Dave Chase
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Dave Chase

CEO, Co-founder, Avado

Dave is the CEO and Co-founder of Avado. Avado is a Patient Relationship Management platform that empowers the healthcare parternship between individuals and their health & wellness providers while giving the individual a Connected Health Record. The key insight for Avado is that healthcare works best and costs least.  Prior to co-founding Avado, ... more

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Social, meaningful marketing through online video

Video is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing mix. Here are the social and educational tactics that are coming out on top.

5 pointers for marketing beyond YouTube

YouTube was a great place for brands to start their forays into online video. But if you want your viral campaigns to really take off, consider these points.

Stretching video budgets with the cloud

The advent and growth of cloud computing has lowered the barriers to entry for many marketing channels, particularly video. Here's how publishers are ramping up their rich media plans on the cheap.

7 recession survival tips

Recessions are a murky time, particularly for newer brands trying to shape their messages during economic lulls. Follow these surefire steps to emerge even stronger than before.

How brands thrived during the Great Depression

Companies can and do prosper during times of economic turmoil. Take a lesson from brands whose Depression-era advertising strategies were key to their survival.

Sugarshots: Improving the Campaign

Dave Chase suggests improvements to the scope and execution of the Sugarshots marketing campaign.

Sugarshots: The Big Picture

Dave Chase of the Altus Alliance argues that the time is right for the interactive community to embrace open source marketing.

Go Slow to Go Fast (Part 2 of 2)

Dave Chase of the Altus Alliance explores how the Sales Learning Curve can help hi-tech businesses to become profitable.

Go Slow to Go Fast (Part 1 of 2)

Altus Alliance's Dave Chase talks about the Sales Learning Curve, a new theory that can help hi-tech companies to become profitable.

2010 Predictions (1 of 3)

In the first of three parts, Dave Chase of the Altus Alliance looks way ahead to the advertising landscape we'll see in five years.

iMedia Book Club

Altus Alliance's Dave Chase reviews "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki and lets us know what marketers can get from this book.

Are You Ready for Gmail? 1 of 2

Arm your email marketing against Gmail's issues, and probable changes at Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail (first of two parts).

Your Other Homepage 1 of 2

Your newsletters are just as valuable -- and important -- as your homepage (first of two parts).

There’s Gold Outside CRM Mailbox

To hit the mother lode, add email tools and services that complement basic CRM capabilities.

Is Your Email Old School?

If you’re still using first generation email systems, you’re at risk of losing your customers.

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

But we can’t let 2003 go without handing out some unofficial awards.


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