Joseph Bruemmer

Joseph Bruemmer

Managing Partner, PB Communications LLC

As a managing partner in PB Communications LLC, Joseph M. Bruemmer has experience in enterprise SEO, market analysis, business development, semantic web optimization, local search optimization and inside/outside sales. He is a member of Semantic Web San Diego.

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A hard and fast guide to going mobile

If you're an online retailer and not already selling in the mobile marketplace, you are falling grievously behind your competition. Here's how to catch up fast.

How the Google Knowledge Graph will affect search

The Knowledge Graph is a new search technology designed to help users find information quickly and easily. Here's how it could change the game for digital marketers and publishers.

Why consumers can't find you online

A recent study found that 61 percent of consumers searching for business information believe local search provides the most relevant results. Here's why your company needs a strong presence on local sites.


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