Michelle Salater

Michelle Salater

CEO, Sumèr, LLC

Michelle Salater is the CEO of Sumèr, a full-service copywriting firm for overwhelmed businesses that need big-picture strategy, want it executed now, and desire to grow fast. Michelle is an award-winning writer and content expert featured inEntrepreneur Magazine, MyBusiness Magazine, M.O. Online, and Entreprenista, among others.  She also connects... more

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5 ways you are inhibiting your own message

It's never been easier to connect with your target market online, but don't take clear communication for granted. Here's how you're getting in the way of your own message.

How to keep your online marketing alive

Too often, businesses become so focused on building lists and increasing CTRs that they forget to develop the personalities of their brands. Here's how to ensure you don't bore your audience to death.


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