Jeff Ragovin
Summit Alumni

Jeff Ragovin

Chief Strategy Officer, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

Jeff Ragovin has over a decade of experience building expansive brand relationships at major technology and marketing firms. He comes to through the August 2012 acquisition of Buddy Media, where he served as co-founder and chief strategy officer. As co-founder of Buddy Media, Ragovin played a central role in guiding the company from... more

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A new trend in listening

Don't let important customer data slip through your fingers. Here's a new way companies are taking advantage of customer chatter in the social space.

How to capitalize on the power of social recommendations

You may not see eye-to-eye with friends and family, but their recommendations are still tempting. Here's how brands can benefit from the herd mentality.

10 ways to make your website more social

According to comScore, social media is now the No. 1 online activity. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips to turn your website into a social powerhouse.

6 tips to engage the holiday shopper

As e-commerce sales continue to rise, it's important to provide consumers with engaging content that encourages social sharing. Here are six sure-fire ways to connect with consumers over the holidays.

The latest trends in social commerce

Social commerce is evolving quickly, and consumers are sharing products online more than ever. Here's how to harness the growing power of this movement.

8 Facebook changes marketers need to know

Is the constant flow of Facebook changes causing your head to spin? This article lays out all of the recent changes in one spot.


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