Neil Chaudhari

Neil Chaudhari

Founding Partner & CEO, Propane Studio

Entrepreneur and innovator, Neil Chaudhari has guided the direction and development of Propane Studio since its inception. During the past decade of growth and transformation, he and his expanding team have helped define what it means to be agile. In the process, the agency has become a trusted partner to leading and emerging brands in the automoti... more

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The new agency responsibility in the digital age

Digital transformation is a reality that all agencies must embrace. Here are four ways you can work to meet your clients' evolving expectations.

The 4 types of digital agencies

It can sometimes be difficult to know which agency is right for you. Here's the information you need to make an informed decision.

3 brands with tremendous social potential

It's the customer-to-customer experience that is central to brand building. Here are the companies that are attempting to build social communities.


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