Crystal Anderson

Crystal Anderson

Paid Search Associate, SEER Interactive

Crystal Anderson spearheads the Paid Search division at SEER Interactive. Over the past six years, she has focused on using PPC as a means to drive leads and sales for various businesses. She has managed global PPC accounts across multiple PPC platforms with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to six figures monthly. She also has experience... more

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10 do's and don'ts of mobile PPC

The mobile desktop plays by its own rules and should not be treated like a tablet or a PC. Here's how to develop a unique and winning strategy.

5 trends in pay-per-click marketing

Before plunging into PPC advertising, marketers should evaluate emerging trends. Here are the latest developments to ensure up-to-date campaigns and strategic spending.

How to stop wasting your PPC budget

When developing your marketing campaign, it's easy to overlook important settings and tactics. Use this guide to ensure efficient spending on ads that drive consumers to targeted actions.


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