2009

While the pundits may be singing a similar tune when it comes to digital advertising's immediate future, here are a few points they may not have considered. 

3 reasons why digital will triumph in the downturn

Most U.S. brands will not roll back their entire marketing spend for 2009. Thus, the game becomes one of allocating dollars to channels that have a shot at delivering short-term sales.

How to craft the safest, smartest media plans

A wide variety of legal constraints can affect what your digital media plan recommends. Here's what to keep in mind when dodging regulatory hurdles.

Why marketing abhors a black box

It's not enough for marketers to know that something performs well -- they need to know why it performs well. In this regard, it's crucial that our industry not repeat its past mistakes.

Fighting our way "out of the box"

We often think of digital as fulfilling specific roles, yet new roles are emerging continuously. Underscore Marketing's president describes the institutional inertia our industry faces.

Terrestrial radio and other faltering channels

An increasing number of people are falling into media potholes, where they can't be reached via traditional media. Here's what that means for you.

An open letter to Obama/Biden

With a new administration on the way, what does the future hold for the digital business? Here are some suggestions for the new president and vice president.

Why untargeted website traffic isn't the solution

Does the ever-expanding sea of ad:tech exhibitors foretell a healthy digital marketing industry? It does, but maybe not in the way you think. Underscore Marketing's president explains.

Click fraud's corrupting influence on digital's success

Has pay-per-click put the digital advertising industry in jeopardy? Depending on how much of that traffic comes from things like botnets, it's a poor measure of success. Here's why.

The conflict of interest facing ad networks

Economic pressures, coupled with a widespread need on the part of marketers to solve the digital puzzle, will force marketers to make some interesting moves. Underscore Marketing's president looks to the future.

Protecting digital budgets during a downturn

What strategic moves will help digital preserve (or even increase) market share during a recession? Underscore Marketing's president postulates.

4 obstacles limiting growth in display

The growth of digital display is being held back. Here's what needs to happen if the industry wants to open the floodgates.

How to make the dynamic ad model work

The digital ad industry has placed a lot of effort behind innovating within the process of planning and buying. Here's what needs to be delivered with the next wave of planning and buying tools.

Will mobile pull it together?

The mobile landscape is changing rapidly. If you haven't already scheduled a meeting to talk about your brand's utility with your marketing stakeholders, do it now.

Social media's killer app

Having a presence in the social space is a time commitment. But how do you avoid social media overload, and is there a third option that streamlines the networking process?

10 complaints about ad networks

When it comes to doing business with ad networks, media planners have plenty of issues. But what about the relatively minor gripes? Underscore Marketing's president lays out a few of the "little" issues.

4 wish list items for improving digital reach

What does digital need in order to get to parity with broadcast reach and frequency metrics? Here are four areas where we come up short.

Will anonymous surfing set marketers back?

Once again, the release of a new browser heralds the arrival of anonymous, cookie-free web surfing. What can marketers do to keep their online ad campaigns from going haywire?

Can digital be a true spot medium?

Digital has great localization technology that gets better every day. But a few things need to happen in order for it to fulfill the role of a true spot medium. Here's why.

3 back-to-school basics for marketers

The back-to-school season isn't just for kids. Now is the time for marketers to get a leg up against the competition and shake off the end-of-summer blues.

Avoid social networking aggression

Running an online community means occasionally having to deal with the anti-social antics of trolls. Underscore Marketing's president lays out a plan for keeping the peace.

The game-ending threat to video-on-demand

How important is the decision to lift the injunction against Cablevision's central storage-based DVR system? Underscore Marketing's president explores the issue.

Why your BT campaign doesn't deliver

Marketers sometimes lose sight of the role BT plays in their integrated plans. Underscore Marketing's president examines why this happens and how to stay on track.

Community platforms: is simpler better?

Online communities often confuse their users by offering too many features. Here's how to develop a platform with what users really need.

3 things to consider before marketing on Facebook

Facebook users are on guard against marketing-heavy applications. Underscore Marketing's president offers some tips for launching an application that users will embrace, not reject.

Keep your brand alive: get on the map

The rising cost of travel has made location-based services like online maps more valuable to the consumer. Underscore Marketing's president examines what this might mean for your brand.

BT's critical role in life-stage marketing

Behavioral targeting can play a special role for products and services where need is dictated by life stage. Here's how you might carve out a role for BT in your organization.

Ad campaigns that could have done better

Could classic ad campaigns have benefitted from social media? Underscore Marketing's president looks at how things might have been in advertising's heyday.

Has the ad network shakeout begun?

With ad networks falling out of favor with content sites, has the end finally arrived? Underscore Marketing's president reads the tea leaves.

What it takes for an ad to go viral

Getting an ad to go viral is no easy feat. Here are some pointers on what it takes to get your ad picked up by the masses.

Don't shout louder, aim better

Underscore Marketing's president explains how targeting smarter and engaging consumers not only will get brands noticed but also can save them money.

Getting to influencers the behavioral way

You have a product launch coming up and success or failure depends on how far your limited ad budget can spread the word. Here's a new way to evaluate your media spend.

Measuring engagement is not the same for all

When it comes to defining certain online measures, we need a consensus. But when it comes to defining engagement, one size does not fit all.

Finding the ad opportunities in mobile

Success in mobile social networking will come for online marketers when they learn to make investments in the user's flow experience.

How to spot a BT faker

Who is delivering the behavioral targeting goods and who is just paying lip service? Underscore Marketing's president shows you how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Is it time to reconsider first-party cookies?

Consolidation in the industry and the increased importance of quality audience data is again raising privacy issues. Can first-party cookies help keep data private?

3 factors that limit ad networks

Recent news stories have begged the question: Just how many ad networks should there be? Underscore Marketing's president explores the limits inherent in ad networks.

The dirty little ad network secret that isn't

Are sweepstakes enthusiasts and low-income tire kickers the only people clicking on ad network banners these days? Underscore Marketing's president explores this idea.

How to monetize social media

Underscore Marketing's president thinks social media aggregators may have the answer to the platform's scale and relevance issues. See why.

Know how your ads are targeted

As a media buyer, you really have to dive into the weeds to find out how ads are being targeted. But understanding BT methodology pays handsome dividends.

Will interactive survive a recession?

There have been recent predictions concerning advertising's future if a recession hits. Underscore Marketing's president offers some predictions of his own.

The winning side of mobile

Mobile must be woven into multiple media touchpoints in order to succeed as an ad platform. AdMob weighs in.

Does engagement need a common definition?

Is it really necessary for all marketers to settle on a common definition of engagement? Here's a breakdown of the issue.

Can AOL get out of its own way?

With constant, disruptive change as the mantra of AOL's advertising sales organization, will AOL ever achieve its full potential?

Can the internet stay neutral?

We've become quite accustomed to the neutral internet. Telecoms and ISPs, however, could threaten to upset that apple cart. Here's the threat to digital marketers.

How to fix ad exchange challenges

The investment community makes a lot of fuss over ad exchanges, yet agency buyer reaction to them has been lukewarm at best. Here are some of the top problems exchanges need to address.

How to kill the widget ecosystem

Will widget marketing be a sustainable tactic, or will it become less useful? Underscore Marketing's president examines the paths widget marketing can take as it comes to a crossroads.

The badly needed overhaul for Terms & Conditions

One of digital media buying's core standards needs significant updating. Underscore Marketing's president discusses issues with the IAB/AAAA Terms & Conditions.

5 insights into the Microsoft/Yahoo bid

Speculation about Microsoft's hostile bid for Yahoo is running rampant all over the news media and the blogosphere. Underscore Marketing's president tries to make sense of it all.

Can targeted online video replace TV?

With TV advertisers facing challenging economic times, Underscore Marketing's president offers an online alternative.

Winning substitutes for Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl might be one of the last remaining shared media moments in broadcast, but it shouldn't command such premium pricing. Underscore Marketing's president explores online alternatives.

Time to give up on demographics

Demographic targeting represents an antiquated and inadequate method for targeting media. It's time we moved on. The president of Underscore Marketing explains why.

ESPN and the dreaded GMOOT syndrome

There's an upswing in mobile content consumption, but does this increase in consumption necessarily translate into advertising opportunities? Underscore Marketing's president casts a suspicious eye.

The fine art of the brainstorm meeting

Why can't a room filled with specialist marketers from different disciplines ever produce a great integrated idea? Underscore Marketing's president relates some wisdom.

How to avoid landmines on integrated campaigns

Working with integrated sales groups sounds easy in principle, but all sorts of issues rear their ugly heads when buyers work with sellers in a cross-media capacity.

Stay in control of the media mix

Immediacy of market feedback is a big selling point for digital media. But how long will it be before interactive-based research can deliver actionable feedback on integrated campaigns?

3 insights into direct response

Asking the right questions about your online direct marketing campaign can help manage risk, but not all questions can be answered without thorough testing.

Keys to differentiating ad networks

What can an ad network do to make itself stand out in a sea of undifferentiated companies? Underscore Marketing's president has some ideas.

Will Google's OpenSocial matter?

Underscore Marketing's president questions the platform's significance, and wonders about social networking's future course.

Did Microsoft miscalculate Facebook?

Microsoft may have won the battle for Facebook, but it may not realize what that win means for the online marketing business.

Low-cost options for social media branding

Looking for a cheap (free) way to dip your toe in the social media waters? Underscore Marketing's president shares some pointers.

Don't give subscribers a reason to bail

Assuming too much about your relationship with your newsletter subscribers can get you into trouble. Underscore Marketing's president explains how to sidestep problems.

Why convergence is doomed

Why can't anyone bring television and the internet together in a meaningful way? Underscore Marketing's president gets to the heart of the issue.

5 integration landmines to avoid

So many things tend to fall through the cracks when more than one agency is involved in a project. Here's how to avoid getting stuck at a disadvantage.

Widgets, flow & better advertising

If you don't understand what widget marketing can do for your business, drop what you're doing and take five minutes to read this. Underscore Marketing's president explains.

What was Yahoo! thinking?

M&A fever has infected the online advertising industry once again, but do the latest acquisitions make sense? Underscore Marketing's president sheds some light on the situation.

Purchase behavior: the new behavioral thumbprint

The keying of external purchase data profiles has opened up new options for evaluating online advertising. What does this mean for your brand? 

5 brand blunders to avoid

The online experience is an important extension of a brand's cornerstone values. But some brands are still not projecting the image they need to.

Putting local to the test

How local is local? There are big differences between DMA heavy-ups for national or regional advertisers and campaigns for local retailers. Here's why.

Why online engagement beats TV

Everywhere media professionals turn, research companies are publishing studies overstating American consumption of offline media. How long will this continue?

Don't let pre-roll costs shut you out

Demand for pre-roll video is boosting the cost. Fear not. Underscore Marketing's president has a solution for video-hungry advertisers.

How M&As tipped the scale in your favor

Underscore Marketing's president explains how recent M&As are delivering on promises made to media buyers during the first dotcom boom.

The True Value of Media Buying Currency

Delivery of basic online campaigns can be evaluated against simple demographic audiences, but we're a long way off from an audience-based currency in online media.

Media and Creative Teams: Can't We All Just Get Along?

Developing creative in a vacuum is never easy, but here are some tips on making the process friction-free.

5 Media Planning "Anti-Laws"

Underscore Marketing's president flips many of the tested axioms of media planning upside down.

Don't Target Your Customers into Oblivion

Overtargeting isn't just a scale problem, it's a complex issue that owes its existence to a number of industry challenges.

What Keeps a Media Planner Up At Night?

Sleepless nights are part of any media planner's regimen during planning cycles, but what about the stuff that keeps us up the rest of the time?

Keep Industry Standards Intact: Why It Matters

Without certain standards, online advertising would return to its Wild West roots. Underscore Marketing's president explains the danger.

Targeting or Segmentation. Get the Difference?

With so many advertisers stuck in Behavioral Marketing 101, Underscore Marketing's president explains how to take advantage of BT's strengths.

Will Advertising Become a Commodity?

Is the expert advice of advertising agencies as irreplaceable as they believe? Underscore Marketing's president explores a dark potential future for the ad business.

Focusing Your Ad Business

Doug Weaver asks organizations to decide whether they're transactional players or "marketecture" organizations. But is it really that clear-cut?

What to Do When Customers Attack

UnderScore Marketing's president explains how to listen to your users' comments and bring them to bear on your business.

Chaos or Order: Google's Next Move

Recent mergers and acquisitions in the media buying industry over the past month have the potential to shake the very ground on which we stand.

Why BT is a Bargain

With the industry’s insistence on measuring media delivery via reach, frequency and GRPs against demographic targets, behavioral targeting can get overlooked. Underscore Marketing’s president explains why it shouldn't.

Wireless Media Planning: On-Deck vs. Off

Straying from "the deck" can keep your mobile marketing campaign from realizing its full potential. But will it always be this way? Underscore Marketing's president thinks not and explains why.

Google/DoubleClick, You Must Be Kidding

Has the Google/DoubleClick acquisition left you with a flurry of questions? Here are some important issues and variables to consider.

Ad Exchanges… Is Now the Time?

Underscore Marketing's president shows how bid-driven exchanges for online inventory are more relevant today than they've ever been.

Desktop Apps in a Snap

Underscore Marketing's president outlines the do's and don'ts of establishing brand presence through desktop apps.

The Secret to Online Media Consumption

One thing that causes interactive stumbles is a failure to understand how online and offline media consumption differ. Underscore Marketing's president helps you keep your footing.

Brand Better with Mobile Utility

Underscore Marketing's president shows how to get your email message across without brand backlash.

Web Analytics Pitfalls to Avoid

Web analytics tools can focus your web strategies in many useful ways, but they can also lead marketers down the wrong path.

The Death of the Page View

Learn the techniques replacing this standard measurement tool, and how they can improve your analytics.

Escaping the RFP Straightjacket

How do we keep the systems we've adopted for managing campaign proposals from stifling media innovation? Underscore Marketing's president offers some solutions.

Is Second Life Right for Your Brand?

You've heard about the new virtual realities, and you're thinking about creating a presence there, but should you? Underscore Marketing's president shares the six questions you need to ask before plunging into Second Life.

Social Media Winners & Losers

Underscore Marketing's president shares five tips for getting the most from social media.

Online Agency Dollars Making Sense

Agency compensation on the interactive media side hasn't conformed well to traditional models. Underscore Marketing's president explains why, and explores the notion of getting paid for strategic thinking rather than for execution.

Widgets: The Future of Online Marketing?

With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft will bring widgets to the masses. Don't know what a widget is? Underscore Marketing's president explains what they are and the opportunities for your brand.

Don't Get Sidelined at the Big Game

Don't have $2.6 million for a Super Bowl spot? That doesn't mean you need to sit on the sidelines. Underscore Marketing's president shows you how to capitalize on the Big Game without shelling out the big bucks.

Become an Ad-Serving Power User

Ad management companies complain that media planners don't take the time to learn how new technologies can save time and money. Underscore Marketing's president explains.

What Smart Buyers Want from Ad Networks

Underscore Marketing's president offers insight into the mind of buyers and what they look for when considering adding networks to their buys.

Mobile Segmentation Gets Simpler

For the mobile market, advertisers have to employ special optimization techniques to make their ads mobile-friendly. Underscore Marketing's president looks at the mobile future with an eye toward process.

Retargeting: There's More Than 1 Tactic

Technology is making it easier to bucket your site's users and market to them more effectively. Underscore Marketing's president shows you the nuts and bolts.

Setting Interactive's Budget Share

Many major brands are still struggling to determine interactive's share of their overall media budget. Underscore Marketing's president shares some methods for getting down to brass tacks.

Paying for Blog Juice Could Be Illegal

The FTC's recent staff opinion might cast the legality of paid blogging programs in the U.S. in a questionable light. Underscore Marketing's president discusses what this opinion means for marketers.

Quick & Painless Targeting Tips

Use these tips to get results without wasting too much time defining behavioral segments.

Squeeze More from Holiday Campaigns

It's NOT too late to tweak your media and search campaigns to get the most out of the last shopping days before the winter holidays. Underscore Marketing's president has some tips to boost your marketing ROI.

Brand Value of Ad Networks on the Rise

Underscore Marketing's president explains how to structure an ad network deal to get the most reach for your campaign.

Integrating Your Marketing Conversations

Underscore Marketing's president shares three tips for integrating your online brand conversations with the rest of your marketing programs.

3 Big Brands Reinvent Themselves with Blogs

Take a look at brands that are engaging consumers with direct dialogue, and what you need to know for a successful blogging program.

Using BT to Dodge the Undesirable

If 20 percent of your customers drag down your company's profitability, can you use behavioral targeting to avoid showing these people your ads? Underscore Marketing's president has the story.

Using BT to Dodge the Undesirable

If 20 percent of your customers drag down your company's profitability, can you use behavioral targeting to avoid showing these people your ads? Underscore Marketing's president has the story.

Can Blog Influence Be Bought?

Underscore Marketing's president takes on the PayPerPost brouhaha, and explains why the company is bad for all blogging.

Negative Feedback is an Opportunity

Real conversations can get negative, and so can conversational marketing. Underscore's president tells us about what AccuQuote did when it happened to them.

Look at B2B for Social Media Success

Want to know what an effective engagement with Conversational Marketing looks like? Underscore Marketing's president points to B2B.

What Conversational Marketing is NOT

Conversational marketing and word-of-mouth marketing are different; if you think they're the same, then you suffer under broadcast thinking's corrupting influence. Underscore Marketing's president explains.

Wal-Mart: Blazing the Trail to Distrust

The retail giant has received several black eyes for how it has disingenuously engaged with social media. So what SHOULD Wal-Mart do? Underscore Marketing's president has sound advice.

How to Pick an Ad Server

Don't know where to start when you've decided it's time to look for a new ad management solution? Underscore's president shows you the way.

Listening to the Pulse of the Internet

You know there's a conversation about your brand happening out there online, but you don't know where to go to listen. Underscore's president shows you the way.

10 Online Marketing Blunders to Avoid

Are you guilty of these common mistakes that may be killing your ROI? Find out in this must-read column.

Geotargeting Tips

Underscore Marketing's president talks about the difference between declared and observed data, and how that can affect your geotargeting.

Ad Serving Comes of Age

If you think trafficking 10 creative executions to 20 different sites is difficult today, you should have tried it in 1995, before the advent of commercial ad serving.

Spotlight: Paid Music Advances Despite Setbacks

Despite piracy issues, music online continues to gain popularity. Value and business smarts will triumph over scare tactics in the continuing saga of downloadable tunes.

The Latest in Research Tools & Findings

Today there is enough research completed demonstrating the value of online advertising to re-sod a football field. Here’s a look at what’s available and what’s to come.

The Net Scores for the Sports Category

Where there is fanatical devotion, there is an opportunity for passionate two-way communication. And where there is an opportunity for that, there is a role for the Internet.

Shift Acquisition Efforts to Retention

For many products and services, it’s cheaper and more fruitful to mine an existing customer base for incremental sales than it is to spend money finding new customers.

Internet: A Sour Note for the Music Biz?

Although most of the entertainment industry has embraced the Internet, the music category has struggled to adapt its current business model to take advantage of the Net.

The Future of Online Research

The Internet has become an important research tool for marketers because it can quickly accumulate an audience of significant size and aggregate the data literally over night.

Marketers Integrate Wireless w/Web

Although it offers great potential, wireless marketing is still in an infancy stage with early adopters mainly using it right now to compliment other digital efforts.

The Publishers’ Tug of War

With innovative ad technologies being criticized for enabling intrusiveness, how do publishers provide a pleasant user experience while accommodating their advertisers?

Entertainment Advertising Moves the Needle

Entertainment is big business for which advertising its products is essential. And the Internet is becoming an increasingly essential medium by which to do so.

The State of DR E-Mail

There’s no doubt e-mail is a cheap, effective marketing tool. But can it be salvaged from the spammers and rerouted past blocking software for continued success?

C&T: 21st Century Packaged Goods

Reaching the computer & technology audience means using a combination of traditional and interactive messages that fit the consumer’s lifestyle and purchasing process.

Web Helps CPG Co. Lift Brand Awareness

Bristol-Myers Squibb used an integrated campaign that included banner ads, e-mails and an online sweepstakes to help launch a new prescription product for women.

Fashion Marketing Requires Latest Trends

Innovative technologies are making it possible to communicate product attributes online, as well as enabling effective marketing strategies.

B2B Marketers Have an Audience Online

B2B advertisers have been slow to move to Internet advertising. But the Web's narrowcasting ability holds potential for these marketers.

AT&T Broadband Promotes Bundled Services

The company redesigned its site to expedite ordering, and promoted the site with special offers and with e-mail marketing. The efforts have increased sales and reduced costs.

How Qwest Reached its Audience

Telecommunications companies have various channels through which to connect with their consumers. In this Q & A, we look at how DDBQ helped Qwest utilized these multiple channels to market its products to its customers.

Wireless Offers New Marketing Options

With the availability of third-generation wireless services, telecommunications companies now have the opportunity market their services to consumers in a new way, focusing on applications, connectivity and functionality, instead of trying to sell the most amount of minutes for the least amount of dollars.

Universal Taps Web for ‘Spy Game’ Awareness

A movie’s success depends on the ability to drive awareness and interest around it’s release. To help pump excitement for “Spy Game,” Universal Studios launched an online campaign utilizing a mix of online marketing techniques.

Entertaining the Internet

Web savvy consumers demand engaging, entertaining content from advertisers. Entertainment content is so crucial to the success of a web site and can help advertisers dazzle their audience.

RadioShack Reaches Kids W/Partnership

A sweepstakes promotion built around the Jimmy Neutron character generated site traffic and time spent with brand – not to mention sales.

BMW Films: The Ultimate Marketing Scheme

In 2000, sans the release of a new vehicle, BMW did some pure branding by developing BMW Films – online-only shorts supported by other media. The efforts saw stellar results.


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