Michael Leis
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Michael Leis

Digital, Social Content Brand Strategy Consultant

Michael is a strategist and writer that helps companies connect with their audiences and build effective communication systems. Most recently, it’s included the integrated Web, social, and mobile presences of brands like Sharpie, Taco Bell, KFC, Discover Financial, Cox Communications, and Sony Stores, among others. Michael has been applying his t... more

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5 brands that need a mobile app

Increasingly, people are interacting with brands over multiple digital channels. Here are a few brands that, armed with the right app, could be unbeatable.

How to build apps cheaper and faster

Is your brand taking advantage of existing tools to get a widget off the ground quickly? Our expert takes a look at companies that can accelerate your app development by making the most of what you already have.

5 commonly forgotten widget factors

A hastily assembled widget won't deliver significant results in a crowded market. Consider these commonly overlooked aspects when developing your next app.

4 brands that need a widget

By not looking beyond the browser, these companies are missing out on significant opportunities to connect with consumers. Could your brand benefit by exploring the strategies outlined here?

iPhone marketing opps your brand is missing

Find out how brands are leveraging unique iPhone technology for maximum impact and where the opportunities are for brand marketers who want to get into the passionate hands of iPhone users.

Get maximum brand lift from widgets

Here's a look at a few ways your brand can take advantage of the users you're currently not talking to.

Lessons in building a better widget

By giving an audience widgets that provide a service and make their lives more interesting or convenient your brand will be on its way to far more free real estate than you ever expected.

The art of widgetry: a primer

Widgets are all the craze, but the challenge is how to build channels that will enhance brand equity and the interactive utility you provide your audience.

Make Flash work harder for your brand

Publishing Dynamics' VP of strategic services shows you how to get the most mileage from the Flash banners you are publishing now.

The metrics of innovation

Promoting a BDA on your site not only shows your audience that the brand is developing new conveniences for them, it also appeals to early adopters.

Gizmos that up the interactive ante

The key to the iPhone's usability lies in its ability to create visual and isolated widgets. Publishing Dynamics' VP of strategic services explores the marketing value of this powerful combination.

What happens in Vegas stays on the desktop

The hospitality widget has come of age and is just what users need to keep their naughty secrets to themselves.

Give Your Brand the iPhone Halo

The iPhone is a perfect opportunity for brands to capitalize on the PR onslaught and open their doors to this affluent audience.

Burger Wars: Hold the Websites, Extra Desktops

The opportunity to use the desktop as a consumer utility has so far eluded the top three burger brands: McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's.

4 Brands That Should Ditch Their Websites

It's time for big brands to abandon the browser and seek greener marketing pastures.

Give Boomers What They Want

Design BDAs for specific functions outside of the web convention to reach task-based boomers.

Where Do Brand, Dealer and Education Meet?

Publishing Dynamics' VP explains how branded desktop applications create a one-stop center for a comprehensive automotive shopping experience.

Find Your Killer App

One of the biggest roadblocks to developing the killer app is deciding which added features to pick. Here are four options that will help you find the way.

Put Luxury in Desktop Accessibility

Niche automotive markets respond to different online styles. Publishing Dynamics' VP outlines a strategy to connect with consumers' varied interests on their terms.

5 Big Brands Ruling Desktops

VW, Coke and others are extending engagement and registering sales via desktop apps. Find out how.

Marketing from the Dealership to the Desktop

Publishing Dynamics' VP explores the value of branded desktop applications for conveniently communicating the competitive benefits of an automotive business-- and for eliminating the influence of your competition while doing so.

BDAs: The Renewable Marketing Pipeline

Publishing Dynamics' VP demonstrates how branded desktop applications can turn entertainment marketing budgets into vehicles that both engage users and provide rich metrics.


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