Jeff Cannon
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Jeff Cannon

President, Simple Truth Project

After successfully growing TheCannonGroup into a $1MM agency, Jeff Cannon launched Think Cannon - a full service, integrated communications firm designed to leverage traditional strategies with digital applications to produce the maximum effect. With experience running both public relations and advertising agencies, as well as having produced film... more

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Why you've lost control of your brand's image

A successful marketing campaign conveys the essence of a brand no matter where customers, clients, or prospects stumble upon it. See if your campaign is up to snuff.

How to instill authenticity in your marketing message

There is no grey area in today's marketplace -- your message is either simple and true, or it is confusing and false. Use these tips to keep your brand messages on point.

The 3 key personalities of the online consumer

Tailoring your brand message for the different mindsets online can create an ongoing conversation that turns general consumers into paying customers, and paying customers into brand loyalists. Here's how.


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