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Eric Picard

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, MediaMath

Eric Picard is Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, at MediaMath. He was previously the Founder and CEO of MediaMath-acquired Rare Crowds, an open source ad technology company that provides a completely open advertising technology stack for online display, mobile, video, and social media advertising.  On top of this stack, Rare Crowds built a bu... more

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Get creative with hyperlocal targeting

The introduction of location data for mobile allows advertisers to leverage the always-connected device to better reach customers. Learn to apply hyperlocal to your strategy.

Viewability in programmatic media: An honest conversation

Being able to tout 100 percent viewability does not get you any closer to driving true business outcomes. Here's the discussion we should really be having.

A better way for publishers to manage ad inventory

Do you really understand how publisher ad servers manage programmatic availability of inventory? Probably not. Consider this your complete guide to traditional and new-world configurations. 

The real reason advertising isn't more relevant

Driving relevance in advertising through technology is possible, but it's not actually being done. This chicken-and-egg conundrum is why.

How private marketplaces actually work

Although PMPs today are a growing channel, they can still be extremely complicated. In order to remove the difficulties, it helps to understand the fundamentals.

Programmatic buying: The FAQ every marketer needs

Afraid you'll look ignorant if you ask some fundamental questions about programmatic buying? Read this article. (We won't tell.)

Programmatic's place at the top of the marketing funnel

Most media buyers are missing out on much of the value that today's systems can provide. Here's why marketing personas matter for digital media.

The 7 types of targeting you need to know

Audience targeting has been evolving since ancient Greece. Today, here's what's available to you in the digital media space.

The buyer's role in shaping programmatic's future

All media buying and selling is becoming programmatic. Here's why buyer demands are likely to win out over publisher desires.

The confusing language of ad exchanges

The most unclear terminology in our industry right now is related to programmatic buying. Here's why the words some people are using shouldn't apply to digital media.

How (and why) emerging media should plan for scale

People working in emerging media often have trouble wrapping their heads around the vital issue of scale. Let's shed some light on this often-misunderstood topic.

The fundamental disconnect between buyers and sellers

No matter the media buying model, there's an information gap between buyers and sellers. Here's why we need to close it.

Why dynamic creative has bounced back from failure

For years, the price of inventory was so low that it was cheaper to run higher volumes of unoptimized ads than to pay for optimization services. Here's why that's no longer true.

When will digital take over traditional media?

In the recent past, getting traditional folks to adopt digital media ad technology was simply ludicrous -- but not anymore. Here's where the two areas are converging.

How arbitrage works in advertising today

Arbitrage in advertising is a basic reality, but markers don't understand how it's currently being done. Here's a guide to the new class of arbitrage that's just entered the market.

Why no one can define "premium" inventory

Media buyers are sacrificing on quality for the sake of efficiency. Here's why we need to start discussing this problem.

Targeting fundamentals everyone should know

Despite the importance of targeting in online advertising, few people in our industry understand how the required information is gathered. Let's take a closer look at how to find the data.

What everyone should know about ad serving

To make good business decisions, you must understand the details of how ad servers function. Let's take a look at what's happening under the surface.

The 4 biggest myths about programmatic buying

Online media buying is undergoing a renaissance, but most marketers don't even know it. Here are the most widely believed fallacies regarding programmatic buying.

What the heck does "programmatic" mean?

There's a lot of incorrect information circulating with regard to programmatic media buying and selling. Let's get things straight once and for all.

How ad platforms work (and why should you care)

Almost every startup in the ad platform space has existed at the whim of Google. Here's why those companies are going to start vanishing -- and true innovation will take their place.

Why publishers' ad experiences need to be more flexible

When new content paradigms are rolled out, new ad frameworks need to be considered as well. Here's how publishers should be thinking about the experiences on their sites.

How agencies value creative media

It's extremely difficult to reach highly defined audiences at scale. So how do agencies plan their media buying? Read ahead to find out.

How publishers sell ad inventory

You'd be surprised how many people in our industry don't fundamentally understand how publishers sell ad space. If you're one of them, read on. (We won't tell.)

How real-time bidding works

The real-time bidding ecosystem is still fairly new, and many marketers are confused about how all the different parts fit together. Let's follow the participants from start to finish.

How targeted advertising can be saved

Browsers are going to start turning on do-not-track settings by default. Here's the ethical path that tracking companies must follow if they want to save their businesses.

How to make the most of the new ad creative formats

The IAB has finally released new creative standards for the first time in a decade. Here's what media buyers and publishers need to do now.

Can Facebook live up to the branding hype?

Despite doubts about Facebook's sustainability, here's why the social media giant will ultimately be the powerhouse in brand advertising online -- and eventually offline as well.

Why publishers should stop selling remnant inventory

The way publishers monetize their sites has evolved to a point where a lot of energy is expended on work that doesn't pay off. Find out how some are adapting.

Why the display ecosystem might implode

In order to survive, display must improve its creative formats and adopt traditional media metrics like gross rating points. Find out how this can be done.

3 ways the display industry must change -- or else

The process of buying and selling online inventory needs to undergo a radical transformation if the space is going to continue to grow. Here are three ways our industry can get back on its feet.

Why the ad industry is ripe for consolidation

The competitive landscape in our industry has taken a turn into a dangerous place. Learn why many companies are going to have trouble justifying their long-term value.

An online marketer's guide to the full product life cycle

Understanding the product development cycle is key to ultimate marketing success. If your company or client doesn't use some variant of this process, you should be concerned.

3 ways to increase ad engagement, conversions, and ROI

As an industry, online display has gone backward, not forward. Here's how to get back on track and improve your advertising performance.

Our industry's unethical, indefensible behavior

As an industry, our methods of tracking consumer behavior online are wrong. See why all of the arguments to the contrary fall apart when logic is applied.

3 ways to ensure your company is amazing

The vital role that technologists play in startups is often overlooked. Here's how to guarantee that your company is creating game-changing technology, not mundane business solutions.

3 steps to salvaging the online display industry

Early decisions made about ad serving technology are causing major problems in the display industry. Here's how we can dig ourselves out of the pit.

Why publishers are afraid of real-time bidding

The biggest fears that publishers voice about RTB are not ones that should stop them from participating in this valuable channel. Let's review the reality of the situation.

Why consumers think online marketing is creepy

The general public is becoming suspicious of marketers' online tracking capabilities. Let's consider why current industry practices might seem unsettling.

Why killer content is not enough

Creating or curating compelling content will only get media companies so far. Here's why a revolution needs technology behind it.

The real reason consumers are creeped out by online ads

Ultimately, consumers will decide what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to online ad targeting. See how marketers are currently misinterpreting their wishes.

Fixing online advertising's privacy woes

Personalization is the key to boosting overall ad spending and, with it, the economy. Here's how to ensure the privacy debate doesn't get in the way of a rebound.

DSPs: What they really are and why you should care

Demand-side platforms have premium publishers fretting over the prospect of lower CPMs. Let's examine the reality of the situation.

The new advertising metrics

Word of mouth. Earned media. No matter what you call it, social connections are becoming important data points for marketers. Check out the technologies that are driving the future of online metrics.

Why marketers can't ignore the cloud computing revolution

Think cloud computing is too techie a topic for you to care about it? See why disregarding this megatrend is like shutting your eyes to the future of online advertising.

How online maps will change advertising

The latest Google and Bing online mapping functionalities have huge implications for advertising going forward. Get acquainted with the opportunities.

3 things every online ad should do

Ad formats continue to evolve, but the fundamental requirements for success remain the same. Ensure your online ads adhere to this set of core principles.

Is ad targeting a privacy issue?

The targeting of advertising is a small part of the much larger consumer privacy debate. Here's why even companies that are handling this issue appropriately need to stay on guard.

The secret media-buying revolution

We're witnessing a radical shift in the media-buying world -- and most people haven't realized it yet. Here's the irrefutable evidence, and what you'll need to know.

How technology will save media planning

The ad platforms of the future are going to be game changers. Take a look at how the next generation of software will alter the fundamental role of media planners.

Facebook's frighteningly impressive ad potential

The social network has created one of the most powerful and elegant advertising tools ever seen. Take a lesson from these marketers who have learned how to tap into the opportunity.

5 reasons Twitter simply doesn't matter

Is Twitter the most powerful communications platform to ever emerge? Or an unwieldy, untargeted time-suck for the narcissistic? Here are a few reasons it could be considered the latter.

How we dropped the ball on rich media

For more than a decade, rich media has presented significant potential for advertisers. But that potential still has yet to be fully realized. Here's how our industry can right this wrong.

Online advertising's 4 biggest problems

The long-term success of our industry hinges on decisions being made now. Here are the main problems that exist in the space and some suggested ways to fix them.

How we screwed up online advertising

Fifteen years after the dawn of modern display advertising, we're still laboring under an ill-conceived planning and buying process. Now is the time for change. Here's what needs to happen.

Why paid search will never kill display advertising

Spending on paid search and display ads is evenly split, but don't expect one to eat the other's lunch anytime soon. Here's why.

Why online creative stinks so badly

Marketers today are not taking full advantage of the capabilities of the display ad medium. Here are the fundamental problems and how they can be resolved.

How your brand can benefit from QR codes

Image recognition technology can seamlessly integrate with many marketing plans and connect real-world activity back to a measurable digital touchpoint.

The fantastic (and frustrating) future of TV marketing

The next generation of television is here, and it has its own set of rules. Here's what viewers and advertisers alike stand to gain if they play the game correctly.

Beware the slippery slope of DR ads

Although it's easier to justify DR budgets in a down economy, be wary. Bowing to economic pressure could negatively affect high-value inventory and, thus, the future of online advertising.


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