Heather Sundell

Heather Sundell

Marketing Manager, The Search Agency

Heather has five years of experience in online and offline marketing. As the Marketing Manager for The Search Agency, she can frequently be found tweeting from @thesearchagency or writing articles for the company blog and other industry publications. She is a writer, social media wizardess, attempted cyclist, and aspiring adult currently honing Gen... more

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What you need to know about social's future

Nick, that is very true. However, I think the current conversation is less about whether or not to be active in social media, and more about HOW to become active in a way that is really reaching your target audience. It's not enough to set up profiles and merely be present. Integrating a social media plan with ROI goals into your company's marketing strategy is imperative in today's climate of search. If you want to be found in search results, you have to produce interactive and shareable content on an almost daily basis.

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