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After successfully growing TheCannonGroup into a $1MM agency, Jeff Cannon launched Think Cannon - a full service, integrated communications firm designed to leverage traditional strategies with digital applications to produce the maximum effect. With experience running both public relations and advertising agencies, as well as having produced film... more

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6 signs your client isn't happy

Great article. It's all accurate. I just couldn't help but smirk when I read this, though. When turned 180 degrees, each of these points is a way to make sure you don't get into an unhappy client situation.

For instance:

1. Don't be afraid to be emotional with your clients. Building a real relationship that goes beyond numbers is the best way to stay around. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

2. If a client hasn't called you, call them. Reach out and touch them; and not with an email or a tweet, but with a real human voice, or even better - a handshake.

3. Why sit around and wait for another agency's work to show up on your desk? Be proactive and bring your clients ideas and not just completed projects. Learn their business, so that you become an indispensable part of their team.

4. Keep educating your clients as to your value and to the value of the work you do. Life is busy these days, new opportunities always show up. So protect yourself with a bit of education.

Most important though, be excited about what your client is doing. Be engaged in their business. If you're not, then why should they be engaged and excited about yours?

Next time, just think.

Think Cannon

How to get the most out of content creation

What a great reminder that once is never enough if you do good work, and that there are always more than one way to slice a story.

It is up to us as professionals to look at what we're doing from different angles and with different glasses. Only then can we leverage our thinking, our writing and our experience to make 1+1 truly equal 3.

The next time you're putting an idea together, don't stop when you think it's done. Instead, keep thinking. That is when true ROI is created.

Well done.

Think Next Time

Think Cannon

Jeff Cannon

Gaming the system with skim-proof content

Wonderful article. It really should be re-titled "structuring your content to your customer's needs." All of this is crucial to making sure your customers actually want to read, watch and listen to what you have to say.

Well done!

It's not a matter of screaming louder. It's a matter of speaking more clearly.

The next time you're writing something Think about what your clients, customers, and prospects want.

Think Cannon

Jeff Cannon

Digital marketing is about consumers, not algorithms

Couldn't say it better. In the end all the inputs and outputs lead to people. So stop thinking purely in terms of algorithms. Start thinking in terms of human content if you really want to connect.

Otherwise it's just input and output - and nobody ever bought because of that.

Think next time -

Think Cannon

10 awesome agency websites (page 3 of 3)

I was just about to write a bit about "Yawn - same old websites." But then I saw what the people at Boone Oakley, Sapient and Sarkissian had done. So, in the end I say "great write-up, and a nice insight summary into what others are doing out there.

Thank you for thinking and not just writing.

4 social media myths that fooled marketers

Great writeup. As with most myths, those closest to the fable have understood this for months if not years. But it's our job to keep everyone in the loop. Just like print and television aren't dead, and wouln't be for a long time - success is a matter of knowing how to blend the media together in a way that works best for the client. And that takes thinking.


Think Cannon

5 steps to a winning content strategy

Great article Chris. I couldn't agree more. The best way to leverage an opportunity is to be prepared for it in advance.

Then, like any campaign - military or media - be prepared to change it to meet the conditions at hand. Because once those feet hit the ground all bets are off!

Think ahead people -

Think Cannon

SEO's unexpected consequences: More lucrative traffic (page 2 of 2)

Nothing unexpected about a positive ROI from good social media and SEO efforts. I think the difference is now there are people doing it who really know how to integrate the digital world and the bottom line sales.

Nice to see evolution at work.


Think Cannon

Brands with the best social emails

Great perspective on the realities of human nature and social media. It's time for us marketers to think on how to leverage this in a smart and humanistic way - i.e., by giving the people the kind of entertainment and information that will not only feed their craving, but help them find what they want in the long run.

Would that be called responsible social marketing?

i.e., Think before you act.

Think Cannon

OgilvyOne Chairman Brian Fetherstonhaugh shares his vision of the digital media future

Interesting perspective. I agree with Ben in that it's not a highway to hell, as much as it is a need to create collaborative teams. The agencies that provide their clients with more experienced brand marketers who understand how to implement proven brand strategies [read older], as well as younger digital marketers who understand how consumers interact with the digital medium [read younger] are the ones who will pave the way for the future.

I think the question should really be one of "can a larger agency who is set in its ways, deliver this?"

That, more than the utility of the web, is the real question.

Next time think

Think Cannon

8 false promises agencies make to clients

Wonderful article. There is another element to making sure a project runs smoothly. Keep in mind that there are three legs any successful project - price, time, and quality. In order for a client's expectations to be properly set both agency and client must agree on the level of each. But keep in mind, that a client can only have two of the three elements.

If a client wants a project to be inexpensive and done quickly, quality will suffer. If a client wants a project to be beautiful and not cost much, it will take time. If a client wants a project done overnight, they have to realize either it will not be of the highest quality, or it will cost a lot.

Understanding this simple paradigm up front keeps everyone on the same page in terms of expectations and fosters a true partnership that has worked for us no matter the size or needs of a project.

I hope this helps

Think Cannon

Why agencies need to break the rules more often

There are rules?????

Think Cannon

So far outside the box, you'll doubt there is one....

How to be the cool kid at the social media party

Great article. I think the most important idea is that it is a party. It should be fun. It should be energizing. And it should be a place to start a conversation. Not try to hook up for an immediate sale. Instead, build a relationship with your clients, customers and prospects for the long term.

So when you jump into social media, have fun, but also think.

Think Cannon

Best and worst practices for building branded apps

Great writeup. It does go back to the basics, even when in branding of the who, what, where, when, why and how of the brand, the product, and the business.

Another call to think before running forward.

Think Cannon

5 signs your social media guru is a quack

Looks like a duck. Smells like a duck. Quacks like a duck.

Great article to look behind the curtain of most agencies...

Think next time.

Think Cannon

Bing continues climb while Yahoo suffers

Hmmmmmm, do you think the fact that if you mis-type a URL in Internet Explorer it automatically defaults Bing has anything to do with this, rather than the quality of their search results?

A very shady maneuver by Microsoft, and a very bad move for the brand that is trying to position itself with integrity as a leader in online search.

Next time - Think.

Think Cannon

Bing continues climb while Yahoo suffers

Hmmmmmm, do you think the fact that if you mis-type a URL in Internet Explorer it automatically defaults Bing has anything to do with this, rather than the quality of their search results?

A very shady maneuver by Microsoft, and a very bad move for the brand that is trying to position itself with integrity as a leader in online search.

Next time - Think.

Think Cannon

7 obsolete digital marketing strategies

Nice overview on where people are going wrong by sticking to the tried and true. It is not necessarily that those tools no longer work, it is that they need to be adapted to how the medium has changed overall.

No matter what moniker we try to add to it, it still sounds like evolution to me. Which means the good agencies and brands evolve,or, well, we all know what happened to the dinosaurs...

So next time you need to move your business, Think.

Think Cannon


PR stunts gone horribly wrong

As the saying goes in construction - design with a computer, measure with a ruler, and cut with a ax. So if you want to make it work, over-plan, measure twice, and make sure the ax is sharp and well swung.

Jeff Cannon

6 useful tips for targeting

Great article. I especially like your points about context and using it when developing content. To those out there thinking of how to use the internet. Stop thinking of bringing people to your site. Instead think of how to expand your site off of your url and out to your customers by using content. And yes, that means deveoping it in the context of what your target is looking for.

Think content on blogs. Think content on Youtube. Think content in a keyword strategy. Most important, think of how to wrap your brand in content in a way in which your customers, clients and prospects want to see it.


Jeff Cannon

A 3-month plan for adding social to your marketing mix (page 2 of 2)

Bill -

Really well done article. It explains very nicely that creating an effective online presence is not a "Build it and they will come" strategy. Instead, it is an ongoing communications campaign that includes content marketing, social media, SEO, SEM and of course, a well designed and crafted website.

And we're not even talking mobile or next-gen applications....

Jeff Cannon

Why agency partnerships work

Dennis -

Very good article. We call it being a networked agency, copying the positive side of partnering, without all the ego and clutter. It has always helped us present a stronger front when pitching larger clients, and has helped us expand our capabilites and learn, while helping our partners do the same.

Well done -

Jeff Cannon

6 reasons to rethink your website

Great article. What you are talking about is exactly why we don't speak in terms of "websites" but in terms of developing an overall "web presence." It is also why we talk to clients about creating a "branded ecosystem." Our goal with these terms is to get brand managers, CMO's and brands in general to begin thinking outside the box and in terms of developing a truly integrated approach for all of their communication efforts - online or off line.

It goes back to the tried and true saying of "one look, one feel, one voice and one brand," no matter where you see it.

Jeff Cannon

Think Cannon LLC

Social media's next evolution

The best thing I keep hearing with these interviewees is that they're talking about strategy, rather than tactics. I especially like Adam's comments about the social media phase having already passed, and now being successful with "social media" is more about looking at it as a tactic, rather than a strategy in and of itself.

Well done, and I look forward to helping clients navigatge the big strategic thinking success in this revolution of social media will require.


Jeff Cannon

Why we need to kill "social media"

Rob - great article. When a non-marketing oriented owner of a small business starts telling me about his neice doing his social media campaign, my first thought is "this whole avenue is dead." What most people don't realize is social media is about more than Tweeting or Facebook Fans [now likers?], it is about implenting a consistent content strategy across a range of media.

Perhaps it's time to start going back to the concept of "content marketing?"

Either way, seling social meida is about education. I only hope brands with budgets will realize this before some of us move on to the next media opportunity that comes up.

jeff cannon

IKEA plagued by Facebook hoax

The scary thing is, if spammers are finding facebook so effective in their marketing techniques - you can bet it's a good place for brands with integrity. It's just sad it takes something like this to open people's eyes...

J Cannon

5 hilarious branded videos

Michael -

Great insight and a great POV on the online world of branded entertainment. Heck - the offline world too.

In the end, it is all about reaching your audience with real content they will respond to. It's what has always counted, and what will count in years to come.

Jeff Cannon

Social media campaigns that moms love

Great article Avi - it's all about keeping the message real so that it resonates with your audience no matter who they are - but especially if htey are mom's.

Well done -

jeff cannon

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