Neil Perry

5 tips for selling on LinkedIn

As a seller, you may not be fully utilizing one of the greatest assets at your disposal -- your LinkedIn profile. Maximize your potential by following this guide to creating the perfect page.

Brad Brief

The 5 core pillars of social marketing success

Establishing a strong foundation is key to driving fruitful results through social channels. Follow this guide for developing an all-encompassing plan that optimizes your brand's engagement.

Nora Valencia

How to take advantage of social media emotions

Brands that understand that real engagement is emotional and non-transactional will have the most success with their audiences. Learn how to leverage those feelings.

Sherrie Mersdorf

Social media's role in the March Madness marketing game

Now that the madness is over, it's time to reflect on the ads that dominated during the NCAA tournament. See the big players that made a slam dunk impact on social.

Jenn Deering Davis

4 best practices from Tumblr's top brands

What does it take to survive on this platform? See what the site's most successfully marketed blogs have in common.

Tom Edwards

10 vital takeaways from F8 2015

Facebook and its associated brands are gearing up for the future. Here are the most important things they shared with their peers at this year's developer conference.

David Franklin

How your brand can take down social media "criminals"

Across social media platforms, promises of followers and rewards pour in from accounts masquerading as well-known brands. Here's what you need to know and what you can do to stop counterfeiters in their tracks.

John Bohan

Why live-streaming video is the next great thing

Live broadcasting with social networks like Meerkat and Periscope is growing in popularity. Find out how it will change our lives and why brands need to jump in now.

Allie Rees

The 7 steps of performing a social media audit that will yield ROI

Gather real insight into your social footprint and that of your competitors by conducting a thorough social media audit. Here's how it's done.

Beth Trejo

Successful social media on a budget

Using social media to bolster your marketing efforts doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. It's all in how you focus.

Drew Hubbard

The 10 commandments of Instagram marketing

Make sure you're up on your Instagram marketing do's and don'ts, lest you miss out on opportunities on this incredibly valuable platform

Tammy Chung

3 successful campaigns that encouraged gifting

Sharing is caring, but it's also a lucrative marketing move. Here are some examples where a kind gesture incentive paid off.

David Zaleski

The top 10 most disastrous hashtag campaigns

Twitter is a force of good and evil. We've put together the ultimate countdown of the worst #marketing attempts. You'll be shocked by the firestorms these campaigns ignited.

J Barbush

10 LinkedIn mistakes that will cost you that job

LinkedIn is a one-stop shop for hiring managers across industries. With this in mind, don't blow your next big opportunity by committing any of these egregious errors.

Tram Nguyen

5 platform tips from a Pinterest insider

Pinterest can be a powerful brand-building tool, but only if it's used effectively. Check out these tactics that have proven to be successful.

Tom Edwards

Why your brand will love Snapchat in 2015

Snapchat is primed to have a very big 2015. Here's everything you need to know to take advantage of this booming platform in the year to come.