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Katelyn Watson

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I have been in digital marketing for over 12 years, got my feet wet on the agency side, moved to the client side early on where the big decisions were made and never looked back. I specialize in multi-channel marketing strategy for large brands and currently driving growth for the largest online marketplace for experiences, IfOnly. IfOnly creates u... more

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10 reasons you hired the wrong person

Seriously the worst photo in the history of stock photos!

Email promises to make for 2014

I would also add team leadership. As digital teams become larger, it is very important! Because there are a lot of young digital people, many of them have not managed people before.

5 reasons I hate big data

Yes we have always had data, but now we have more data than ever before, and it is not about just the data it is about the context in and around the data, and understanding how it all works together. Because there is so much more of it within the last several years around digital marketing apps, smartphones, and ad apis etc etc, there is just a lot more of it and it is more complex to find answers. It is no longer take your email segmentation and divide into 5 segments based on what they buy and wether they are male or female(which I agree a lot of marketers still are not doing). It is what they buy, what are their demos and behaviors online, who their friends are, and who their friends friends are, are they an influencer, what is the bets time to talk to them, etc etc...this is very hard for any human to make anything of which is why companies are creating entire models and solutions around this, and why it finally got the name. I too was super annoyed by it until I started working for a data company and realized, it is all about putting it all together to see the full picture, which most marketing databases can not do!

9 outrageous bribes received by agencies

Aww come on....you guys aren't supposed to talk about this stuff..it's all in the spirit of driving good relationships:)

The 7 hardest marketing jobs to fill

The job market right now for digital talent is so hot right now, and those people are so hard to find, so I think companies and candidates should focus on the bigger picture, like: Is this person strategic, do they know marketing, can they execute, have they shown a track record of success, do they grasp concepts quickly and take ownership, have they solved big problems etc etc. Because of all of the new channels, nobody is really an expert, because it changes everyday, so we all learn together!

Digital's 5 biggest trends to watch

Thanks Melinda! We have worked with Luminate and they do have a pretty amazing product, I highly reccommend them for brand marketers driving awareness.

Digital's 5 biggest trends to watch

Kent I agree the title is a bit misleading...It was supposed to be a 6 month year in review for digital, not a top trends to watch......

A brand's guide to handling social media jerks

Thanks Lucia!

A brand's guide to handling social media jerks

Nick - I agree with you, however it is something we have to do to interact and listen to our customers. As for the others, I don't think any brand really thinks of their customers as jerks. You are focusing on what was a catchy title:) Although, some people in social media make it harder for brands to focus on what we want, and yes you are right..it isn't all about us. I don't think any brand in an environment where anything goes has not come across a "crazy" now and then!

A brand's guide to handling social media jerks

I agree with you in that social media is a conversation, and we should always join the conversation vs. talking at them. However, there are some people who use social media in the wrong way and these are the people we are speaking of. Regardless of how or why they got there, there are still things a brand has to do to manage presence for the masses. Group think is prevalent in social and you do have to control it or it can get out of control. Any brand marketer would see this.

The clients that agencies hate

Ok, I won't worry, I will wait for that one!!

The clients that agencies hate

...and pardon my typo, I am a busy CLIENT!:)

The clients that agencies hate

This article covers horror stories about people who have made bad mistakes and who are inconsiderate and not smart. But the concept has nothing to do with whether they were an agency, a brand or a service provider, so I don't really get the point of the article other than to cause negative views of "clients". People on all sides of business do silly things like what has been listed here. I guess the moral of the story is "Don't be stupid?". I bet anyone could write a long article about people they have worked with who did silly things or worked with jerks, but why would we? Ok yes, I am a client...so I am being a bit defensive, but I imagine if I posted on here all the stupid things agencies did I'dd get a few comments too:)

iMedia Digital Showcase: The 10 best branded Facebook apps

Hey michael, this is a great article and a fantastic collection of branded apps - thanks a lot!

5 obstacles preventing online video advertising growth

The article seems to be more of a "compare TV to video” article, vs a true what's holding us back…I disagree with a lot of these obstacles, as a brand marketer, it is pretty easy to run really targeted online video across a lot of very brand safe networks, and the networks take care of any compatibility issues, so that doesn't worry me either, and as you mentioned the scale is there. As for metrics, the best way to overcome this is to come up with what matters to your company - is it completed views, video starts, unique viewers? Whatever it is, use that metric, stick to it, and use it for all online video (specifically pre roll) executions so you can easily compare them. I mean, do we really have standard metrics for display yet either? We have standard nomenclature, but every company looks at different metrics – Cost per new customer, CPM, Cost per sale etc…none of which are "standard”. We don't compare direct mail to banner ads or email marketing to search, so why would we compare online video to TV? Is this just because it's easy to do, and as humans we compare things to what we know? Maybe. I do agree that TV buyers are the ones who still find this all too complex (and most all marketers who aren't online gurus), but are they the ones buying online video? I don't know. It is our job (as online marketers) to educate them. Last, you only mentioned TV in its oldest form – targeted TV where you know exactly where your ads will run….What about Google TV and web enabled TV (Roku etc) and what about mobile video &tablet platforms? All fantastic ways to get your message out using video, with the quality and better targeting than traditional TV yet still on TV. I don't even know if we can talk in terms of traditional TV anymore with all of the screens and mediums that have taken off! As for what the challenges really are (not just that online video isn't TV) I think they are more centered around a few things…1. Education to key decision makers, 2. a true video strategy for companies ie: "what do we want video to do for us” and go from there, vs "Hey we have a video, let's promote it!” 3. Internal agreed upon metrics for success, 4. sales people on the video side sometimes have a tough time making things clear to marketers on what they are really getting, they present many worlds of possibilities rather than staying focused. But hey – these are all opinions, just like the opinions in this article!

The shortcomings of Facebook "likes"

I agree with Frank - This article does not really make sense. Likes have value, SMS has value, the value is ..well...different. This is like comparing TV to online, or print to search, it just does not make sense.

5 new online media-planning rules

Lynn, I agree with you, with an open mind a lot can be accomplished. Unfortunatley with the day to day roll, it doesn't happen that way. You sound like you are on board with the approach. Call it the "common sense" approach:)

Hot companies for search retargeting

There is another one called AlmoneNet - has anyone heard of them?

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