Prasant Varghese

Prasant Varghese

Technical Analyst, Icreon Tech

Prasant Varghese is a technical analyst at Icreon. He works with clients from design and discovery through to successful implementation.  Prasant has a strong focus on mobile and has managed multiple mobile projects, with a specialization in iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad. He stays current with the latest mobile trends and has a strong un... more

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Web development tips that drive brand engagement

Brands hoping to reach customers must provide high-end web experiences. Here are three ways to increase conversions.

What Google's Chromecast means for marketers

Chromecast might seem like a device specifically for consumers, but advertisers will benefit just as much -- if not more -- from the innovative dongle. Here's why.

How responsive design can go wrong

Responsive design might seem like the answer to all your marketing problems, but don't be fooled. Here are a few limitations that should be acknowledged.

A crucial new role in digital marketing

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Why branded content will revitalize marketing

Marketers who don't adapt to the digital landscape will face serious trouble down the road. Here are four reasons why you should embrace branded content. 

6 ways to rock e-commerce

E-commerce purchases hit $1 trillion last year, so it's definitely time to start thinking strategy. Here are the most important steps for winning with online shoppers.

Vital rules for building custom iPad apps

Creating a compelling iPad app in an environment saturated with unique offerings is a tough task. Here's how to produce an app that actually gets noticed.


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