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Michael Estrin is freelance writer. He contributes regularly to iMedia, Bankrate.com, and California Lawyer Magazine. But you can also find his byline across the Web (and sometimes in print) at Digiday, Fast Company, Nerve.com, and on MSN and Yahoo, to name a few. He's also written copy for a few brands you've probably heard of.  In the past, Mich... more

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The 5 strangest Star Wars marketing partnerships

With seemingly every brand on Earth clamoring to associate itself with "The Force Awakens," there were more than a few odd partnerships that caught our attention. Take a look.

7 epic marketing fails of 2015

Throughout the year we focus on the brands that have been nice. But with 2015 coming to a close, it's time to put a spotlight on some naughty marketing.

The best fast food brands on Twitter

It may seem strange to a lot of us, but millions of people follow fast food chains on Twitter. Find out which brands are cooking with fire.

4 marketing lessons from Apple

Love Apple or hate it, it's impossible to deny the company's marketing prowess. Here's what Apple can teach the rest of us about capturing consumer attention.

6 marketing lessons from Amazon

You shop at Amazon. Your brand probably sells on Amazon. But if you want to learn something about marketing, Amazon also has plenty of lessons for you.

The 5 best brand comebacks

Everyone loves a comeback. Discover which brands overcame past troubles and returned for another act.

Brands that need to learn the difference between sexy and sexist

Sex certainly sells, but unfortunately, so does sexism. Find out which brands are conflating the two.

6 brands that are doing #TBT right

Any brand can take advantage of Throwback Thursday. Despite the trend's universal appeal, though, surprisingly few brands make the most of it. Thankfully, each week presents an opportunity to remedy that.

This year's 6 best summer blockbuster campaigns

If you want to know which summer flicks are successful, check the box office. If you want to know which films are good, go see them. And if you want to know which campaigns cut through the noise of blockbuster season, read on.

10 brands that market to stoners

Are advertisers warming up to marijuana? For some brands, it certainly looks that way. Find out which brands are 420-friendly.

6 reasons your agency's website sucks

A great website might not win your agency any clients, but a lousy one may very well hurt your business. Find out which common mistakes plague agency sites.

The 6 best video game marketing campaigns

Today's video game industry is a behemoth with millions of customers and billions in revenue. But the more popular video games become, the fiercer the competition to launch individual titles. Find out which video game campaigns scored big.

Brands that listened

When it comes to the art of conversation, a lot of brands talk a big game. However, many of the biggest gains are made when a company actually listens to its customers. Take a look at who's done it right.

10 epic marketing fails of 2014

It's hard to say no to a little Schadenfreude. Which is why we dare you not to click on this year's epic marketing fails. Seriously. We double dare you.

Dumb marketing terms you need to know (and forget)

Jargon comes with the industry territory, but lately it's gotten out of control. Find out which terms need to go.

7 topics marketers are afraid to discuss

No topic is truly taboo in marketing, but many important topics get short shrift in industry circles. Find out which subjects we all need to talk about more.

6 native ad campaigns that felt foreign

Native ads have become a staple of today's advertising environment. However, it's too easy for brands and publishers to stray into dangerous foreign territory. See which native campaigns crossed the line.

13 seminal moments in marketing history

From the telegraph to the content farm, history can teach us a lot about the present and future of marketing. Find out which moments changed the industry forever.

11 facts that will make you love these brands

Truth is certainly stranger than fiction, but it's also stronger than an advertisement. Here are the brands that have real facts on their side.

11 facts that will make you love these brands (page 5 of 12)

7 emotions connecting brands and consumers

If you aren't in touch with customer feelings, you're missing an important opportunity. Here are the brands striking that emotional chord.

The biggest moves in native advertising

Need to get up to speed on native? Here are the most important players and trends shaping the space.

Blogs every marketer should follow

There's no shortage of great voices coming out of the marketing industry. Here are the essential blogs you should be reading and why.

3 wrong answers to why no one saw your ad

Serious questions are being raised about whether ads are really reaching their target audiences. Here's why the most common explanations are the least helpful.

10 essential qualities of a successful marketer

Do you have what it takes to be a strong digital marketer? Industry experts share the necessary traits to take your career to the next level.

8 ways brands screw up when asking for customer feedback

If brands aren't considering the best ways to converse with customers, they are missing out on priceless insights. Here's how to begin.

6 concrete ways brands are using big data

You know about the importance of big data. But what does it look like when marketers put it into action? Find out how these brands made a big splash with big data.

10 huge marketing wins on Instagram

After some initial resistance from users, Instagram has become a powerful platform for brands. Check out the early winners and how to get in the game.

How marketers are wasting their budgets

Your budget isn't unlimited, so don't throw away valuable marketing dollars. Here are seven spending mistakes you're making and how to correct them.

8 simple rules for success with mobile content

The mobile revolution is well underway. But is your brand doing mobile the right way? Find out from the experts in the field.

6 signs your agency is dying

Keeping an agency prosperous isn't as easy as it once was. These warning signs indicate that you might need to alter course.

Google's most useful tools for marketers

iMedia's Best 2014 Content: Google isn't just a search giant. With a seemingly endless supply of digital products and tools, it's also a goldmine for marketers. Find out which Google tools marketers consider essential.

6 brands that failed as publishers

In the last few years, virtually every brand has taken on a publisher's mindset. But thinking like a publisher and winning as a publisher are two different things. Just ask these brands.

How to measure content marketing success

Content marketing is all the rage. But are your metrics set up to measure success? Or is your brand just fooling itself?

The top 10 holiday ad fails of 2013

While most brands bring their A-game for the holiday season, there are always a few duds. And this past holiday season was no exception.

10 epic marketing fails of 2013

The marketers behind these ads still have their palms to their faces. Here are the brands that catastrophically failed this year.

Terrible marketing decisions that led to layoffs

If you think you've made some bad calls in the past, check out these awful marketing decisions that caused serious staff cutbacks at AOL, Nokia, P&G, Hostess, and Netflix.

The most outrageous marketing rumors

Pssssst. Have you heard? We're doing a roundup of our favorite industry gossip, misunderstandings, and downright lies.

5 ways brands win (or lose) with real-time marketing

Trying to create powerful connections with consumers in real-time can be a dangerous game. Here's how some brands are turning big risks into bigger rewards.

6 rising marketing stars that burnt out

Marketers hear about "the next big thing" every week. But most bright and shiny objects end up fizzling. Let's look at a few examples.

Big data: What's helpful, what's hype

The big data revolution is transforming our world, but marketers are losing sight of the forest for the trees. Here's a look at big data in context to ensure a solid strategy.

How 4 publishers are eclipsing the agency model

Publishers are increasingly offering brand advertisers the creative services once provided by agencies. But every publisher is a little different. Let's compare.

3 big brands that don't want -- or need -- an agency

Not every brand uses an agency. These companies prefer to keep the work in-house. Find out why.

The latest tips for mobile-friendly email

Email marketers need to get into the mobile mindset or risk losing their coveted place in the consumer's inbox. Here's how to email in the mobile future.

The war between programmatic buying and creativity

You've heard the pitch: Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. But is that a promise an agency can really keep?

Should you kill your social media bots?

Social media bots can be valuable scheduling tools for your brand, but they can do real damage when left unattended. Before you hand over the reins, heed this advice.

10 epic marketing fails of 2012

When marketing goes bad, it goes really bad. Find out which brands failed the hardest this year.

6 tips for creating mind-blowing infographics

There's an art to creating great infographics, so it takes guidance from industry experts to turn your data into a meaningful message. Here's their best advice.

YouTube video basics from its brightest stars

Want to grow your brand's presence on YouTube? Consider these essential lessons in video from four YouTube sensations.

The dangers of Pinterest

Does your brand have a Pinterest strategy? These six questions will help you get the ball rolling and plan for the hurdles you'll encounter.

16 lesser-known marketing blogs you should read

Which blogs are must-reads for digital marketers? Our recommendations might surprise you.

How 5 brands are scoring big on BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is quickly becoming a launching pad for brands that are serious about publishing their own content. Find out which brands are buzzing on BuzzFeed and scoring some serious earned media.

How 5 brands are scoring big on BuzzFeed (page 2 of 7)

6 lessons in launching a branded YouTube channel

If brands are becoming content publishers, then it's time for a crash course in launching your YouTube channel. Here's what you need to know.

Why digital marketers can't ignore Tumblr

Tumblr may not have as much B2C cache as its competitors, but that doesn't mean the platform is irrelevant to marketers. In fact, it's the platform of choice for many agency creatives. Find out why.

How marketers can use NFC

A lot of marketers have no clue what near field communication is, but savvy insiders are beginning to unlock its potential. Here's a cutting-edge guide to NFC to lift your brand's profile.

4 brands that took a stand

Should brands talk politics, religion, and social issues? These brands did. See if it worked out for them.

10 tips for a killer Facebook brand page

Is your brand's Facebook page lagging behind? Or worse, is it still on the drawing board? Check out these essential tips from the experts for creating the ultimate branded Facebook page.

How to harness the power of the meme

Can marketers tap into the influence of a meme? Sure, but to do so, you need to speak the language. Here's what you need to know.

An essential guide to expanding your agency

Are you thinking about adding a practice area to your agency? Before you do, take a moment to hear from your peers about what you need to know before you flip the switch.

iMedia Digital Showcase: The 10 best branded Facebook apps

Brands big and small are leveraging Facebook apps to make powerful emotional connections with users. Let's take a look at some of the best work in this small but impactful category.

Terrible agency website mistakes

Is your agency's website a failure? If some of these red flags describe your site, you need to up your game -- now!

Why everything you know about demographics is wrong

As ad targeting gets more sophisticated, marketers are becoming increasingly adept at slicing and dicing audiences. But does that mean traditional demographics are a thing of the past?

6 signs your client isn't happy

Is your client rethinking its relationship with your agency? Look for the telltale signs, and consider these strategies for salvaging an account that may be in jeopardy.

A survival guide for startup agencies

Thinking of starting your own shop? Find out what these agencies really learned in their first year of business, and how you can use that information to make your startup succeed.

An essential guide to expanding your agency

Are you thinking about adding a practice area to your agency? Before you do, you might want to take a moment and hear from some peers about what you need to know before you flip the switch.

Why viral video is a waste of money

Your brand just has to have a viral video for its next campaign, right? But is this an attainable goal? Find out what agencies really think when they hear the phrase "viral video."

How to get the most out of a conference

Industry events can be time well spent, but making the most of conferences is an art. Find out what you need to do to make your next tradeshow a masterpiece.

How to crowdsource creative advertising

Turning to the masses for creative is nothing new, but scoring big with outsiders' ideas isn't so easy. Here's how effective crowdsourcers make a good idea great.

5 agency blogs you should be reading

Are any agency blogs worth reading? Actually, yes. Find out which ones we like and why.

3 digital questions I'd like answered

Want to understand the forces that will shape digital in 2011? The conversation starts here, and here's your chance to be a part of it.

Will Twitter's new ad model work for marketers?

Advertising is coming to Twitter. Check out how the leading social media agencies are reacting.

Your social media disaster kit

When disaster strikes a brand, social media channels are the front lines. Find out what you need to know to win the battle.

A roadmap for socially conscious brands

A lot of brands are turning to social causes to amplify their own messaging and engage consumers on a deeper level. Find out the rules for the road.

Is a social media bubble ready to burst?

Are we in the middle of a social media bubble? A blog at the Harvard Business Review says yes. Let's see what marketing specialists have to say.

5 steps to consider when making long-form video

In a world where anyone can knock out a short YouTube video in less than a day, long-form video may be that rare beast that allows advertisers to do something really different online.

8 tips for a legendary marketing resume

Standing out in a competitive job market is no easy task. Find out what gets these interactive executives excited when they're sifting through resumes.

The iPad's video marketing implications

The iPad could very well change a lot of aspects of digital marketing. Here are the reasons online video will most certainly be one of them.

5 hilarious branded videos

Going viral demands true entertainment value. Here are some recent branded campaigns that delivered just what viewers wanted.

Levi Strauss: The secret to being authentic

How does a brand that traces its origins back to the 19th century stay at the cutting edge of digital? We asked Levi Strauss & Co.'s CMO to give us the rundown on how he approaches digital.

Hal Riney's secret digital weapon, and why you should worry

Find out why the digital/traditional distinction does more harm than good, and why beautiful websites aren't all they're cracked up to be in this interview with the CEO of Publicis & Hal Riney.

6 lies you've been told about ad networks

See what those in the industry have to say about common misconceptions that plague the ad network business.

6 ways to get a client to trust emerging tech

Staying on the cutting edge of digital advertising is hard enough, but getting your client to join you there is the real challenge. Find out what strategies will help take your client into the future.

Emerging platforms you should bookmark (or forget about) in 2010

Need help separating the hype from the hits? Here is a breakdown of which emerging platforms aren't quite ready for primetime.

Will publishers and ad networks ever strike a balance?

Low media prices are great for media buyers and advertisers, but here's why we need to develop a model that provides value to publishers, advertisers, and users.

7 money-saving web design tips

Think great web design is a budget-buster? Think again. Consider these tips for stretching your design dollar.

When "funny" goes right (and wrong) for a brand

Humor can be an advertiser's best weapon, but when a joke goes bad, it can often ruin a campaign. Here's why it pays to make sure users laugh with, not at, your brand.

A CMO's guide to picking the right market research

Overwhelmed by research reports, studies, and white papers? You're not alone. Find out how to cut through the clutter to isolate meaningful insights for your brand.

How to avoid wasting agency fees

The right agency can be an invaluable partner for your brand. But that partner doesn't come cheap. Find out if your compensation model is on the money.

7 vital questions to ask your web designer

Confused about building your next website? Find out what you should be asking your design team -- and what types of answers to expect.

A CMO's guide to hiring a digital agency

Need a new digital agency but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Find out what you should consider before inking a deal with a new digital partner.

5 ways to spot an SEO cheat

Black hat SEO tactics should never be part of your search strategy, but many people still cheat the system. Whether it's a competitor or an agency you've hired, find out how to spot these schemers.

Am I getting my agency's A-team?

You pay a lot for your agency, but are you getting what you're paying for? Here are some tips that will ensure your agency gives you its all.

Rethinking the agency-of-record model

Big results come from big ideas. But big ideas come from all corners -- sometimes at the expense of your agency of record. Find out what that means for brand-agency relationships and how to get the best ideas without burning bridges.

Social media agencies to watch

There's no shortage of so-called social media experts, but not all have the know-how you need. Here's a look at a few agencies you might want to poke, friend, or even hire.

8 digital pros worth following on Twitter

Lost in a sea of garbled tweets? Find out who's worth following and why. After all, on Twitter, you're only as good as the people you follow.

Ad network halo stories

There are some good reasons why the popularity and value of ad networks continue to grow. Find out what it is that marketers find heavenly about this media planning partnership.

Ad network horror stories

Think you can "set it and forget it" when you buy media from the middleman? Find out what marketers say can -- and does -- go wrong if you don't choose your network wisely.

9 keys to the perfect corporate blog

Simply having a company blog might have set your marketing apart a few years back, but today brand blogs are a necessity. The question is, how do you make them worthwhile for your users?

Why Twitter can do more harm than good

Does your boss or client think Twitter is the only thing that matters? Tell them to think again. If time and resources are at a premium, Twitter can actually hurt your brand.

Key tools for tracking online trends

Staying ahead of the curve isn't easy. But for marketers, the ability to spot trends is more important than ever. Find out what tools and tactics your peers use to stay current.

How to avoid SEO failure

SEO is critical, but how do you know it's working? Here are some tips and tools for spot-checking your SEO efforts and fixing the weaknesses.

4 kick-ass website redesigns

Whether you're contemplating a massive overhaul or simply enhancing your features, website updates can be complex undertakings. See what you can learn from these recent redesigns that caught our eye.

10 keys to a homepage takeover ad that works

Thinking about a homepage takeover? Consider these do's and don'ts before developing a creative strategy.

10 hot creative agencies to watch

Searching for great creative but not sure where to look? These agencies may not be on your radar, but they should be.

Meet the brands that 'get' Twitter

Whether your brand has an official Twitter account or not, users on the microblogging platform are talking about you. And if you're not tweeting back, you're losing.

The new contenders for ad unit dominance

Bigger ads are on the way. But will they work? And more importantly, what will they mean for you?

How 5 brands scored free marketing

Whether the economy is up or down, nothing beats free press coverage. But can you really get the media to carry your message? Here are five campaigns that did just that.

Media Motion: Passenger, Atomic, Coremetrics

Burst launches a new network, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

LinkedIn's insights on cracking social media

Think buying on social networks is all the same? Think again. LinkedIn's director of ad sales, Steve Patrizi, gives you the inside scoop on leveraging the space.

Media Motion: Tremor Media, IGA, Didit

Peer39 adds to its board, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Jason Calacanis on what's hot and emerging

At conferences like TechCrunch50, it practically rains startups. But finding a killer app isn't easy. To help sift through the hype, we turned to a former tech journalist and startup veteran for the inside scoop.

Media Motion: Conductor, Tremor Media, Pixsy

Sportgenic scores some cash, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

AdWords retools, LinkedIn joins ad network frenzy

Search campaigns on Google will now move at a dizzying pace thanks to a slew of changes with AdWords, but advertisers looking for an old-fashioned publisher relationship will want to call on LinkedIn.

How Kraft started spreading WOM

With a winning product, Kraft took a calculated risk on a viral campaign that delivered huge results. Find out how.

Blazing uncharted territory in digital media

Think interactive is all about machines and metrics? Marti Funk, Sportgenic's VP of client solutions and insights, says bringing value to users is really the name of the game.

The trouble with Google, the Zen of Facebook

While search got a knock on the door from the feds, Facebook made its facelift permanent and digital got a shot in the arm from leading CMOs.

5 experts demystify SEO link building

Confused about when and how to link? Our panel of SEO gurus dishes the straight dirt on the best practices for inbound linking.

Will Google's Chrome turn the web inside out?

Those who thought the browser wars were over got a rude awakening when news broke that Google had attacked Microsoft's ubiquitous Internet Explorer. But beyond a battle between titans, what does Chrome mean for marketers?

3 big changes at Google, flying dwarfs from Paris Hilton

The economy is giving many in digital a greater headache than previously thought, while Google is giving publishers a leg up, and Facebook may have given users more than they bargained for.

Obama's digital gamble delivers buzz, not promises

It may have been the most highly anticipated email/text in the history of digital marketing, but did Obama's decision to ditch television deliver the goods?

Is Google really a monster?

A Google clone highlights growing fears about the search engine, plus pre-roll makes a comeback, and the Olympics leave us wondering if there's really any gold for advertisers.

Media Motion: Sportgenic, Coremetrics, Gorilla Nation

Marchex adds some new talent, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

IAB numbers ignite ad network controversy

Who is to blame for falling CPMs, and which ad network gives marketers the reach they crave? Those questions and a stunning hiccup from Google dominated the top stories this week.

Media Motion: ContextWeb, MIVA, Gorilla Nation

The Ballpark adds a new creative hire, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Cuil loses its cool, Facebook app yanked

On the web, good news travels fast, but disaster spreads at the speed of light. See which brands belly-flopped this week, and how MySpace nipped a potential catastrophe in the bud.

Media Motion: 24/7 Real Media, Glam, ContextWeb

Gorilla Nation continues its quest for inventory, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Zuckerberg reveals aggressive growth plan, and more

Facebook has a new look, Yahoo is still independent and BT may be able to predict the future. Sort of. See what happened this week in interactive.

How will Flash alter the SEO landscape?

News of Adobe's decision to work with Google and Yahoo to make Flash searchable spread like wildfire. But so far, agencies aren't sure what this change really means.

Why aren't women going wild for video?

Traditionally a male bastion for web content, online video has come a long way. But women haven't managed to close the gender gap just yet. Find out why and what that means for the future of video.

Shakeups put billions of ad dollars in flux

Hundreds of millions may be slashed from ad budgets, and the nation's biggest advertiser lost its CMO. Step inside and follow the money.

Has social media lost its luster?

Impressions may be through the roof, but social networks aren't the apple of a serious media buyer's eye anymore. Get the inside scoop on what's working in that finicky space and why some brands just won't go there -- period.

Media Motion: Universal Pictures, Quattro Wireless, Didit

Tremor Media gets international, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

10 SEO myths debunked

Confused about SEO? You're not alone. We reached out to leading SEO gurus, including Google's search evangelist and Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, to uncover the truth behind the most common myths.

Media Motion: Sportgenic, Gorilla Nation, Revenue Science

Revenue Science gets a new boss, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: for the record (06/06/08)

FreeWheel brings in a big gun, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Competitive secrets: is the truth out there?

If knowledge is power, digital media buyers may be falling behind their traditional predecessors. While a slew of products aim to arm buyers with better intelligence, will any of them fire the magic bullet?

iMedia survey unearths surprising results

Want to know what industry leaders think about the critical issues confronting online advertising? See the results from iMedia's Agency Summit in Austin, Texas.

Media Motion: for the record (05/23/08)

Adconion goes on a hiring spree, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Are users lost in a sea of ad networks?

Haunted by a Netflix ad that wouldn't go away, we asked an easy question that led to some complicated answers for the future of online advertising.

Inside the minds of marketers

Wondering how the latest interactive news affects your business? You're not the only one. See what's got marketers buzzing.

Zeroing in on the moving metrics target

Think you've got all the metrics you need? Think again. Experts explain why the web has only just begun to scratch the surface for reporting.

The truth about the buyer/seller relationship

Want to know the real dirt on how buyers and sellers interact? John Durham rounded up eight industry heavyweights and asked them to take the gloves off. See what happened.

Debate intensifies on monetizing social networks

Marketers are becoming increasingly cynical about the value of social networks. But many who work in the space say value is defined by what the brand brings to the table -- social networks aren't the mass media buy many thought they were.

Russell Simmons finds his digital jam

What does hip-hop have to do with interactive marketing? Everything. At least that's how Russell Simmons sees it. See why.

Media Motion: for the record (05/09/08)

CraveOnline picks up two hockey properties, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: for the record (04/25/08)

ValueClick turns 10, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Why Yahoo won't sell

Microsoft dropped its Yahoo bombshell almost three months ago, and since then the U.S. has seen an economic downturn. But hard times might be good for Yahoo -- and the rest of the web. Find out why.

Are advertisers killing Facebook?

Is a social network really an ad platform? Consider the nature of the site before you buy.

Why GM gambled $1.5B on digital

Over the next three years, General Motors will shift half of its advertising budget to digital. Will that be enough to get the automobile manufacturer in gear?

iMedia survey results released

The results are in. iMedia breaks down the numbers behind its survey of leading marketers and agencies.

DoubleClick co-founder presents a new economic model

The cracks and crevices of the digital landscape can be goldmines for marketers, according to David Scott Carlick. But knowing where to look will require a radical rethink of the industry's economic model.

How creative will drive our future

Innovation may happen in a technology lab, but pushing those developments forward will be the task of creative executives. Here's a glimpse into the future of digital marketing.

The new media user wants a new deal

If you think digital will kill TV or print, you're wrong. Jeffrey Cole explains that opportunities abound for traditional media, and with those opportunities comes a chance for advertisers to strike a new bargain with users.

Social media sparks metrics debate

For digital marketers, easy access to data has been a blessing. Trying to figure out what that data means looks to be a curse (for now).

Palmer: "I am not an idiot"

If you think you understand web video, you're wrong, according to Shelly Palmer. But asking the right questions will count for more than a foolhardy belief that you've got all the answers.

Is there a digital primetime?

Making sense of the web's fast-growing but fragmented video audience isn't easy. But the truth may be that reach is already here. It's just up to the marketers to find it.

Full results from iMedia survey released

The results are in. iMedia breaks down the numbers behind its survey of leading brand marketers.

An evening with the YouTube killers

Marketers may be ready for video ads, but are users ready to embrace the platform with open arms? We got the scoop from the people who matter most -- users.

The dating game: can marketers play?

Members may sign up for a chance at love, but marketers shouldn't dismiss dating sites for their campaigns. Dating gurus from two of the space's top sites share their advice.

Tara Lamberson explains your world

MindComet VP Tara Lamberson talks shop and helps us make sense of the headlines that impact interactive marketers.

Millard: "My space is your space"

The digital revolution will not be televised. But if it is to succeed, Wenda Harris Millard says marketers must accept the idea of a shared space where consumers have control.

Are ads ready to become content?

There have always been great ads, but is the quality of advertising great enough to rival content? Geoffrey Ramsey, Carol Kruse and Sean Finnegan debate the question of the day.

M&A mania explained

The M&A frenzy has created a lot of uncertainty. Our panel offers insights on what the advertising buying binge means for brand marketers.

5 steps to owning the consumer relationship

One digital divide seldom discussed is the gap between brands and their consumers. Jeffrey Rayport offers some advice on how to narrow the chasm.

Curt Viebranz explains your world

Platform A President Curt Viebranz goes behind the headlines to see how today's news impacts the industry's future in this Q&A.

Agencies react to Forrester report

Agencies aren't staying ahead of the digital curve, and no agency is "getting it right," according to Forrester Research. Here's what the agencies have to say in response.

Has web video solved the reach riddle?

Online video may look like TV, but so far the tiny computer screen hasn't been able to deliver the same reach as its larger-screened rival. A new startup aims to change that.

Super Bowl winners and losers

Fox, the once-perfect Patriots and the underdog Giants combined to create one of the biggest media events ever. But many of this year's ads treated the web as an afterthought. Did brands fumble the digital handoff?

Industry split on Microsoft's $44B ad play

Microsoft's $44.6 billion offer to buy Yahoo sent shockwaves through the interactive ad industry, but what does the mega-deal mean for marketers? Industry insiders read the tea leaves.

Media Motion: for the record (01/25/08)

BrandinHand lands a top digital executive, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Is Google's gamble Wikipedia's nightmare?

Despite electric growth rates, the reference space hasn't attracted a ton of ad dollars with the ad-free Wikipedia dominating the field. But Google's decision to launch Knol could change all that.

Meet your brand advocates

Brand advocates can be highly sought after resources in digital marketing, but do marketers really know what they're thinking? Meet some of the people behind user-generated videos.

Full results from iMedia survey released

The results are in. iMedia breaks down the numbers behind the results from its survey of leading agency executives.

Full results from iMedia survey released (Page 2 of 2)

The two sides of the Do-Not-Track controversy

Depending on who you ask, the proposed DNT list is either a massive mistake or a step in the right direction. Find out the pros and cons of an idea that could radically alter the marketing landscape.

What agency folks REALLY think

The real-time audience survey results from last week's iMedia Agency Summit held some big surprises.

Geoffrey Ramsey explains your world

Confused by the industry's never-ending news cycle? Geoffrey Ramsey, eMarketer's CEO, sheds some light on the stories that are impacting the interactive industry.

Marketers confront myths

Does industry hyperbole make it impossible to focus on strategy? Leading marketers cut through the confusion.

Horan tells marketers to tear down walls

With the media business changing more in the last five years than in the prior 500, the IAC's Peter Horan explains how to stay ahead of the curve.

Agencies hunt for the money

Getting paid what you're worth keeps interactive marketers up all night. A panel of industry experts explains how they solve the compensation conundrum.

Julie Roehm explains your world

Former Wal-Mart executive Julie Roehm goes behind the headlines to see how today's news impacts the industry's future in this Q&A.

Content isn't king anymore

Rather than focus on matching a brand's message with the best content, Andrew Heyward, former CBS News president, explains what's next for marketers and publishers.

Google's mobile muscle opens floodgates

When news broke earlier this week that Verizon Wireless had decided to open its network (perhaps to counter the threat from Google), mobile marketers rejoiced. Find out why.

Is Hollywood's loss the web's gain?

If the 1988 WGA strike was the mother's milk of cable TV, might Hollywood's current labor strife be a boon for online entertainment?

Media Motion: for the record (11/09/07)

Gorilla Nation launches a new vertical, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Warning: ad killer on the loose

An ad blocker has emerged from a distant corner of the web, erasing display ads and challenging the current business model. Is it an aberration or harbinger of hard times for interactive? Marketers are split.

Is the MySpace crowd lying to marketers?

Social networks are starting to target ads based on interests expressed by users. But are marketers relying on jokes, lies and deception when planning campaigns?

Media Motion: For the record (10/12/07)

LinkedIn plucks a Microsoft sales vet, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Is Yahoo! poised to make a social killing?

Does Yahoo!'s new social network smack of desperation, or is it the stuff of inspiration? Get a sneak peek at Mash, Yahoo's answer to MySpace and Facebook.

Media Motion: For the record (09/28/07)

Tremor Media taps some big guns, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Porn's prince of pop-ups speaks

From porn to pop-ups to virtual worlds, Brian Shuster has done it all. What he hasn't done is share his hard-won knowledge with mainstream marketers...until now.

Stop the clutter, track search with display

Make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Eyeblaster unveils a product that lets marketers track search and display together.

Marketers vs. gamers: the real score revealed

Not all in-game ad strategies are created equally. While this emerging platform promises stellar returns, only the savvy will survive.

"Right or wrong, do something"

Experimentation is risky, but less so than stagnating. Here's how to balance big ideas and the bottom line.

Weaver skips pie, cuts the cake

Upstream Group's president challenges interactive marketers to think about the media world in a new way.

Planners: the next big thing is now

Interactive is the new traditional, according to Crayon's Joseph Jaffe. This is our opportunity to not be traditional media, but we need an appetite for innovation.

Conquer the digital medium: get smart about relationships

While relationships with consumers were always important, real friendships are now critical in today's fragmented media environment.

Yahoo! lands BlueLithium for $300M

Building on its acquisition of Right Media, Yahoo increases its investment in areas that fortify the portal's long-term success.

How Microsoft will kill the PC and change the world

When the PC computer hit the scene, few people saw it as an advertising tool. But Surface, Microsoft's PC-killer, is built for brands. See what it can do.

ROI of infotainment

In the information age, the only way for a brand to control its identity is to feed the hunger for knowledge.

FCC Dampens Google's Wireless Dreams

In a mixed-bag ruling, the FCC split the difference between warring internet and telecom factions.

Will Facebook's Heat Make MySpace Meat?

Facebook has come on so strong lately that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his rivals look like fuddy-duddies. But will its meteoric rise equal MySpace-sized ad dollars?

Media Motion: For the Record (07/27/07)

Scripps Networks announces a new acquisition, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Will Jerry Yang Save Yahoo?

News flash: Yahoo! is dead. But someone forgot to tell Jerry Yang. See how he plans to turn the company around and regain market share.

Sony Sparks User-Generated Revolution

Sony's decision to relaunch Grouper as Crackle signals a shift away from user-generated video as we know it, but will high-quality virals deliver advertiser results?

With TACODA in Tow, Will AOL Dominate?

Once a titan, then a digital punchline, AOL grabbed headlines by plunking down a reported $275 million for TACODA. But will BT return AOL to dominance?

Media Motion: For the Record (07/13/07)

TACODA flies high with a travel vertical, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: For the Record (07/06/07)

Revision3 scores some financing, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Chicken Soup for the Confused Mobile Marketer

Here are some ideas from today's mobile warriors on how to get your brand to live in your customers' hands.

Media Motion: For the Record (06/29/07)

ActionAds wins an eBay award, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Amy Powell Honored with Visionary Marketer Award

Powell told Summit attendees that original content and passion were key to her success in interactive marketing.

If You're Not Experimenting, You're Dead

NBC's Vivi Zigler says that content needs to be organic if it's going to be actionable.

Media Motion: For the Record (06/22/07)

Internet Broadcasting taps a former AOL exec, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: For the Record (06/15/07)

PodZinger gets a new name, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

How Brands Make Friends Forever on MySpace

If you're a brand, making friends on MySpace is the easy part; making your friends count is the challenge.

Media Motion: For the Record (06/08/07)

ValueClick names a new CEO, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

How Rupert Murdoch Plans to Take Over Interactive Marketing

There's more to News Corp. than MySpace, but in Rupert Murdoch's bid to outfox us all, it's the perfect starting point: one friend at a time.

Media Motion: For the Record (06/01/07)

AdMob teams with Peperoni, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Help Your Brand Score with New College Grads

Recent college graduates have a dizzying array of choices, so how do marketers steer newly minted grads to their brand?

Media Motion: For the Record (05/25/07)

VMIX has partnered with Media General to manage its user-generated content, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Social Causes Come of Age on MySpace

An iMedia Keynote Panel explores ways a brand can think about ROI when it chooses to engage interactively in the name of charity.

And Now, a Word from Your Consumers

Consumers still prefer traditional media such as TV and print, DoubleClick's Rick Bruner told iMedia Agency Summit attendees.

Doug Weaver Drops Oreo Bomb: RFP Doomed

iMedia's senior analyst advises Summit attendees to determine the direction their business will take, adopt a clear vision and plan proactively.

Gay Gaddis Packs Heat, Warns Panel: "No BS"

iMedia Summit panelists all stressed that working collaboratively is intrinsic to the internet and will help take the industry to the next stage of success.

Media Motion: For the Record (05/19/07)

ScanScout closes $7 million in its first round of institutional funding, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: For the Record (05/11/07)

Experian acquires Emailing Solution, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: For the Record (05/04/07)

Digitas launches its own production company, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Sony Spins Spider-Man's Marketing Web

Sony spent up to $500 million on "Spider-Man 3." Here's a glimpse at the multimillion-dollar web.

Industry Gathers for ad:tech Awards

For the first time in the history of the ad:tech awards, three individuals were honored with the Industry Achievement Award.

Media Motion: For the Record (04/20/07)

LiveWorld launches LiveWorld Video, plus other interactive industry launches, hires, partnerships and announcements.

Getting Ads to the Right Eyeballs

"Fishing From a Barrel" author Rob Graham explains how to put the right ads in front of the right people.

Media Motion: For the Record (04/13/07)

Unicast by Viewpoint launches FUSE 2.0, plus other interactive industry hires, partnerships, launches and announcements.

Media Motion: For the Record (04/06/07)

EyeWonder wins three IAC awards, plus other interactive industry announcements, new hires, partnerships and launches.


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