Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Mobile Marketing Analyst, Trademob

Joe, American born, now makes his residence in Berlin, Germany where he does PR within the capital city's burgeoning tech scene. He currently heads up content for Trademob, Europe's leading expert in mobile app marketing. In addition to Germany, he has experience in the US, Canada, UK and Italy that spans the professional world and academia. Armed ... more

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The new opportunity in cross-platform advertising

The growing trend of cocooning is changing how brands interact with consumers. Here's how to engage the customers who choose to stay home.

Why mobile is crucial for the holiday season

According to eMarketer, 25 percent of e-commerce sales will happen during the holiday season. Here's why mobile is the most critical channel this year.

4 ways brands can leverage video-sharing apps

Video-sharing apps like Viddy and Socialcam blend social and video to create thoroughly engaging consumer experiences. Here's how to make sure your brand doesn't miss out.

4 metrics that really gauge video success

When it comes to video, applying the appropriate metrics is the best way to ensure the highest ROI possible. Here are the ways you should be measuring your campaign.


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