Dan Neely
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Dan Neely

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Networked Insights

Dan Neely serves as Networked Insights´ Chief Executive Officer.  Dan brings to Networked Insights over 10 years of entrepreneurial, management, operational and with technology, manufacturing and services companies.  He is an expert in customer intelligence and has hands on experience with the challenges companies face in gathering ... more

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3 digital trends that will make or break your company

Are you using this year's most important trends to your company's advantage? Here are some crucial tips.

How social media should influence your TV buys

Fresh from ad:tech, these insights will give you an in-depth look at what metrics you should be tracking -- and how to interpret them correctly.

How are marketers really using social media?

Based on results from Networked Insights' SocialSense analytical platform, here's a look at how marketers are integrating social media into their digital marketing strategies.

Top iMedia Agency Summit buzz topics

Attendees of last week's iMedia Agency Summit in Arizona came together to discuss the latest trends influencing how they do business. Here are the hottest online discussion topics that emerged.

Top 7 ad:tech buzz topics

Attendees of last week's ad:tech New York had a lot to say about the insights they gleaned at the event. Here are the hottest online discussion topics that emerged.

How to evolve brand management for social media

The general consensus is that marketing needs to change with the times, but there's been little action so far. Follow these tips to better promote your brand in today's media climate.

Move from eyeballs to interactions

With interactive media, it's not enough to know how many people viewed the content, or even transacted. Find out about the new metric needed from Networked Insights' CEO.

Socialize your site for better insights

Transform your site into a knowledge base of customer insights. Networked Insights' CEO explains.


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