Seth Sarelson

Seth Sarelson

COO and Co-founder, RevTrax

Seth Sarelson is COO and co-founder of RevTrax, a leading provider of technology solutions to help multi-channel merchants track the effectiveness of digital media on offline transactions. Sarelson runs the daily operations at RevTrax, managing client services and RevTrax's digital media partners. Sarelson holds a Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum La... more

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A viral strategy for using paid search

Paid search may be more effective at driving in-store sales than it ever has been for ecommerce. Find out how to combine it with social media and email to make a big impact on consumer shopping habits.

Follow Coke's loyalty-building lead

My Coke Rewards enables Coca-Cola to gather and leverage data for marketing one-to-one. Learn from OnCard Marketing's COO how you can do it too.


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