Ted Rooke

Ted Rooke

Vice President of Media Services, Response Mine Interactive

Ted Rooke is vice president of media services for Response Mine Interactive (RMI) and is charged with the expansion of the firm’s media expertise across the digital services division. Prior to RMI, Terence executed marketing initiatives for some of the world’s most iconic brands including The Home Depot, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, Pfizer Phar... more

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How to take the plunge with media attribution

Defining attribution goals can help marketers discern where to place their digital dollars. Use these three steps to optimize media allocation and improve overall performance.

Do consumers really mistrust big data?

As marketers, we often utilize big data to define and reach desirable audiences -- despite the fact that consumer privacy issues have rendered it controversial. Here's how people really feel about data collection.

Are gross rating points really the answer for digital?

GRPs measure the depth of message penetration, but are they really the right metric for today's online campaigns? Here's why shifting to GRPs could be a step in the wrong direction.

How to choose the right attribution model

Attribution models help determine the relative value of each digital channel in delivering conversions. Here's how to assess which model is right for you.


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