Brad Brief

Brad Brief

Director, Social Marketing, Enlighten

With an extensive background in social media and digital marketing, Brad leads the development of innovative and insightful Enlighten client campaigns in the quickly growing social space. Brad brings considerable experience to the role of Director, Social Marketing, having worked on social marketing, digital and branding efforts at such agencies su... more

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4 ways to make your social data work for you

With so much data available, the definition of social success has begun to shift. Here's how to extract the information that matters most.

The 5 core pillars of social marketing success

Establishing a strong foundation is key to driving fruitful results through social channels. Follow this guide for developing an all-encompassing plan that optimizes your brand's engagement.

The 8 best brands on Tumblr

Users spend 14 more minutes per visit on Tumblr than on Facebook or Twitter. Here are the smart brands that are making the most out of this giant opportunity.

How to outsmart your competitors in social

Failing to engage with competing companies can severely damage your image. Here's how to interact with other brands.

The 5 fatal ways brands overshare on social media

If you're not careful, you could have your brand's followers shouting, "TMI!" Here are the topics to avoid at all costs.


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