Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen

Chairman, Netmining

As President of Netmining, Chris Hansen oversees the entire business from the overall vision and strategic direction to product development. Previously, Chris held a variety of roles across Innovation Interactive, which led to a unique perspective on the entire digital space. In particular, he led the Performance Marketing Group that spearheaded in... more

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Is viewability already old news?

It's time for marketers to move away from viewability and embrace metrics based on engagement. Learn more about these KPIs.

Why we should take the pressure off mobile

With all the hype surrounding the mythic "year of mobile," the industry needs to slow its roll. Here's why marketers need to sit back, relax, and look forward to mobile's future.

What happens when cross-platform digital goes wrong

Cross-platform marketing and media is the only way to target, reach, and engage your consumer in any ongoing and scalable way. Make sure you don't make these mistakes.


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