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Brian Easter

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As CEO of Nebo (, Brian Easter brings international experience to his role along with a proven track record of helping organizations reach their digital marketing objectives. Under his leadership, Nebo has enjoyed 10 straight years of growth, has never laid a single employee off, and has won over 100 digital awards in the just th... more

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Why we need more women in ad tech

Denise - great article. We wrote a post about digital discrimination about a year ago ( It's sad that in our seemingly progressive industry we're still not making more progress. It's a huge missed opportunity as well. The best firms actively recruit, retain, and promote the best people - period. When we continue to see groups under-represented and/or under-compensated it's a clear indication that firms aren't making smart or fair HR decisions.

6 cures for common SEO mistakes (page 5 of 7)

Google attempts to spider dynamic URLs, but has difficulty doing so in some cases. We have found that if you are able to rewrite URLs properly, its definitely adds value.

Google does a good job typically when following a one or two parameters URL (such as index.php?p=home), but, when you have a long query string that has more than three parameters it is often worth the effort to rewrite it.

Also, now with the new link tag (, you can tell Google what page should be used to avoid duplicate content issues.

Rewriting URLs can be complicated and mistakes are sometimes made, so this new tag is really great for SEO. Just put the new tag in the header of the page and you no longer have to worry about duplicate content issues when rewriting URLs.

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