Don Mathis

It's time for a philosophical shift in advertising value

With open web advertising under siege, social may be the solution advertisers are looking for.

Carlos Dunlap-Beard

5 largely untapped ways to drive loyalty using social media

See how companies are using social media engagement to bond with consumers outside of the traditional transactional environment.

Chloe Della Costa

7 of the best UGC campaigns of 2015

Consumer trust gets harder to earn every year, but user-generated content can show the power of authentic customer voices. Here are the 2015 campaigns to learn from.

Lauren Friedman

The best social media campaigns of 2015

It was an exciting year for social, especially when it comes to video content. Let's take a look at six of the greatest campaigns from the last 12 months. 

iMedia Editors

15 ways marketers can use LinkedIn groups to their advantage

LinkedIn groups have a lot of opportunities for marketers to connect, yet some people are confused about what to do. Here are some ideas from the YEC.

Dhawal Mujumdar

4 ways to monetize a live streaming app

Live streaming apps are gaining speed among users, and advertisers need to find a way to reach that audience. Check out these tips to help you out.

Rob McCarty

The rise of new celebrity on social media

Establishing an authentic social presence is more important than ever before. Take a look at the ways in which public figures and brands alike can raise their clout.

Michael Estrin

The best fast food brands on Twitter

It may seem strange to a lot of us, but millions of people follow fast food chains on Twitter. Find out which brands are cooking with fire.

Jenn Deering Davis

Tips for rocking this Black Friday on Twitter

The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year, and brands should be ready. Here's how marketers can learn from past holiday seasons on Twitter to have a better one in 2015.

Jeff Soriano

How to enable your customers to become your marketers

Marketers need to learn how to cater to young shoppers who are motivated more by their peers and word-of-mouth. Take advantage of UGC with these tips.

John Bohan

A surprising tip for higher organic reach on Facebook

The new emphasis on paid social media can be disheartening for some, but there is an upside. The following stats reveal a potentially unknown trend that may help brands on Facebook.

Doug Schumacher

4 things you can learn about your competitors on Facebook

Smart marketers stay on top of their competitors' activities. See how to leverage the wealth of data the social network giant offers about your brand's rivals.

Oscar Yuan

3 misconceptions about social consumer participation

Personally engaging with consumers can pay off big time, but some brands hesitate to compete for their attention. Here are three common objections marketers raise and how we can move beyond them.

John Bohan

The power of selfie marketing

Selfies are here to stay. Find out how marketers can seize the opportunity and get more out of their campaigns.

Anthony Russo

5 ways to generate buzz during your next big event

A successful event today needs a solid social media strategy. Check out these tips for engaging your audience.

iMedia Editors

11 brands with incredible social media strategies

Social media is an integral part of marketing. Here are some brands that are going above and beyond in that space.