Gerhard Jacobs

Gerhard Jacobs

Marketing Copywriter & Journalist, GraphicMail

My first love is writing and communicaton in all its forms...besides this I also have a degree of affection for food, politics, talking loudly and staring at plants. I currently work as Digital Copywriter & Journalist for GraphicMail, a digital marketing company. I have also worked as media project manager and copy editor for a UK-based NGO call... more

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Why your brand should be more demanding

Some brands just aren't in a position to demand action from customers. But if you've got the power, don't be afraid to use it. Here's how to ask more of your followers.

How social media influences email behavior

Social media is now a cardinal driving force behind engagement, and it's changed our perception of how information should be presented and shared. Email marketers, take heed.


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