June 24, 2008  |  Los Angeles, California
Agency Shoot-Out: "Casablanca… FOUND!" – MindComet

Two interactive shops pitch for 25 minutes to win a piece of fictional business - see MindComet's submission here.

We here at iMedia were proud to conclude this year's Entertainment Marketing Summit with an Agency Shoot-Out in which two interactive shops pitch for 25 minutes to win a piece of fictional business.

The winning pitch will have an article about it published in iMedia Connection.

The Story: Just about everybody who has ever heard the phrase, "Here's looking at you, kid" or hummed along to "As Time Goes By" knows the story of Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund and Victor Laszlo in WWII Morocco. Indeed, Hollywood story specialist Robert McKee often contends that “Casablanca” is the best movie script ever written.

It's one of the best-known movies of all time, but today we are pretending that shortly after winning the 1943 Academy Award for Best Picture, all the prints of “Casablanca” were mysteriously lost. Although many stills, newspaper accounts, magazine articles and subsequent interviews with the stars of the film have long been available, nobody has seen Casablanca since 1943.

Then, in January of 2008, an archivist stumbled across the prints in the Warner Bros. Burbank, California lot. Excited at this discovery, Warner Bros. has chosen to do a theatrical re-release of this great but long-missing film for Valentine’s Day 2009 as a romantic date movie.

The Challenge: In a time when moviegoers have more options than ever before and when windows between theatrical and home video releases keep getting shorter, how can the studio entice people to hire a sitter and come to the theater to see a movie that they know will be on Turner Classic Movies in a few short months?

The RFP: In the request for proposal sent to the our two competing agencies, we asked them to pitch on how the studio can use interactive media – potentially including but not limited to a website – in order to drive awareness of and excitement about the re-release, as well as sell tickets.

With goals that include an articulation of campaign themes, interactive platform strategies, viral and social media extensions, and the need for buzz, the agencies have a proposed budget in the $300,000 to $500,000 range, and a mission not only to describe the total campaign but also to divvy up the budget ala carte.

What Will Happen: The agencies met with iMedia for a coin toss to see who will present first. After each pitch, our panel of judges asked questions. After both pitches and questions are over, the judges selected a winner.

The Judges: We are pleased and privileged to have movie buyers from five major studios on our panel of judges – if these men and women cannot choose a winner among the two pitches, then nobody can!


Presenter: Tara Lamberson, VP of Marketing, and Douglas White, SVP of Sales & Strategy, MindComet

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