Denise Zimmerman
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Denise Zimmerman

President & Chief Strategy Officer, Netplus

Denise is President and Chief Strategy Officer at Netplus, a top 25 iMedia Agency (2011). She and the broader team at Netplus, consistently delight and amaze clients with a partnership approach that delivers jaw dropping results and measurable business outcomes. From digital shopper marketing, social gaming, content marketing, websites. community m... more

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Why focusing on mobile is stupid

Mobile is everywhere, but it shouldn't be the core driver of how marketers approach their planning. See why framing everything around mobile doesn't make sense.

The 3 pillars of stellar agency advisors

One survival strategy for agencies is to transition more into strategic and trusted advisor roles. If you're looking to go this route, make sure you've got the basics down.

Can you guess the first native ad?

Native advertising is the hot trend, but it's anything but new. What was the first form of this popular sponsorship? The answer might surprise you.

Focus on buzzwords or basics?

Finding your voice in the content space requires you to pick topics carefully. Should you hop on trends or concentrate on your brand? Read on for an expert answer.

How to prevent the failure of marketing's future

The gap between our industry's needs and available talent is significant. Find out the steps we should all take to prepare the next generation of our leadership.

The top 3 marketing challenges facing brands today

The role of the brand manager has significantly changed. Let's take a look at the top barriers to success that they face in an increasingly digital world.

The most important shopper marketing trends to watch

The next big marketing revolution is going to occur in stores, not online. Is your brand positioned to capitalize on the latest retail opportunities?

Stupid questions you shouldn't ask in an interview

If you believe there are no stupid questions, then you haven't sat through enough job interviews. Here are the ones that constantly sink candidates.

How to write a killer RFP

The request for proposal process is antiquated and broken, but it is not unfixable. Follow these tips to formulate goals and improve the RFP experience.

Does your agency stink or is it you?

It's really easy to blame the agency -- or the client. It's a lot harder to be honest with the issues and figure it out. Here are some insights to help brands and agencies work better together.

Why you shouldn't hire a social media manager

Before you start filling positions in this fast-growing field, consider whether such hires will truly move you toward your goals. Here are the reasons you might not want to post that job listing.

How emerging tech can hurt you

With so much new technology arriving every day, it can be a tough task to weed out the winners and losers. While some tech might be fun to play with, it may not work as promised and may even hurt your brand or business. Here's what to watch for.

10 silly questions clients love to ask

There's a good deal of ignorance out there with regard to our industry. Consider these uniformed client questions and learn how to formulate savvy answers.

Social media trends to watch for 2011

We can now share, socialize, and even monetize our conversations, but will 2011 hold any big changes for social media marketing? Let's look at some trends that will likely come into play.

4 ways "shiny new toys" can be profitable

Playing with our new toys can lead to inspired marketing ideas that translate into meaningful business success. See how.

7 things social media can't do

Understanding social media's limitations is perhaps more important than knowing its capabilities. Here are the situations in which social media reliance will fail you.

Will Twitter prevail where others failed?

While it's important to consider Twitter's current benefits, it is also relevant to think about its likely trajectories. As web history shows us, not all glittering online media trends can be turned into marketing gold.

How to use Twitter to mitigate a crisis

Twitter is a great place to connect with your customers, as well as an effective channel for responding to a marketing crisis. Here's how some brands handled a few sticky situations -- in 140 characters or less.

4 signs you're a social media failure

Check out these snafus made by Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Royal Caribbean, Skittles, and others, and see how similar situations could be turned into successes for your brand.

How to be a Twitter all-star

On Twitter, what really matters is how you play the game. It's still early in the first inning, and if you haven't already, now is the time to get off the bench. Here's how.

Get in on the social shopping craze

The social element of shopping is manifesting in many ways online, providing marketers with opportunities -- and challenges. NetPlus Marketing's president describes the environment.

The 2007 Direct Marketing Forecast

NetPlus Marketing's co-founder anticipates that direct and brand marketing will begin to merge, with direct marketers focusing on integration and relevancy.

Top Secret BT Tips for Retailers

Behavioral targeting offers retailers great potential, but NetPlus Marketing's president and CSO says they must rethink how they calculate ROI.

4 Email Marketing Tips

B2B marketers are increasingly turning to email. NetPlus Marketing's chief strategy officer explains how they can apply B2C techniques for success.

Use Email to Retain Customers

NetPlus Marketing's chief strategy officer gives advice on how to fulfill the promise of email marketing.

A Quick Guide to Integrated Marketing

What you need to know (and what you need to avoid) to get the most out of your marketing campaign across channels.

Getting in with the CMO

NetPlus Marketing's president lists 13 steps to furthering your interactive marketing agenda.

How Behavioral Targeting Fuels DR

NetPlus Marketing's president and chief strategy officer discusses the key elements for leveraging behavioral targeting to increase customer understanding and response.

In Direct Search of a Black Skirt

The NetPlus chief strategy officer talks about how search plays a crucial role in direct sales, what to watch for in 2006 and more.

Technology: DM Friend or Foe?

The NetPlus chief strategy officer offers 15 questions to ask when you're evaluating a new technology to advance your business.

The DM and Branding Terminology Blues

In a new column, NetPlus Chief Strategy Officer Denise Zimmerman argues that the differences between branding and direct are less real than we think.


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