Tom Crandall

Tom Crandall

Managing Partner & Lead Consultant, TCA

Tom Crandall is the managing partner and lead consultant for Tom Crandall & Associates, and the author of SEM Report Card. Tom’s firm provides consulting and agency services for brands with a local business model, including corporate chains and national franchise operations. His online marketing expertise has paven the way for him to work with se... more

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How to protect your brand from bad business reviews

Local business reviews have the potential to help or harm your brand. Are you prepared to engage your customers at the front lines of social media?

"Cheap" SEO tricks and how to use them

Marketers have traditionally avoided aligning their brands with the word "cheap," even in search. But no more. Find out who's capitalizing on this previously dirty word.

When SEO gets dangerous for your brand

Your legal department may need to be more involved in your SEO results than you realize. Ayohwahr Interactive's CEO explains.


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