Joseph Carrabis

9 steps to achieve social marketing ROI

The formula for precise success with social reach is the stuff of probability mechanics' dreams. Fortunately, you don't need to be a scientist to get within 12 percent of your goals. Here's how. 

Greg Kihlstrom

5 Twitter hacks that will blow your mind

Although Twitter is extremely popular, it has a lot more features than you realize. Check out these Twitter hacks to become a true power user.

Kyle Montero

Major marketing deals with social media stars

Brands have worked with social stars for years, but platforms like Vine and Snapchat have ushered in new waves of creative talent. Here's a look at the latest partnerships that are making waves.

Lucia Davis

How to hire the perfect social media person

Having the right person handle your company's image on social media is a lot more important (and difficult) than it may appear. Keep these things in mind during the hiring process.

iMedia Editors

12 ways to leverage your social channels better than larger competitors

Have you hit a social media wall? It's not just you. Here are innovative ways to refresh your strategy -- and your audience.

Eric Roach

How to build a social business

Becoming a social business requires more effort than just maintaining a presence on the go-to platforms. Here are the defining attributes to stay ahead of the curve.

Stephanie Shkolnik

The new age of public relations

It's essential to build a good foundation and maintain a positive brand reputation through media relations. Here are the important steps to generate authentic coverage -- online and off.

Fitz Maro

A marketer's complete guide to Reddit

Reddit's vast and sometimes foreign world is one that every marketer should be considering. Here's how it works, some best practices, and examples of brand wins and fails.

Slaven Radic

Facebook Audience Network: A cure for what ails you?

The social network's latest take on monetizing mobile has massive potential, but will it hurt or help the industry?

Deborah Hanamura

Leverage your marketing prowess to land your next job

Find out how to apply your industry talents to promote your own personal brand and make your next big career move. 

Lauren Friedman

The best branded videos on Instagram

Instagram video is now 1 year old, so it's time to celebrate the most impressive marketing wins. Here are eight brands uploading top-notch videos.

iMedia Editors

The social platforms that deserve the most marketing attention

Having a social presence is a marketing priority for every organization today. But which channels are the most effective? Here are the standouts and why they work.

Tania Yuki

The 10 commandments for social media failure

To find out what social strategy will work best, it helps to know what doesn't work. So unless you're looking to bomb, here's a list of tactics to avoid at all costs.

J. Barbush

6 people on LinkedIn you should follow

These aren't the usual suspects like Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington. Here are the influencers who are more difficult to find but well worth seeking out.

Eric Roach

How to use gamification for increased social engagement

While gamification can be immensely helpful, it can also create problems. Here's how to incorporate a strategy that works for your company.

Lux Narayan

The latest shift in social media

Money alone can't help a brand plan, create, and leverage better content or translate social insights into actionable business decisions. Here's what you need to know.