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The Marketplace for Ideas & Business June 12 - 16, 2010, Miami, FL

Bring Your Brand Manager to Digital!

Senior interactive and traditional marketers-you know that brand success depends on smart teamwork. Don't miss the opportunity to learn to work together better. At iMedia's June Brand Summit we'll ask digital marketers and their brand manager colleagues to pair up and learn together. You'll discuss core business challenges with peers-and publisher and service provider partners- including how to:

  • Integrate advertising across multiple media channels and platforms
  • Tie advertising dollars to the bottom line
  • Connect with key consumer segments
  • Service your customer

Actionable. Insightful. Join the conversation and collaboration with more than 130 senior brand marketing executives for a 360-degree marketing dialog this June. Request your invitation today!

Attendee Benefits

  • Have meaningful interaction with marketers exploring their digital marketing challenges during a variety of uniquely designed collaborative sessions
  • Have an opportunity during organized deal-making sessions to introduce your company's services to a contingent of brand marketers
  • Spend some time building long-lasting business relationships with potential customers during a variety of intimate, relaxed networking meal and reception functions, at which iMedia keeps a tight control of the ratio of "buyer" to "seller" to achieve that relationship-building environment.


  • 3 full days of peer-to-peer exchange (including full-day marketers-only meeting)
  • Informative, collaborative breakout sessions & dynamic keynotes
  • A variety of meals, receptions, recreation and other networking functions
  • Plus, complimentary 4-night stay at the beautiful Doral Golf Resort


Featured Speakers

Event Sponsors

iMedia Summit attendees represent over $3 billion in digital marketing spend and hail from some of the biggest companies in the Fortune-500 and the agency world. High-value, customizable sponsorship opportunities are available, but won't last.

For more information, please contact:
Brian Urquhart, Director of Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]


Doral Golf Resort & Spa
Doral Golf Resort & Spa 4400 N.W. 87th Avenue
Miami, FL

(305) 592-2000

For nearly half a century, the Doral name has been synonymous with classic style, casual elegance, and superlative golf. Generously sized, thoughtfully appointed rooms and suites are clustered in ten lodges nestled in a lush South Florida setting convenient to both the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports. This legendary ambiance and ongoing commitment to quality, combined with Marriott's matchless standard of service, ensures that Doral will continue to merit its place among the timeless, premier golf and spa resorts in the United States.