Russell Scott
Summit Alumni

Russell Scott

CEO, Creative Director, Jetset Studios

Russell Scott (CEO, Creative Director) is a native of Los Angeles, and has dedicated his life to the betterment of the popular culture that he claims as his primary influence. Too much TV can be a good thing, as his endless love for classic TV, films and toys resulted in a successful marketing company, Jetset Studios, and the retro-pop culture dest... more

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Why the digital agency will never die

While some might think that social platforms eliminate the need for a creative agency, in truth, these partners are vital to a brand's storytelling efforts. Find out why.  

Rebooting the legacy brand: Do's and don'ts

How can you cash in on the cache your beloved brand has earned? Get some tips for cementing your audience connection from these digital do-overs.

Is the digital ditty dead?

Amid the mash-up madness and made-up metrics for determining viral potential, why do marketers' messages still misfire? See what the classic ads of yesteryear did right, and why the strategies behind them still resonate today.

How to be funny online

Humorous campaigns can be the biggest viral hits -- or virulent failures. Learn the rules for injecting humor without causing a fatal overdose for your brand.

Summer Movie Website Strategies

Avoid tent-pole fatigue and stay visible during the most competitive 12 weeks of the year without losing your mind, your friends and your self-respect.


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