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Driving Interactive '09 April 27 - 28, 2009, Huntington Beach, CA

Now in its fourth year, Driving Interactive is the leading gathering of senior marketing executives from automotive OEMs and their interactive agencies of record as they focus on the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing.

2009 will be a year of incomparable challenges for automotive marketers who must show exceptional ROI on their marketing initiatives. Digital promises to be a leading component of this strategy and iMedia’s Driving Interactive is the place to hone your plans for 2009 and beyond.


How Will Driving Interactive ’09 Benefit You?
As an invited automotive marketing executive or partner agency, you’ll benefit by…

•    Seeing the latest online marketing applications from cutting edge agencies and their OEM clients; 
•    Hearing the most effective strategies for integrating new platforms such as video and mobile; 
•    Gain first-hand insight from colleagues and share your experience during a variety of networking meals and receptions; 
•    Network with a select number of service providers who can deliver cutting edge technology and interactive marketing services.

Attendee Benefits

Invitation Qualification

This is an invitation-only event, free to automotive marketers and their agency partners only. A Summit Pass includes all content and materials, luncheon, dinner, cocktail receptions and gift bag.

Summit Ambassadors

Event Sponsors

A limited number of sponsors will be able to participate in Driving Interactive ’09. Sponsor representatives are the only industry service providers allowed to attend the summits.


Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort
Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort 21100 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA


Situated in the beautiful seaside community of Huntington Beach, California, the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort overlooks the Pacific Ocean and miles of white sand beaches. With stunning California scenery and a dramatic indoor waterfall, the full-service Hilton hotel offers a casually elegant destination for a family vacation, business meeting, or romantic getaway.