Justin P. Williams

Justin P. Williams

Senior Marketing Strategist, StrongView

As one of StrongView's in-house marketing strategists, Justin Williams helps email marketers develop and implement strategic lifecycle marketing campaigns that are continually optimized to increase engagement and revenue. For the past five years, Justin has applied  his expertise in email marketing, social media, web design and other interactive ma... more

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Alternatives to drowning in "big data"

Your email campaigns likely don't need insanely complex statistical analyses to become more successful. Here are simple alternatives to "big data" approaches.

4 ways to waste fewer impressions

There's no excuse for throwing away money on campaigns with no explicit next step. Here's how to tie your efforts more closely to your results.

How to turn social followers into email subscribers

Social engages. Email nurtures and converts. Here's how to feed one into the other seamlessly.

The best way to capture email subscribers with SMS

How can you encourage email subscriptions among consumers while they're away from their computers? Consider this simple approach.

The limitations of your current email tests

For your next email test, throw all the rules out the window and try something dramatically different. Here's why this approach is worth the risk.

Email cadence: How much is too much?

If you send more email, you might make more money. Then again, you might destroy your reputation and revenue stream. Here's how to know what email pace is right for your customers.


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