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David Clarke

David Clarke is a pioneer in using technology and data to connect people and brands. As CEO & Co-Founder of BGT Partners, Clarke created BGT in 1996 to deliver innovative, digital solutions to global brands. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and focus on tangible results, he built an agency that is driven by analytics, delivering value across al... more

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When websites crash: How big brands avoid disaster

When sites crash, consumers quickly air their grievances on social. Here's how Google, Instagram, Vine, and others avoided bad PR and created brand advocates during times of crisis.

6 opportunities for Facebook's new "want" button

With its new "want" button, Facebook has the opportunity to reinvent social commerce. Here's a glimpse into what the future might hold.

3 smart websites that do it best

When you don't evolve in the digital world, you quickly get left behind. Get inspired by these examples of sites that transcended the usual expectations.

3 brands that failed on Facebook

There's no denying the power that Facebook has on businesses. But for every social media success story, there comes a fable of failure. From missed opportunities to communication breakdowns, learn what not to do on Facebook from these three prominent brands.

Using social media for customer service: 3 vital tactics

Companies have no choice but to embrace customer relations through social media if they want to remain relevant. Here's how to make sure you don't drop the ball.

6 big Facebook opportunities brands are missing

Shouldn't marketers have figured out how to harness the full power of Facebook by now? Here are the facets of the platform that are often overlooked -- but shouldn't be.

10 Facebook lessons from Apple vs. Google

Facebook is an incredible medium for stirring the fires of fan engagement. See the lessons one agency gleaned from its social media experiment -- one year and 55,000 "likes" later.

Home Depot vs. JetBlue: Who engages better on Facebook?

The true test of your brand's social mettle is in how you steer the conversation when a consumer complains. Learn how to fashion your interactions based on the online behavior.

The Facebook haters who "like" your brand

Not all of your Facebook followers are actually supporters -- some of them truly despise your brand. Let's dissect the opportunities and challenges within the group of people who "like" you.

The pros and cons of Facebook "likes"

Not everyone who clicks a button on Facebook actually likes your brand. Here's why you need to be prepared to be thrown under the bus.


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